Inmotion vs. Siteground: Which is the Best For Me?

Inmotion vs. Siteground – which one to select for your business. It could be that you are seeking a reputed web host provider. There are several providers in the domain claiming to offer top-quality services at affordable rates. It would help if you did adequate research, gathered, and compared valuable data to make the correct choice.

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Although well-matched, InMotion seems to be a better provider when compared to SiteGround when hosting features and value for money is concerned. With regards to customer support and uptime, SiteGround is found to be a reliable choice. InMotion is more suited for VPS and shared hosting. 

Inmotion vs. Siteground – Know the Pros & Cons



  • Unlimited disk space, thereby allowing site expansion.
  • Highly trained customer care support to tackle all issues, thus allowing enhanced satisfaction. 
  • 90-day money-back assurance, thereby offering peace of mind.
  • Free domain
  • Free SSD storage allowing your site to run much faster when compared to traditional storage space. 


  • No window servers. Does not support Windows-specific hosting needs.
  • Uptime slightly slower when compared to SiteGround.

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  • Excellent choice for WordPress users. Among the top three WordPress recommended platforms.
  • 24/7 customer support, thereby ensuring smooth site operations.
  • 99.98% uptime allowing your site to be visible to potential audiences most of the time.
  • Upfront pricing. You will not face any nasty surprises or hidden fees at checkout.
  • Free daily auto backups to improve site security.


  • Although cheaper in cheaper, it offers little monetary value when compared to InMotion.

Overall, InMotion is found to be a better hosting platform than SiteGround, although pretty close. Both offer top-quality support, assistance, fast uptime, and free backups. However, SiteGround enjoys a higher uptime guarantee. But InMotion has managed to overtake it by offering unlimited disk space. 

Inmotion vs. Siteground – Ease of use, Performance, and Features offered

Before finalizing a hosting provider, you need to be aware of what they have on offer. If they provide terrible uptime, then a free domain will not be of much use. You may hurry up to register to avail yourself of unlimited disk space to find out that its interface is clumsy and confusing. InMotion is a fabulous choice for those seeking a powerful host for their site. 

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Inmotion vs. Siteground – Key feature comparison

  • Control Panel: Both providers use cPanel.
  • Free Domain: InMotion offers a free domain with its 12-month plan. SiteGround does not offer anything for free.
  • Unmetered transfer: Both offer this feature. 
  • Free backups: Both offer this particular feature.
  • Uptime: Inmotion claims to offer 99.97%, while SiteGround boasts 99.98%.
  • Disk Space: InMotion offers unlimited space, while SiteGround provides just 30GB of space. 

Although smaller when compared to hosting giants such as HostGator and Bluehost, both are independent, well-established, reliable hosting providers. They do provide top-quality service and value customer experience. The free domain offered by InMotion is what attracts many first-timers towards it, thus making it an attractive deal. However, it is meant for those who opt for 1 year and 2-year plans and restricted to new customers only. The dedicated hosting plan does not come with this free domain option.

SiteGround has managed to improve its cPanel by including several new features. This helps enhance its functionality as well as integrating within the user area, thus making it user-friendly. On the other hand, InMotion considers themselves to be cPanel experts. Their interface uses cPanel and offers free backups, unmetered transfers, thus making it easy to use and reliable. They have personalized it to improve ease of use and overall performance. They have included it for free in all their hosting packages. 

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Hence, the host to select among the two is based entirely on your preference. But SiteGround is found to have the edge over its competitor as it is more focused on enhancing user experience. Both are also easily navigable. Again, when server reliability is concerned, both manage to occupy the top slot. However, SiteGround is quite impressive with its 99.9% track record. 

Another aspect to consider apart from the free domain is the disk space offered. It is the amount of data that can be accommodated on the availed web server. 

SiteGround offers 10 GB disk space to users on its basic price tier, ‘Startup plan.’ GrowBig’, its middle plan, has increased disk space by about 20 GB. ‘GoGeek’ plan in the top tier offers 30 GB disk space. If unsure about the space volume required for your site, you can consult with SiteGround professionals.

They can help you to understand what type of plan will suit your website. If you do not bother much about disk space, then InMotion can be a wonderful choice as it offers unlimited disk space. With all their plans, they offer free SSD (Solid State Drive) storage.

It is more reliable and speedier when compared to traditional hard drives. It allows your site to operate smoothly and ensures a faster loading time. All paid cloud and shared packages offered by SiteGround come with SSD storage. But it is offered for free by InMotion. 

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is important to encrypt information entered by visitors to your website. It allows Google and visitors to understand that your site can be trusted and is secure. Both offer this feature for free. 

Inmotion vs. Siteground – When features are concerned, which one is better? SiteGround is found to be favorable with regards to its SSD storage and uptime guarantee. But by offering unlimited disk space, a free domain, etc. InMotion seems to have earned the top spot. It ranks 5 stars for providing top-quality features. 

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Inmotion vs. Siteground – Customer Support

Being a technical aspect, it is quite natural to require expert assistance to solve issues, now and then. It is indeed a blessing to get excellent support even though you might not require it always. Both the providers take great pride in their customer support and ensure no effort is left untouched in this regard. 

