NameHero Review – How trustworthy is this web hosting platform?

Numerous companies across the globe offer their clients different types of web hosting services. As a first-time shopper, it is quite natural for you to get confused about which one to select. Although you may come across different names on Google, going through the NameHero review is a wise decision. 

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NameHero review – An overview

This web hosting company is based in the United States and was established in 2015. They have their Data Centers based in the United States and have recently have started operations in the Netherlands. Its mission is to provide all its customers with scalable, reliable, high-speed web hosting services. They do claim to offer better uptime and fast speeds using optimal servers.

They cater to the needs of small businesses and individuals by providing affordable and easy hosting services. They also provide excellent customer support service whenever required. Over time, they have expanded rapidly to include various other services like Dedicated servers, VPS hosting, Reseller hosting, and high-speed cloud hosting. 

They use solid-state drives to operate smoothly private Cloud, powerful Intel processors, and high bandwidth. You can enjoy 99.99% uptime and enhanced page load with MariaDB and LiteSpeed webserver. They also boast of offering domain registration features and claim to be easy and fast web hosting providers. 

This unique web host provider offers many exciting features. Their ‘LiteSpeed’ web server is considered the biggest differentiator bundled in all their plans. It is quite similar to that of SiteGround. However, it is offered at a lower cost. But they use cPanel for providing better site management. But, it would be best if you did not consider NameHero to be another budget-friendly web host. Rather, they are popular as they offer their customers several value-added features. 

NameHero review – What makes them reliable?

Given below are some of the interesting features that NameHero provides their clients. This has helped them be favored and become popular in the market. 

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MariaDB: Once Oracle, its founder, took over MySQL, Michael ’Monty’ Widenius appealed for help through his blog. He wanted assistance from everyone seeking assistance to launch a new community-driven project. MariaDB is the result of this effort. It is considered to be MySQL’s drop-in replacement.

This means you are free to switch between them without anyone noticing anything different from an interface viewpoint. However, between them, there are present lots of differences, including several associated with speed-related improvements.

NameHero uses MariaDB centers to enhance replication speed along with redundancy. MariaDB’s base product is offered for free. However, some are premium features but are worth the investment due to their superior quality features. 

LiteSpeed Webserver: For PHP applications, web hosts mainly replicate the LAMP stack. However, NameHero prefers to use their LiteSpeed webserver rather than Apache. This unique combination offers plenty of benefits. Using LiteSpeed, a third-party caching solution is not desired on the site like WP Rocket, W3TC, or WP Super Cacher.

You can use LiteSpeed caching plug-in to configure your website to enable server-based caching. This feature is, however, offered only by selected web hosts. All shared hosting packages offered by NameHero come with this valuable feature for free.

But to use LiteSpeed, you are to pay some amount. It is indeed the right choice, provided you avail of a shared hosting plan. If you go through the NameHero review, you can find that this provider offers value and is not cheap. 

  • Advanced Security features: Three security layer levels are offered in all NameHero packages. It includes:
  • Patches designed for outdated software
  • Real-time file monitoring
  • AI-driven WAF

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Incorporating this three-pronged approach does make your website much safer and protected from unwanted elements and hacks. WAF offers amazing value. For example, web-established security providers such as Sucuri charged high annual fees.

Moreover, auto-patching of your outdated software is indeed a bonus. Unfortunately, most web host providers fail to provide the security required by their clients’ websites. Low-cost providers lack the finance to implement real-time file monitoring and advanced intrusion detection procedures.

Rather, they use add-ons such as CodeGuard for outsourcing that particular hosting aspect. When backups are concerned, it is very much the same. You spend a lot than you had imagined. But NameHero is sure to offer you peace of mind and immense satisfaction.

NVMe drives: NVMe SSD drives saw huge investments pouring in from NameHero in September 2020. With this upgrade, database-rich sites like those that operate on WordPress (WP) experienced double their previous performance. In addition, business and Turbo Cloud users can witness significant improvements in their site’s overall performance. 

Free Integration: With the launch of the LiteSpeed Web server, this company has entered integration ‘Enterprise Tier.’ Thus, all customers of this company are offered with 10 GB quota rather than a 1 GB data transfer every month. In addition,, once incorporated, allows you to enjoy Cloudflare, a proxy CDN that is freely accessible.

However, this is possible only when merged with LiteSpeed caching plug-in. Dynamic content is also cached, such as HTML pages. Thus, it has revolutionized the hosting industry, thereby allowing cheaper plans to compete with expensive ones. This is due to CDN’s dynamic cloud caching feature. 

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Offsite Backups: Most web hosts offer inbuilt backups. NameHero uses separate offsite server locations to store all your backups on another network. If unfortunately, your site gets compromised at any point in time, your backups are completely safe. With their robust backups, your data is well protected and secured. Site backups are taken daily.

