iPage vs GoDaddy: Which provider offers value-based hosting services?

You may have come across several domain provider names but is interested in comparing iPage vs. GoDaddy. A thorough comparison of the different features offered by both providers can help you find out the most suitable one for your website. 

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iPage vs. GoDaddy – An Overview

  • iPage: It a reputed brand and is within the same family as that of BlueHost and HostGator. This means, all these three hosting companies share the same parent company, namely, Endurance International Group. However, iPage is considered to offer more ‘budget conscious’ plans among the three. They also provide their new clients with exciting discounts. They cater more to the needs of the new website hosting clients. 
  • GoDaddy: This is a popular name in the industry and a big company boasting of having millions of clients spread across the globe. They also carry out large marketing campaigns. At every hosting service level, they provide their customers with steep introductory discounts. 

Hence, iPage offers a better price structure and is meant for those desiring to run a single site. But large online businesses can benefit immensely by choosing GoDaddy as their hosting provider. 

iPage provides its clients with individual hosting plan types, while GoDaddy provides numerous options to choose from. You can opt for GoDaddy’s domain registration services only while choosing your hosting package with another provider, including iPage. Hosting plans offered by GoDaddy is quite similar to iPage in price structure but is regarded to be just the starter package. However, by opting for the iPage plan, you stand to derive more features, value, and benefits. 

You may already own plenty of GoDaddy registered domains and might not require heavy-duty web hosting services. Getting hosting for your site can be easy with them. They do offer discounts on their plans, thus allowing you to save some precious money. But if you desire to host all your domains, then iPage will prove much more affordable than GoDaddy. 

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Undoubtedly, GoDaddy is among the most popular and the largest web hosting companies in the domain. This provides them an added advantage, especially if you are among those who value business reputation. Both provide live chat support. However, GoDaddy’s live chat customer support is limited to just certain hours during the day. Their tablet app is excellent and allows you to get easy access to your mobile device account.

If seeking value from the web hosting package, iPage leads in this comparison and is worth the second look.

iPage vs. GoDaddy – Hosting plans

This section needs to compare properly and find out which provider offers more value – iPage or GoDaddy! On price listing, standard price applies after the expiry of all promotions.


Their basic shared hosting package is available for a mere $7.99 a month. However, the features offered by them on this plan are much more than what is offered by GoDaddy. For example, they provide you with unlimited domains, disk space, and scalable bandwidth. In addition, with one domain, you are provided with an SSL Certificate without any additional charges.

This is as long as you remain subscribed to their services. Besides this, you can enjoy setting up your e-Commerce site and ensure great functionality instantly. Furthermore, new clients can derive many advertising credits with a promotional pricing structure to promote their site on several major websites and search engines.

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This provider also benefits those who seek packages beyond new sites and beginner hosting services. If so, then this company is the right choice. They offer both managed VPS and cloud-based. Their plans start at about $24.99 a month. However, their post-promotional price is slightly less when compared to GoDaddy, while their plans offer similar specifications.

Things tend to diverge at dedicated servers. This is one aspect that you should keep in mind when doing iPage vs. GoDaddy comparison. For the same plans and specifications offered, iPage’s pricing structure is slightly higher than GoDaddy. For example, they provide managed WP (WordPress) plans beginning at an introductory price of $7.49 a month for one domain. 


They also provide their clients with dedicated VPS and shared hosting services. They offer Cloud in VPS and some business packages, however, but not as their standard setup. The top shared hosting plan offered begins at $7.99 a month. It is quite similar to the basic shared plan offered by iPage. But GoDaddy’s starting plan comes with plenty of limitations.

This will require you to opt for upgrades like the ‘Deluxe’ version to enjoy similar benefits and specifications. It costs around $10.99 a month. Their business and VPS plans are priced at $29.99 a month. Opting for these plans will allow you to use the provide tools to develop your eCommerce stores.

You will also be able to manage regular as well as high traffic, including occasional traffic spikes. GoDaddy offers dedicated servers, with starting price being approximately $80 a month. Additionally, for one year, you can derive a free SSL Certificate. Also are available Managed WP plans along with free backups at all levels combined with free backups. 

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When VPS and shared value plans are concerned, iPage emerges to be a clear winner. But for dedicated plans, GoDaddy seems to provide more value. 

iPage vs. GoDaddy – Resources & Assistance

You may have queries or face issues relevant to your hosting plans. They should be answered promptly and efficiently handled by the team. 

  • iPage: They are known to offer round-the-clock live chat and phone-based support to all their clients on all plans. They also provide in-depth tutorials. Their online help center has searchable FAQ sections including a ticket system. Escalation is quite efficient while responses are provided within minutes. 
  • GoDaddy: They provide similar support options and claim to have similar response times. But resolving complicated issues through escalations might create substantial delays. 

Both providers offer similar resources and assistance to their clients on all plans. So in this category, not much quality difference is noticed among the two and hence, a tie.

iPage vs. GoDaddy – Apps & Website Builders

It would be best to find out the simplicity offered by both web hosts to develop a site using their provided tools. 

