Network Solutions vs. GoDaddy: Which one offers a better deal?

Network solutions vs. GoDaddy – which one to choose! With both platforms offering affordable shared hosting plans, you are likely to get confused. Network Solutions provides laser-focused managed security solutions along with dedicated WP (WordPress) hosting services. 

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They boast of having an uptime of about 99.99%, a bit better than 99.9% of GoDaddy. However, they are known to provide only email and phone support. On the other hand, GoDaddy is considered to be the world’s top domain name registrar. Millions rely on it for their go-to hosting resource. Comparing them will allow you to understand better which one will provide you with a better deal. 

Network solutions vs. GoDaddy – Overall Hosting Comparison

Network Solutions

It is regarded to be the web hosting industry’s longest surviving brand. It was launched in 1979 and operated initial DNS (Domain Name System) in 1991 for the United States government as a sub-contractor. Later, it started to develop domain registration tools.

It was once considered the sole registrar to offer .net, .com, .org domain names. It also maintained the WHOIS database. Presently, owns this company and offers cloud-based hosting packages to SMBs. It does serve different types of businesses by providing professional design and DIY site builder services. For email messaging and online marketing, it offers valuable guidance and options. 

  • Unlimited data transfers and ample disk space
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Extensive support offered to program languages
  • Free domain name
  • 1-click installations offered for popular apps


It is a popular hosting company introducing site owners to the fast-paced web hosting world. You can get an affordable and easy-to-use domain name, hosting registration. Once done, you can develop your personal web property or online business. It offers lots of options for dedicated and virtual servers and shared hosting, email, and domain services.

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You can avail of pre-built templates with basic WP offering or upgrade to the advanced WP services. It allows you to derive prompt support to ensure your online store runs smoothly at all times. It also offers a seamless migration process, thus allowing helping your site to scale with the progress made in your business. This hosting platform grows with you. It provides user control options.

Tech-savvy customers can choose between Plesk control panels or cPanel along with root access. It offers an intuitive interface with regards to webmail and provides unlimited email accounts. 256-bit encryption is offered with each email account combined with improved privacy protection. The company emphasizes customer support and claims to have well-trained experts.

They are ready to provide round-the-clock support to customer queries over messages and phone calls. Support ticketing functionality is further enhanced with Website Security and WP Premium Support. They also monitor your server, including other clients who share your server. They assure 99.9% uptime. It offers award-winning support, security, fast loading times, along with free domain registration on annual plans. It is a wonderful choice for small business owners and first-timers. 

Network solutions vs. GoDaddy – Dedicated Hosting Comparison

Network Solutions

Currently, it does offer such hosting plans.

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Their plans feature on-demand resources, managed support options, including Plesk and cPanel’s intuitive user control. Windows and Linux users are also offered a wide range of options, hardware, disk space, processing power, and RAM.

Its dedicated hosting provides full control to customers within a single-tenant environment over their server. For storage, you get the option to choose between high-speed SSDs or high-capacity HDDs. Site owners also can select between the company’s server datacenter based in Europe or the U.S. Available 24/7.

They can assist in troubleshooting issues arising in your server while monitoring server status. It offers anti-hacking services, DDoS protection along with other security add-ons. SSL certificate protection is offered for free for a full year. Company experts will fix bugs and manage security patches for customers availing fully managed to host plans.

Panopta monitoring is offered with dedicated hosting plans for your network services, application, and server. You can effortlessly view system-level and uptime metrics such as storage, RAM, CPU, or establish notifications and alerts. Their customized resource configurations are sure to meet your specific growing needs.

Their support team provides round-the-clock protection to your site from DDoS threats, unexpected downtime, hackers, and malware. You can easily connect with them through their dedicated chat portal or phone lines. 

Network solutions vs. GoDaddy – Cheap Hosting comparison

Network Solutions

It offers solid plans and is a bit expensive when compared to other hosting providers. It is meant for those who are top-tier affordable hosts. Although they offer unlimited bandwidth and ample storage, getting the best deals beyond entry-level plans might be doubtful. Its 2nd and 3rd-level packages are pricey, while their Premium Plan is about $20 a month.

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It supports popular programming languages like Ruby on Rails, JSP, ASP.NET, PHP, etc. For popular applications, it offers lots of single-click installations. Providing 24/7 prompt email and phone support, their shared plan is quite reliable. However, they lack some valuable features.


Its low-cost plans are considered to be a significant pull factor. Most of its plans offer unlimited sites, fast loading times, a control panel, and a free domain name. Setting up a shared hosting plan is equally easy and quick, especially for small business owners, bloggers, and first-timers.

It is possible to select a hosting plan depending on your specific site needs. They provide lots of options for processing power, email, disk space, etc. As your business grows, your site will require dedicated or scalable resources. The qualified team will ensure an easy transition.

Most plans offer unmetered bandwidth and unlimited storage. For upgrades, re-provisioning is not necessary. Dedicated and virtual servers are provisioned within minutes with cPanel and root access. All plans are provided with cPanel user control or Plesk as desired. Hence, installation and establishment of web applications for eCommerce or blogging.