It is retained on a rotating basis for about 7 days combined with a weekly backup. Besides this, you can take account snapshots to enable customized backups before testing some potentially disruptive updates. The backups can then be restored with just a few clicks using the Jetbackup cPanel plug-in.

You will not require contacting the professionals for assistance. All plans are bundled with backup plans for free. Most providers restrict access to deriving advanced backup functionality. This is to compel you to choose an account upgrade. This is something not practiced by NameHero as they treat all customers with the same respect and responsibility. 

Top-quality Reseller Program: The truth is reselling web hosting has stopped getting favors like it used to do before. Most major web hosts have presently outsourced their business to third-party companies. This is where NameHero’s reseller hosting program is found to be quite dependable.

WHCMS license is offered for free with Diamond, Platinum, and Gold plans. Also is offered a hosting management dashboard named ‘InterWorx’ for free. It helps reduce your costs as well as that of your end customers. With time, they have shown that they do care about their resellers when compared to their competitors. You can check out the rewards and accolades they have managed to earn with their impeccable services. 

Private Cloud: Rather than Dedicated servers, NameHero is found to use Private Cloud features. Traditional providers can be found to depend on an individual machine to place their hosting accounts. This means, with traditional web hosts, you have to share your resources with others. It is found to be an affordable way to cut down on operational expenditure and oversell the server. Although cost-effective, it does come with some disadvantages like:

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  • Tough to isolate accounts from one another
  • Sudden loads make it impossible to scale further quickly
  • Chances of experiencing failure are quite high if the server crashes or fails to function properly. 

But, NameHero does not rely on individual servers for client site hosting. Rather, they use a private cloud. This means your account gets ‘spread out’ effectively across multiple machines. Thus, it results in less failure and becoming more secure. In addition, throughout their servers, they use SSDs to store folders and files, unlike other web hosts. 

  • Excellent customer service: The truth is that every web host tends to claim of offering top-notch customer services when required. NameHero is considered to be a much more personalized web host. Their customer service is unique and quite different from other providers. 
    • The task of attending to customer grievances and queries is not outsourced to third-party call centers. 
    • IVRs are not used to attend customer calls. You get to connect with a real person whenever you call them. 
    • The company’s CEO is quite proactive and gets personally involved to tackle issues and ensure smooth operations. 

The fact is large hosting companies are faceless. No one may seem to be bothered with the issues you are facing or not know how to resolve your site problems. NameHero is quite different and understands the pains of their customers. They take customer service very seriously and ensure providing resolution to every call made to them. They also take very little time to provide proper resolutions, thus making them leaders in the domain. 

  • Get started immediately for free: Most web hosts compel their new customers to use their credit cards during sign-up and website creation. Although they may provide money-back offers, initial payments are mandatory. But you can register with NameHero to use its website builder without having to pay even a cent. It is absolutely free and does not require you to make any commitments. It is perhaps the only provider to make such exceptional offers. 

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The above features make NameHero unique and one of the most preferred web host providers in the industry. Solid, personalized customer service combined with a private cloud and unique architecture separate them from their competitors. 

NameHero review – What are their weaknesses?

Unfortunately, there are some weaknesses present in this provider that needs to be understood before making the final choice. They are as follows:

A few WP plugins still require MySQL: Although MariaDB replaces MySQL, some WP plugins require MySQL for efficient functioning. Fortunately, such plugins are not properly maintained and are also extremely rare. Hence, they can be avoided altogether. It might be that you are not aware of using MariaDB rather than MySQL. 

Price on plans not that cheap: This provider already stated that this provider focuses more on offering their clients top-notch hosting services. They are not a low-cost option. You can come across numerous web hosts offering cheap hosting plans. If you are more concerned with price, then you should select a budgeted company. But NameHero’s value proposition is the additional features it has on offer. With this provider offering free backups, you will be able to recoup third-party provider costs immediately. The same goes for malware scanning.

Does not have any data center located in Asia: If you are operating your website from Asia, this can be a bit concerning. They claim to have one data center in the Netherlands and two in the United States. So if you have customers located in Asian countries, then there will be no servers provided by NameHero near them. 

Daily backups tend to expire after the completion of 24 hours: Although they provide amazing backup service, it lasts just for 24 hours. Then it gets replaced with a new backup. Since they take weekly backups, it is possible to use that one if you require them. Some web hosts provide daily backups for an extended period of 30 days. However, it is limited to higher plans only. NameHero seems to have contracted DropMySite to enable extended backup sessions at cheaper rates, thereby mitigating this disadvantage to some extent. 

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NameHero review – Know their Pros

  • Free malware scanning
  • Affordable plans
  • Free domain name
  • LiteSpeed web servers
  • On-demand backup bundled with all plans
  • NVMe Drives

NameHero review – Conclusion

This company boasts of providing value worth the investment made when compared to other web hosting providers. However, they cannot be termed to be the industry’s cheapest ones. Instead, they are the perfect choice if you seek a single-stop solution not requiring spending money on separate add-ons for security and backups.

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