iPage Vs. HostGator: Which One Is Right For Me?

Are you looking for a web hosting provider? There are 2 prominent hosting providers, iPage and HostGator. There are many more web hosting services, but not all are equal. It is a must to know that these 2, iPage and HostGator are the providers that are good and different in their features and pricing plans. Therefore, there is an unbiased comparison to know which truly offers the required web hosting service: iPage vs. HostGator.

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iPage Vs. HostGator -A small introduction

iPage emerged in 1998. It covers the webspace hosting over 1 million websites. iPage offers two data centers power helping customers. It is a technology offering affordable plans. iPage is beneficial for medium-sized and small businesses. It is an easy-to-use setup, has reliable plans and services to assist in the long run.

The integration of the WordPress feature offers added benefits to combine open-sourced platforms. It provides affiliate marketing services with good hosting plans, while there are many options to choose from. 

HostGator emerged in 2002. It is a global hosting services provider. The company offers a range of web hosting and additional services to choose from, making it a feasible option. In addition, HostGator offers a brand promise, reliability, and great speed, to provide customized options.

HostGator adheres to the latest requirements. There is HostGator affiliate programs and coupon, while there are different plans available to compare and decide. In addition, it provides an easy online website setup. 

iPage Vs. HostGator – cPanel

  • iPage has its control panel, and the control panel of iPage is more user-friendly. iPage offers growth potential through its single hosting package
  • HostGator has a customized cPanel version as their interface, helping in installing applications. In addition, the cPanel of HostGator offers access to options. HostGator has different hosting plans, including dedicated hosting.

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Both web hosting plans offer unlimited storage and bandwidth, besides hosting multiple domains. 

iPage Vs. HostGator – Hosting types

iPage offers budget hosting options. Choosing a plan allows customizing it as per business requirements. They provide hosting plans even for startup businesses. Choosing a basic plan and expanding to higher-level hosting plans is possible. It offers suitable hosting plans for medium-sized organizations as VPS special hosting plans. Dedicated hosting plans are available as per the add-ons and features. Choose a plan as per your budget. 

The best part is the WordPress integration of iPage hosting. Using this feature of integration, adding features and plugins is possible. In addition, it helps to make a customized website. 

HostGator offers plans suitable to all budgets. It gives VPS special hosting and Reseller hosting plans with shared hosting to meet business requirements. In addition, HostGator promotes business apps and offers to host apps.

It offers dedicated and managed hosting server plans to facilitate startups. Business emails allow you to sort emails while hosting is affordable for email marketing businesses.  It helps transfer and register domains at a cost-effective price. It offers a superb discount on hosting with HostGator hosting coupon. 

iPage Vs. HostGator – Pricing

  • iPage pricing for shared is $1.99/mo, WordPress $3.75/mo, VPS $19.99/mo, and Dedicated $119.99/mo.
  • HostGator pricing for shared is $2.78/mo, WordPress $5.95/mo (cloud), VPS $19.95/mo, and Dedicated $119.00/mo.

For affordable WordPress or shared hosting plans, you can find iPage to be cheaper. However, iPage does not give reseller hosting or cloud hosting. While the VPS and Dedicated servers are the same as iPage and HostGator, you can use HostGator coupons and enjoy a discount. iPage also offers freebies for newbies.

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iPage Vs. HostGator-Security features

iPage hosting provider provides a custom firewall and locks security control.  It updates scripts on obsolete scripts as well and offers automatic removal of malware. iPage blocks Bot automated attacks and blacklist monitoring. It scans the database and helps in keeping track of your website from malicious files. iPage also offers additional features for security, DDoS protection features,  WordPress integration, and add-on- tools.

iPage units are backed up with a mirror copy to help in case there is any disc failure. There is year-round steady monitoring that before you realize it, the issues get fixed. There is the robust encryption software, uninterrupted power supply, database, and firewalls lockdowns, and there is onsite personnel to tackle your problems right as it occurs. iPage uses SiteLock as an extra security layer, and it comes free of cost to customers. It also offers a list of benefits specially designed to maintain the integrity of the client’s site.

HostGator offers varying plans, a host of security features, including password security with additional updates on website applications.  The protection security measure ensures complete server protection. It ascertains your site is free from malware threats. There is an addition of scripts in association with CMS installations. Your site is safe from hackers as HostGator provides added security measures.

HostGator malware scans and weekly backups are regular practice, yet doing your scans and backups is recommended. HostGator will restore your site from the backup, but it does not come free of cost. There is a fee to be paid. HostGator offers high levels of protection to its online activities and data centers. The technical and admin staff are available to solve your issues 24/7 every day.

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There is CCTV monitoring at all times, building entrances have biometric locks enhancing high security, and security personnel walks the complex to assist further with issues. The sites enjoy an uninterrupted power supply. There is cooling systems provision given to the servers to prevent overheating fire suppressors, smoke detectors, diesel generators, and more.

iPage Vs. HostGator – Salient hosting features

iPage offers:

  • Features are suitable for every plan, no matter if it is basic or business. A simple feature of drag-drop is enough to get customized packages. It is also simple for start-ups to initiate with such customized packages as it offers free email accounts and domain registration.
  • Unlimited bandwidth support and disk space with the email option. The highlight is the scalable bandwidth feature, good reliability, and easy site builder option. iPage offers managed services with cPanel support. Its plans come with optional root access and pre-installed scripts. The themes, WordPress integration, and plugins are easily downloaded here as per choice.
  • WordPress installation in a single click. The company setup is easy to use with mobile-optimized tools. The website builder tool helps to build a sustainable website. It provides network monitoring control and setup, besides MySQL database support and additional features, with 99.9% uptime.

