Weebly vs. Godaddy: Which One Is Right For Me?

Weebly vs. GoDaddy! Perhaps, you are confused as to which web host provider to select to promote your website. To make the right choice, you need to take into consideration lots of aspects. 

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It is considered a wonderful platform that is easy to use, offering a wide range of useful tools and features. It also provides a drag & drops design. However, it is its free plan that earns favor from its users. This web host platform can be termed to be cost-effective and also offers quality results. Currently, it boasts of supporting 50+ million websites across the globe. 


When Weebly vs. GoDaddy is concerned, many may not be interested in spending precious time shopping, clicking, dragging, and dropping. It is here that the GoDaddy host is found to be favorable. It allows you to develop a website quite fast using its Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) within minutes. Once you answer a couple of questions, your website is ready to get published. 

Weebly vs. GoDaddy: Know the Pros & Cons

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  • Quite user-friendly
  • Well-designed themes
  • Offers easy to navigate, beautiful templates
  • An excellent platform to work with


  • Poor blogging features
  • Limited template design customization



  • Easy to switch themes very quickly anytime. 
  • Using ADI offers the best and the quickest way to be online
  • It is easy to develop a new site with just a few clicks. 
  • It helps save precious time and removes all unwanted hassles.

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  • Lack of creative freedom
  • Features lack in-depth, thereby restricting innovation.

Weebly vs. GoDaddy – Useful features to consider

Design Flexibility

It is necessary to know about the ease of use of each builder. Please get to know the amount of flexibility offered by each platform when using its design tools. Then, identify the platform that offers optimum creative control. 


50 templates are offered by Weebly, covering categories like online stores, portfolios, and business. Every theme offered is found to be mobile responsible and appealing on every screen. It offers maximum apps for any platform. But it does not allow you to search any particular industry theme. Rather, you are required to scroll down each category to select the best one. Also, it does not offer the facility to preview the template design on a tablet or mobile. 

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It uses Artificial Design Intelligence to design websites. You need to answer several questions about the type of site you prefer to have, like business, portfolio, etc. Once done, you can have a ready-to-use website. Moreover, the themes offered are mobile responsive. You are allowed limited creative control, including the facility to update text boxes and edit themes. This host is meant for those seeking to establish their website quickly and not for design lovers. 

Hence, Weebly wins the verdict when design flexibility is concerned. It provides 35+ templates that can be personalized as desired. It also offers access to apps in thousands to customize your website. On the other hand, GoDaddy prioritizes speed over appearance, allowing you to create a website quickly but with limited creative control. 

Ease of use

There are present numerous site builders who can provide assistance to get easily online. However, some are much easier than others. 


For template customization, it uses a drag-&-drop feature to personalize your site. You can get access to lots of apps and install them effortlessly with a single click. It offers quick navigation facilities. It has a well-laid-out editing screen and hence, an amazing introductory web builder. 

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With its ‘GoCentral’ ADI feature, you can develop a site within minutes and customize it to match your preference. The editing process takes very little time, thus providing a painless, quick experience. Ease-of-use and speed are quite impressive on this platform. 

The verdict here with regards to ease-of-use between Weebly vs. GoDaddy is that the latter is preferred. It requires minimal effort to answer a few questions and clicks to develop a site. On the other hand, Weebly is equally easy to use. However, it fails to match the simplicity offered with GoDaddy’s user journey. 


Search Engine Optimization helps websites to rank higher on the leading search engines such as Google. It allows people using specific keywords to come across your site effortlessly. It is impossible to enhance site SEO in several ways. Both GoDaddy and Weebly provide the facility to:

  • Edit URLs (text present next to your site domain)
  • Update descriptions and meta titles (text noticed on Google searches)
  • Mobile responsive themes (preferred by Google)
  • Add alt text in images (Text describing what the image is about to allow Google to identify the same easily)

It becomes easier for the search engines to index (identify and segment) your site with these functions. They both offer amazing SEO tools. However, Weebly boasts of having an app center to provide you with more assistance. You can also derive guidance with coding and keywords. 

So, the competition in the SEO category between Weebly vs. GoDaddy is quite close. However, when compared to GoDaddy, Weebly gets more favor from Google. You can get useful tools from both platforms to make your site rank at the top of the search engines. Weebly allows you to have the upper hand by providing a variety of valuable SEO apps along with helpful user guides. 

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Tools & Features

It is important to derive a smooth design experience from the website builder. It should offer a wide range of useful tools, apps, and features to streamline online stores or websites. Hence, you need to know which platform offers a better and bigger toolbox!


In this category, Weebly leaves behind GoDaddy. You can easily develop as well as publish posts effortlessly. You can also integrate the RSS feed, search feature, comments section, social bookmarking, etc. In addition, GoDaddy provides you with the opportunity to embed the RSS feed, track its performance, and segment the blog into categories.