GoDaddy is the best web hosting platform to choose for your site if you are on a budget. They do offer excellent customer service and upgrade their service, website, and server performance. Standard web apps are provided with 1-click installations and cPanel control to ensure smooth site setup and smooth functioning.

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Providing round-the-clock DDoS protection and security monitoring, your site will be functional, load quickly as well as be hacker-free. What is desired more from this provider is that each shared plan should be offered a free SSL certificate!

Network solutions vs. GoDaddy – WP Hosting Comparison

Network Solutions

It offers solid support to its registered users and has earned a reputation in the industry for being a reliable hosting provider. However, the company’s offered feature list seems to be somewhat short as well as outdated. At first glance, its price tag can be quite challenging.

But it reflects the default rare month-to-month plans that it has on offer. Lower rates can be derived by availing 1-year hosting services for WP hosting. 50 GB of disk space offered is more than sufficient for average WP blog needs. But this hosting provider seems to lag, especially when seeking unlimited offerings.

Most service offerings come with a free domain, but not with all plans. It claims to offer 99.99% uptime reliability, but nothing more on WP-specific perks. Performance and security optimization along with plugins, themes, and installation is entirely your choice.

Better infrastructure, software, and hardware will be desired to become more WP-centric. Their WP plans do offer decent beginner tools combined with solid technical support. However, adding more current features can help offset price rates and enhance ease of use. 


It is rather referred to as a champion by those seeking high-impact, low-cost hosting services. They offer lots of features to meet the needs of all WP user levels. The basic shared plans start at about $2.99 a month. Free domain is offered with annual plans and the power to have full control over your site using Plesk or cPanel control panels.

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They allow easy and quick installation of the WP environment with a single click without incurring additional costs. CageFS is configured along with its improved cPanel to safeguard content. CloudLinux helps balance the site’s resources.

It allows your WP site to load quickly even after adding it with many products, images, and content material. WP users prefer to choose optimized WP hosting plans as they feature auto-installed SSL certificates, daily malware scans, and backups. You have the option to develop as well as launch unlimited sites by choosing such packages.

If additional resources are desired, you can upgrade your plan automatically. Pro Managed WP Hosting offers users an exciting onboarding experience. Using its 1-click migration tool is quite useful. You can benefit from their daily backups, pre-built sites, auto core updates, and staging environment. For this, you need to configure your free inbuilt caching and CDN. This way, you can enjoy having a picture-perfect WP site.

Network solutions vs. GoDaddy – VPS Hosting Comparison

Network Comparison

This hosting platform is aimed at meeting the needs of tech-savvy users. It provides semi-managed, reliable VPS services. However, it is a bit expensive. Each VPS solution offered is backed by its name, excellent uptime, and customer support.

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Moreover, Linux distribution is used to develop each plan. It comes with email accounts and ample disk space. Most plans are bundled with a free domain name. Although their entry-level VPS package seems to be somewhat lacking, it comes with useful features like a free SSL certificate and SiteLock security at higher tiers.

Their VPS hosting feature can be termed to be an upgrade from the otherwise shared hosting services. This is because you can access directly to the underlying OS and install applications. Thus, you can enjoy the benefits offered by dedicated web hosting but without huge maintenance or associated hardware costs. Therefore, you can be confident while using the Network Solutions’ VPS services.


This provider is the right choice if you seek a platform that allows your site to grow and scale up effortlessly. Root access impresses web enthusiasts and developers as they can easily install applications, PHP modules, stacks, etc. You can also customize your virtual server to ensure deriving peak performance. For this, you can use your remote desktop or command line.

The plans offered also come with different types of control panels, like Plesk and cPanel. Using an advanced graphical interface, managing your hosting becomes an effortless task. The powerful virtual servers’ boast supporting SSD storage of 40o GB and 32 GB RAM.

Thus, your potential visitors can experience 3x faster page loads. Besides KVM virtualization and unlimited bandwidth, they have global data centers located on 4 continents. You can get to choose from modern OS platforms like Windows Server, Ubuntu, and CentOS. Their knowledgeable executives assure to provide round-the-clock monitoring service to ensure your server is protected from malicious traffic.

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Customers are required to patch their OS as desired. With a 24/7 hardware monitoring service provided by GoDaddy professionals combined with snapshots and failover solutions, you will experience reduced downtime. Fully or Semi-VPS accounts are offered with Panopta monitoring, thereby providing the opportunity to enjoy application and network services.

This is achieved through easily configurable notifications and alerts. But web hosting service shoppers might not have this hosting provider in their list when VPS hosting is concerned. But the fact is their virtual server provides 24/7 support, enhanced security, value combination, and trouble-free, fully managed services.

Thus, this hosting provider manages to derive a good reputation in this particular domain. Those not currently interested in availing of a VPS plan can seek the Business Hosting package offered by this hosting company. This plan combines the very best of everything offered. It includes the powerful, amped-up virtual private server along with simplicity and ease of shared hosting. 

Network solutions vs. GoDaddy – Conclusion

If you are looking for a service that is backed by reputation and long-time industry presence, then Network Solutions is the winner. But if you are looking for an affordable option, plenty of features and flexibility in plans, then GoDaddy is a perfect choice. It is for you to decide – support and speed offered by GoDaddy or enhanced security and uptime of Network Solutions.

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