  • Live Chat: Both offer this feature to their users. 
  • Knowledge Center: This feature is offered by both InMotion and SiteGround. 
  • Phone service: Offered by both platforms. 
  • 24/7 Live Chat: Well-trained professionals can be found at the end of the chat platform to provide real-time support to their users. Both the host providers offer this option. 
  • Skype: InMotion offers this vital feature but not SiteGround. 
  • Tickets: Both offer this essential feature. 
  • 24/7 Phone: They both are accessible over the phone round the clock. 

InMotion does boast of having an easy-to-use, clear, extensive support center. You can come across FAQs, tutorials, and guides for better guidance. For instance, you can find the website and email tutorials, product guides, community support, and educational channels.

They also have come up with a YouTube channel having ‘how to’ explanatory videos. You also have the facility to Skype, call or live chat with InMotion’s qualified support staff. The specialists providing customer service are offered a minimum of 160 hours of training to handle all queries effectively. 

Similar support features are offered by SiteGround combined with a like-minded approach towards providing top-quality customer care. It boasts of having easy access, a simple and clean knowledge base, enabling you to get answers to your queries.

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There is also provided a search bar to search answers for your queries. Every section preset offers valuable articles to solve your issues. You also have the option to discuss with a real person without having to wait for hours. Reply time can be noticed on the support page for every support channel. Ten minutes response time is only provided with 24/7 ticket support.

Their contact center is overstaffed to ensure not a single user is kept waiting at any point in time. But you can avail instant reply through their round-the-clock phone and live chat support. Go through their webinars and tutorials to derive more vital information. Their Setup Wizard can help guide you to make the most of the hosting world. Check out their blog posts for the latest industry updates and related news.

If you compare Inmotion vs. Siteground with support and assistance, both provide lots of channels to access when stuck. They both offer in-house experts and can be accessed 24/7 without any hassle. Moreover, when quality support level is concerned, both are found to be equal. 

Inmotion vs. Siteground – WordPress Integration

It could be that you are planning to use WP to develop your website or perhaps, have already created one. WordPress currently powers the web by about 30%. Hence, it is worth considering. But to optimize your WP site efficiency and uptime, you should select a compatible hosting provider.

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Otherwise, the results will be like investing in a toolbox in which the screwdrivers present will not fit perfectly. Therefore, the hosting provider to select should offer the desired support and features allowing your site to grow. 

It will be wise to find out the top-recommended hosting platforms by WordPress. SiteGround enjoys third ranking with WordPress and is considered among the “brightest & best hosting platform in the domain.” This provider offers a variety of valuable WordPress features.

It includes 24/7 expert support, auto-updates, one-click installation besides free site transfer. Thus, you can manage your website easily. It is quite serious about maintaining security, safeguarding your WP sites from external hackers. SiteGround offers three usual price tiers. 

InMotion offers WP hosting packages. It includes optional auto WP updates and hacks protection. You can avail the pre-install option to create a new WP site and get it ready to use quickly. It offers its registered users six price packages for WP hosting. 

When comparing Inmotion vs. Siteground regarding WP integration, the latter seems to have an extra edge. Although InMotion offers excellent WP support, SiteGround manages to occupy the top slot and is strongly recommended by WordPress. 

Inmotion vs. Siteground – Value for Money & Pricing

It will be wise to check the different plans and their price structure to compare properly and make the right choice. New users are generally offered discount prices on their initial plans, which later renews at regular rates. Although both are not the market’s cheapest available option, they do offer value worth the investment.

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When the value for money is concerned, InMotion is found to be a better choice. This is more because they provide a whole lot of free features. This is because of SiteGround’s high renewal rates. In the long term, InMotion proves to be quite affordable, especially for the shared hosting plans. 

Add-ons at checkout offered by most hosting providers tend to increase the total cost. However, InMotion and SiteGround are upfront with regards to their pricing feature. 

InMotion provides lots of add-ons during checkout. However, they are unselected automatically. Hence, they are included in your total unless you require them. 

The shared hosting package is the basic plan offered by SiteGround. You are provided with three price options: Startup plan for $6.99, GrowBig plan for $$9.99, and GoGeek plan for $14.99, all being monthly. A Startup plan is offered for the average-sized blog, business, or personal website with necessary features. 

Such plans are quite the same when WP hosting is concerned. It is easily scalable through different tiers when needed. 

Shared Business hosting is the basic plan offered by InMotion. It also offers three price plans, namely, Launch for $6.39, Pro at $14.71, and Power at $8.49, all monthly. 

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You can gain more discounts from the sales offered by both the hosts throughout the year. However, sales prices apply just for the first term. At renewal time, you are to pay in full. 

InMotion is found to be affordable when compared to SiteGround in renewal and long-term costs. 

SiteGround offers a Reseller plan at $14.99 and renewals at $39.99 along with unmetered traffic and 40 GB webspace. R-1000S basic Reseller plan of InMotion is offered at $15.39. 

In the pricing and value for investment category, InMotion is ahead with its affordably priced and scalable hosting plans. 


Although both are good, InMotion enjoys more favor, delivering stronger, all-around service.

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