To create an online store, Weebly seems to score high and provides value worth the investment. It boasts of having a clear interface, thus making it easier to sell online quickly. However, it does not provide big data tools such as stock inventory management. Moreover, it is meant for small businesses seeking exciting and easy user journeys. But GoDaddy, with its ADI feature, allows quick and hassle-free online store development. You will be able to sell digital products. But the eCommerce features offered lack depth and quality. 

Social Media Integration

Both platforms allow you to embed social buttons on your site. However, Weebly provides you with the opportunity to include your social media fees directly within our site. Thus, your visitors can view your posts, tweets, and shares anytime. 

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‘Weebly Promote,’ a cool service offered by Weebly, allows you to develop successful email campaigns. It provides templates, copies, and schedules emails sent. It is also cost-effective. You can start with a free trial and later can pay $8 a month. GoDaddy also provides the option to develop email campaigns. However, there is no specific tool offered like Weebly. 

App markets

Weebly claims to offer the most apps. But GoDaddy is yet to enter the app market. With Weebly, you are free to choose from third-party apps available in thousands on the play store. It is possible to install most of them with a single click. Some are offered at a cost, and others for free. Apps cover the main areas like social media, eCommerce, marketing, etc. It can also improve site performance. 

Still, Weebly is the clear winner in this category as it offers depth in its features. It also provides social media integration, comprehensive blogging tools, etc. 

Value for money & Pricing

No more are you required to spend a fortune on hiring a professional web designer. 


You are sure to fall in love with Weebly if you are frugal in your spending. It provides affordable price plans, including a free plan. The premium range starts from $8 a month to about $26 a month. Availing of the free plan, you can develop a beautiful and functional site without any cost. However, it would help if you chose the ‘.weebly’ subdomain that is not quite professional in its look. But your site will experience lots of Weebly ads. So it is worth upgrading for a few bucks a month to make your site appear professional. 

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GoDaddy is also affordable.

You can choose from 4 paid plans that start at $6.99 a month to about $17.49 a month. Each plan allows you to customize your site using the same tools. However, to develop a professional company site, you will need a Standard or higher plan. With these advanced plans, you will be provided with additional SEO assistance and SSL Certificates. You can opt for the ‘eCommerce plan’ if you plan to start an eCommerce business and sell items online. 

In this category also, Weebly is found to have the edge over GoDaddy. They both offer value for money. However, when price plans and features are compared, Weebly is much better as it offers free plans. It also allows you to develop a great-looking site and offers plenty of free apps. 

Support & Help

Technology is filled with issues, and you are likely to experience certain issues that have to be resolved quickly. Otherwise, your business will face costly downtime. Hence, you need to look at each builder and find out the levels of support and assistance offered by them. 


It provides prompt customer help through live chat, phone, and email support. However, the timings are between 6 am and 6 pm only. 

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This platform offer 24/7 live chat and phone support option. However, it lacks email support.

Weebly moves ahead of GoDaddy In this section. Both builders offer help centers, phone support, and live chat features. However, GoDaddy fails to offer email support. Moreover, its help center can be termed to be quite confusing and also tough to navigate. 

Weebly vs. GoDaddy – FAQs

Q1. Which one is reliable to start an online store?

A. Both GoDaddy and Weebly offer essential features to support a Commerce store. However, Weebly is more favored as they boast of having more advanced eCommerce tools compared to GoDaddy. They also support tiny stores easily. These tools can also be accessed even on free plans. But with GoDaddy, you are to upgrade to a paid plan like the ‘eCommerce plan’ to enjoy these advanced features. 

Q2. Can both platforms help develop a multilingual website?

A. Yes! Weebly offers plenty of apps to choose from within its app Center. So you can easily develop multilingual websites effortlessly. 

But GoDaddy lacks app integrations. But still, you have the option to change your site language. For this, you need to visit our homepage, choose the preferred language or country.

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Q3. Is it possible to use both GoDaddy and Weebly platforms for free?

A. Besides premium plans, Weebly provides free plans. Hence, you can upgrade only if you desire to take your business to the next level. This means it is possible to develop a site without having to spend a cent. But free plans do not allow you to enjoy using the best available features. Moreover, your site is like to be attached with the .weebly.com subdomain. 

GoDaddy does not offer free plans. However, you can avail 30-day free trial. Once the trial period is finished, you can upgrade to a paid version to use your site. 

Q4. Which is more scalable?

A. For small businesses, Weebly will be favorable as it allows you to expand with your business growth. It provides timely support, lots of SEO tools, and stylish, business-specific themes along with analytics and marketing tools. 

But with further business expansion over time, there are chances of your site not getting the desired support from both GoDaddy and Weebly. For example, limited template customization options can be quite disappointing. Moreover, both do not possess essential features to provide support to large online stores.

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