JustHost vs. BlueHost – Which One Is Right For Me?

Are you confused, whom to choose, JustHost vs. BlueHost? Both JustHost and BlueHost have identical features leading to confusion if asked to pick one web host. It is not easy to narrow down one web host. Here you can find in-depth details of both web hosts, and it will make you see what you want. They both are winners, yet going through the details will assist in determining the right server for your needs.

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JustHost vs. BlueHost review offers insight into details. It includes hosting plans, features, pros, cons, and a lot more. To understand more, get started here:

JustHost vs. BlueHost- Starting

JustHost and BlueHost are companies featuring pricing arrangements, comparable services, and a few crucial points to disagree with. JustHost provides a money-back guarantee anytime, while BlueHost offers 30 days for a money-back refund. BlueHost has a reputation for its service, speed, and reliability.

JustHost was based in 2008 and was acquired in 2012 by EIG. Thus, it became the sister company of BlueHost. JustHost is a web host that is not widespread. It offers free domains, cPanel management systems, unlimited email accounts and is on an average stand. However, they are improving with each passing day. The interface is fantastic and is suitable for amateurs and advanced users. Its functionality is adequate.

BlueHost was launched in 1996, and it hosted around two million sites. BlueHost is an excellent web host and is suitable for everyone, no matter if you are hosting a site or a company page. There will be no room to get disappointed. Anyone starting new may find BlueHost to be much better as they are already into this field and have the recognition of being a WordPress official group offering installation in One-click on their plans.

They boast of providing helpful support and a super friendly approach on live chat, and their dashboard is easy to use.

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JustHost Vs. BlueHost- Plans and Pricing

JustHost offers four hosting plans, Basic, Plus, Choice-Plus, and Guru Plans. The plans start from $9.49, and there are $11.00 pricing plans, as well. The discount codes bring the price to $3.95. The basic plan has attributes such as One free domain, 5 email accounts, One site, Free SSL certification, 25 subdomains, Storage 50GB, and Unmetered bandwidth.

The actual plan price is $11.99 a month, regardless of the discounts.  The Plus Program is available at $6.95, while the cost is $12.49. Users can enjoy an affordable price on covering it for three years. The Plus program includes Endless space, ten sites, unlimited email accounts, 50 subdomains, one free domain, and unmetered bandwidth.

The Choice-plus program plan drives the cost to $6.95. This price tag is when you pay for three years beforehand, and there are no reductions at $16.99. The program includes One Domain registration free, Endless space and sites, Unlimited subdomains, Free SSL certification, Automated copies, Unmetered bandwidth, Unlimited email accounts, and Domain privacy.

Bluehost has Basic, Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro as shared hosting plans. They are the cheapest to expensive plans. The basic plan is $3.95/per month, and the same is $7.99 to renew. It contains attributes such as Storage 50GB, SSL certification, 25 subdomains, 1 site, 1 domain name, 5 parked domains, and unmetered bandwidth.

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The Plus program costs a month $5.95. The price of the same on a renewal is $10.99. It includes the basic plan features and, in addition, is a $200 Advertising offer, unlimited storage and sites, spam experts, extra power at $5.95 a month, unlimited subdomains, parked domains, and domains.

The only major drawback when considering JustHost vs. BlueHost is that they have attractive prices to browse plans and are available only on paying the service upfront for three years. JustHost accepts monthly payments, but the prices increase high, and BlueHost entry-level plans begin from a one-year billing cycle. 

The renewal fees for both double the initial cost. There are add-ons in checkout. JustHost offers site backup two tools, besides SiteLock Essentials and Domain Privacy, besides JustHost claims offers security tools SiteLock on all plans for free on its homepage.

While BlueHost offers SiteLock essentials to detect malware and CodeGuard site backups. However, if you do not take these services, the total cost doubles. 

JustHost vs. BlueHost – Hosting Speed

An important deciding factor is hosting speed that judges the cost-effectiveness and quality of the hosting service. The accurate and precise figure of these two companies, the server speed time is 366ms with JustHost and BlueHost is 320ms.

It shows BlueHost is faster than JustHost. However, both perform outstandingly, and the fact is BlueHost is much faster.

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JustHost vs. BlueHost – Ease of Use

.BlueHost has a great interface and supports cPanel. BlueHost permits tweaking the cPanel interface with customization and control. It is easy to start WordPress and install it. Its tools for website building are easy for beginners as it just needs dragging and dropping to create websites.

With WordPress site hosting, BlueHost is the best. It automatically updates the software of WordPress and makes it easy to use for amateur and advanced users.  The dashboard is conversant that choosing the right themes and plugins for their website is possible. It is because Blue flash removes the issues and provides helpful pointers that prevent simple mistakes. Blue flash is simple, and with Word Press as the CMS, BlueHost offers a great platform for beginners.

BlueHost supports eCommerce, gives free SSL certificates, marketing credits for $200, easy to run apps such as Drupal and Joomla, allows deciding of daily, weekly, or monthly backups,  site migration, free domain, SiteLock to detect firewall and malware, tools to simplify and ensure the ease-of-use.

JustHost also offers similar features and provides ease of use. For example, the package gives access to website templates in thousands, free domain, and the drag and drops access feature. In addition, the cPanel support from JustHost with the unlimited of databases to websites and emails is available.