HostGator offers:

  • Web hosting plans with functional features. It offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space on plans. The cPanel is easy-to-use with all the plans.
  • The interface is easy with regular tasks. It features a drag-drop and helps in customizing the website. It provides on all major plans unlimited email support.  It supports the transfer of domain names, and for first-time registrations, there is a HostGator domain coupon.
  • It offers free access to its features, and there is unlimited database support. HostGator provides an SSL certificate for free, facilitating an update option. It allows scaling better with its advanced programming support. Its advanced programming building allows using different frameworks with open-source platforms for site-building. It is simple with WordPress and features a one-click installation that integrates sites such as Joomla and WordPress.
  • HostGator web hosting gives hosting solutions for both managed and semi-managed plans. It offers free script transfer with MySQL support. In addition, users can enjoy access to data protection and extra storage up to 99.9% of uptime.

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iPage Vs. HostGator – Payment options

  • iPage accepts payments through credit and debit cards. In addition, it accepts online transfers and PayPal for the hosting plans you buy. It also offers start-ups good discounts on their hosting plans online.
  • HostGator accepts many payment forms on your purchase of different plans. All the major debit and credit cards, PayPal, bank wires, and money orders are acceptable as payments. HostGator does not accept cash payments in any form. It has different payment options that buying with HostGator any plan is flexible.

iPage Vs. HostGator -Customer support

iPage offers email, phone, and chat as customer support 24/7. If you get stuck with an issue relating to a website, you may contact for a live chat feature. iPage provides a ticketing system and has a good support team. With their instructions, you can also build a scalable website.

HostGator also includes chat, phone, and email support as customer support 24/7. The chat features are live, and they guide instantly. Get any solution to problem-related sites. A ticketing system on the site provides a complete insight into the website. In addition, it offers tutorials step-by-step to website building as guidance. It is well-known for its excellent customer support.

iPage Vs. HostGator -Ease of Use

  • iPage does not offer cPanel. Instead, it provides a customized control panel version as vDeck. Nevertheless, people accustomed to the most popular cPanel can learn this curve and master vDeck.
  • HostGator hosting plans manage the web hosting accounts featuring CPanel. They also offer popular website scripts as 1-click installers, such as Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal.

Both provide in-house developed website builders for users to build a site without hiring a developer. 

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iPage Vs. HostGator – Reliability

Comparing reliability between iPage Vs. HostGator indicates prioritizing uptime as the most crucial feature. The result of significant downtime is:

  • Jeopardizing visitor trust, revenue loss, potential penalties, lost opportunities, decreased brand value, lost work time, damage of overall reputation, service level agreement penalties, and employee compensations.

iPage gives a 99.9% uptime guarantee and is confident of meeting this uptime standard. It applies to all plans, and not unlike many sites offering it only for a few. On taking a survey, it has come to notice, for the past 11 years, the uptime of iPage has been steady, and only one month was 90%. The striking fact is that most months feature zero to minimal downtime.

HostGator also gives 99.9% uptime to all its customers. If they fail to meet this uptime, the customer can request a credit. However, they are under no obligation to credit, and you must reason out why you are asking for credit. 

iPage Vs. HostGator- Advantages of Choosing iPage:

  • iPage allows hosting multiple domains
  • iPage gives the lowest affordable prices and no compromise on unlimited web hosting.
  • iPage is an ideal choice for newbies, first-time website holders, or even experienced web vendors or masters.
  • Excellent support of live chat, email, and phone.
  • Improved website builder.
  • iPage offers a user-friendly control panel interface.
  • VPS and Dedicated hosting is available with iPage

iPage Vs. HostGator -Advantages of choosing HostGator:

  • HostGator offers email, phone, and live chat support.
  • Technical support is available throughout the year 24/7.
  • The shared servers are wind-powered to 130%
  • Money-Back in 45-days
  • WordPress Installation in 1-click.
  • Google/Bing/Yahoo $100 offer
  • Website Builder as Drag-and-Drop feature

iPage Vs. HostGator- Money-back guarantee

iPage hosting gives on its plans a 30 days money-back guarantee. If you want a refund or wish to migrate, apply online within thirty days. The refund is not applicable for any added features of the plan. iPage allows canceling and receiving within the first 30 days, but the domain fee is chargeable. It permits you to take the same to another hosting company and transfer.

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HostGator gives on its plans a 45 days money-back guarantee. If you want a refund, apply within 45 days. You may apply online for a refund, as well. Nevertheless, the credit does not include admin fees, domain names, customized software installations, or other add-ons. It is applicable for a cash rebate only if the transaction is through a credit card. If not, you get your account credited.

Finally, iPage Vs. HostGator

iPage in web hosting is a well-known name offering affordable features and plans. It also ensures the best integration. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for small and medium-sized organizations.

Hesitator in web hosting is a popular name offering varied plans. It gives good customer support, customized hosting plan options, easy access online, and makes the job easier. 

In this review, iPage Vs. HostGator, you can find plans suitable to every budget. They both give good customer support, refund policy, and payment options. 

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