  • iPage: Their website builder is found to be quite good and compared to a few page builders available at a premium. It comes with easy-to-build features and is intuitive to use. You can create simple-looking, but highly effective sites to about six pages. It is quite sufficient for a small business or local service provider. This company also provides different types of apps with easy installs. You can choose any plan and set up your eCommerce store without any difficulty. 
  • GoDaddy: Its website builder is considered to be overly bloated and complicated. It has plenty of additional templates and features that might not be required by most users. However, some of these additional features are outdated, thus making it tough to perform things, especially under pressure. But single-click CMS installation or eCommerce tool is a good option if you seek something easy and quick to use. Apps are provided with just about every plan they have on offer. But, eCommerce tools come with higher-tier plans only. 

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In this category, iPage seems to have a better edge over GoDaddy. It allows all its clients, irrespective of the plans chosen to get easy access to their eCommerce tools. They also provide an intuitive web page builder without any bloat.

iPage vs. GoDaddy – Security & SSL Certificate

It is important to protect your site from hacks and other unwanted elements. Hence, you need to find a reliable provider who is known to offer the very best value and protection. 

  • iPage: With every individual hosting plan’s life term, this company offers its clients with minimum of one free SSL certificate. When general security is concerned, they monitor server activity and account for anomalies taking place daily. They also offer additional security tools without any extra charges to all users. You can easily upgrade them to meet your needs and preferences at every level. 
  • GoDaddy: The add-ons that come with major benefits, however, come with additional charges. This is something that is not much appreciated. Moreover, SSL Certificates offered on all hosting plans are found to be a bit expensive. Free tools are not offered beyond their managed WP plans while they offer average overall security features. 

Hence, iPage seems to provide more value to its clients when SSL Certificate and Security is concerned than GoDaddy.

iPage vs. GoDaddy – Reliability & Page Load Speed

Large hosting companies are said to back both the web hosting providers. But GoDaddy has almost become a household name and easily recognizable when compared to iPage. But that does not mean the web hosting services offered by iPage are substandard or unreliable.

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  • iPage: Uptime and Reliability aspects are interrelated. Not much is there to compare between these two providers. It claims to have top-end uptimes with its average being 99.98%. Moreover, site loading time takes just about half a second to complete. 
  • GoDaddy: This company also boasts of having an average uptime of about 99.98%. Also is similar to their loading time which is just half-second. 

Both are stated to be exceptional web hosting providers and can be relied upon when reliability and page load time is concerned. Hence, in this category, they both have a clean tie.

iPage vs. GoDaddy – Detailed comparison

iPage Details:

  • Established business in 1998
  • Enjoys A+ BBB Rating
  • The basic monthly plan starts at $1.99 to $2.95
  • Data center location is in Boston, MA, USA
  • Unlimited email
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 99.98% average server uptime
  • iPage Control panel hosting interface
  • Host multiple domains at affordable rates
  • Dedicated hosting available
  • 30 days full refund period, if services offered, are unsatisfactory

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Free Extras offered:

  • Toll-free number (Limited to the U.S. only)
  • SiteLock Security Suite
  • Google Adwords Bonus of $100
  • YellowPages.com Listing
  • Bing/Yahoo! Sponsored Search of $25
  • Facebook Ad Credit of $50

GoDaddy Details:

  • Established business in 1997
  • Enjoys A+ BBB Rating
  • Plans start at $2.99 to $7.49 a month
  • Unlimited email offered, but only on their Ultimate plans
  • Unlimited storage offered, but only on their Economy plans
  • Unlimited bandwidth offered across all plans.
  • cPanel is used as the hosting interface
  • Host multiple domains, but only on Economy plans
  • Dedicated hosting available
  • Provides 30 days full refund period in case of unsatisfactory services
  • The average server uptime is 99.98%

Free-extras offered:

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  • Site Accelerator offered only on Ultimate plan.
  • DudaMobile automatic site conversion to mobile available on all plans except Economy plan.
  • Malware Scanner provided only on Ultimate plan.
  • SSL Certificated offered on Ultimate plan only.

iPage vs. GoDaddy – Know the benefits


  • Allows hosting multiple domains. 
  • For unlimited web hosting services, they are known to charge the lowest prices, thereby helping you to save ample money. 
  • Enhanced site builder.
  • It is a great option for both experienced webmasters and first-time site owners. 
  • They offer both VPS and dedicated hosting services.
  • They have a user-friendly iPage control panel interface.
  • They provide 24/7 live chat, email and phone support.


  • Your GoDaddy hosted site is always mobile-ready.
  • You can combine their hosting along with domain name registration.
  • It is among the most popular and the largest web hosts in the industry.
  • You have the option to choose between Windows or Linux OS.
  • They have launched a streamlined website and currently provide easier access to client account information. 
  • You can download GoDaddy’s mobile app and access your account with ease and from any place. 

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iPage vs. GoDaddy – Conclusion

iPage is a better choice for first-time site owners and new websites. You can avail of GoDaddy services if you seek a dedicated server to promote your site. However, you might add up some extra charges on SSL certificates, additional domain registrations, etc. Then, a wise option to choose will be iPage services. They are competitive, offering low prices, great uptime, and enhanced security.

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