There is the WordPress installation available in one click after the server instant setup. It allows configuring of the website easily for new users and to start online within a short time. In addition, there is the Mojo marketplace for JustHost to give more than 100 plugins, open-source apps, and themes that get installed in one click.

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JustHost gives support of eCommerce, allowing beginners to add shopping carts to their site with ease. JustHost offers $100 worth of credits ad for Bing and Google. In addition, JustHost offers site migration as BlueHost as five websites for $149.99 and 20 emails.

JustHost vs. BlueHost: Customer Support & Reliability

A web host’s quality and its customer support is a deciding factor. It is a must to know if accessing reliable guides is possible. Patronizing a web host without knowing the details is of no use—anyone going through the comparison of JustHost Vs. BlueHost should not have a frustrating venture. The experience must be the best. Getting a bird’ eye view of the infrastructure, customer support, and quality is a must.

JustHost provides support 24/7 through phone and LiveChat. There is the option of reaching JustHost by email as well. The live chat option is good with both web hosts. JustHost support is not disappointing, yet JustHost support ensures a faster response. JustHost also has plenty of articles and tutorials that customers can get all the answers and information. 

JustHost live rep is available after 15 minutes waiting time. But, on coming into contact, the reps are friendly and helpful. All the questions are answered briefly, and they also give links for reference so that it is of use. JustHost has different articles to go through answers or solutions. It offers an experience that users would love. Experienced users do not need customer support. But, the amateurs looking for support are not disappointed. Freshers never are in any fix and are given valuable help from the JustHost staff.

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BlueHost takes waiting time to receive a response, though it claims to give 24/7 chat support, email ticketing, and phone support. Moreover, BlueHost does not have email support. However, BlueHost offers Blue Flash for customers as support to avail of free service. 

It is a sign showing support staff through various channels to contact. Customer support fails to fix problems is a common complaint. However, there are useful articles and knowledge base details in the tutorials to fulfill all your queries. The live reps are knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful, though it takes nearly ten minutes to contact their live reps.

Bluehost provides a knowledge base, but it does not have step-by-step instruction articles to solve problems. There are other things such as articles educating amateurs on email and login management. The video tutorials handle simple tasks such as WordPress and building installing. The good support is through BlueHost, and they are in good books.

JustHost vs. BlueHost: Security

JustHost security begins with SSL certificates provided by the web host for free with all the basic plans. There is no domain privacy given, and it means your information is easy to access. JustHost provides SiteLock, for free, besides software scanning to prevent malware per month for $1.99.

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The software offers internal security, including maintenance, dashboard reports, and 360° scanning for downloads. JustHost provides add-ons such as Codeguard, Domain privacy protection, and Site backup pro. Paying extra is a must for these services. JustHost provides weekly backups but no guarantee. It implies it may or may not do the backup; it looks like it is at the choice of their IT technicians. It is best to get guaranteed backup so that your data is safe.

BlueHost is security conscious and has in-built security for Domain privacy and SiteLock. SiteLock works for malware scanning and eliminates them. Domain privacy hides information from public listing WHOIS. Thus, it assures the safety of personal information. In addition, there is an anti-spam known as SpamExperts securing emails and checks for spam and junk.

There are free SSL certificates with basic plans, while it also offers backups as complementary, but does not guarantee. Therefore, customers must avail their backups for safety. Adding to it, they have customized internal tools to stop DDoS attacks.

JustHost vs. BlueHost – Extras

JustHost offers extra features. It has WordPress and Weebly, two website builders. You can visit the Mojo marketplace and get one-click apps and install them. In addition, JustHost offers with each plan a free domain registration for the first year.

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It supports a cPanel interface that is easy for amateurs and professionals. The security infrastructure has a SiteLock scanner to ensure the safety of hosting accounts. Additionally, there is access to dedicated IPs, SEO tools, premium SSL certificates, SpamExperts mail filtering, and more at extra costs.

Bluehost supports PHP PEAR packages, Cron Jobs, Peri modules, and Apache handlers. The infrastructure security of BlueHost allows blocking IP addresses, SSH access to the account, and installing Premiums SSL certificate. It also supports PostgreSQL and MySQL databases, using Remote MySQL, phpMyAdmin, or phpPgAdmin to manage databases.

There is a Blue flash feature with BlueHost handy for WordPress experts to install accounts and update plugins. Weebly is a BlueHost partner as a web builder for beginners. BlueHost gives a checklist to protect your site. In this way, it ascertains your security is not compromised.

JustHost vs. BlueHost: Which to Choose? 

Going through the JustHost vs. BlueHost review, both hosts provide similar features such as security features, free domain, money-back guarantee, SSL, and so on. JustHost provides hosting types with identical features as BlueHost but is pricey. On the other hand, Bluehost offers an array of hosting plans at affordable prices.

Upgrading with JustHost using a shared hosting environment is comfortable. You get 24/7 customer support through live chat, phone, and email. While with BlueHost, there is a better environment for hosting with shared to VPS and managed hosting. It offers good customer support, but the response time is a bit slow, and there is no email support.

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That being said, professional bloggers are making online business and living using WordPress sites to hosting services. Therefore, there is no harm in deciding and comparing JustHost vs. BlueHost, as they are good concerning features, security, customer support, and pricing.

Having seen the parameters, both web host providers are comparable. Therefore, there is no harm in selecting any of these to avail a world-class hosting experience and is an assured return for your money. 

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