How To Start A Sports Blog And Make Money

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[00:00:00] Hello. And welcome back to the channel today. I’m going to show you step-by-step how to start a sports blog. So be sure to like subscribe and ring the bell so that you’re notified when I upload a brand new video. All right. So let’s take a look at exactly what we’re going to cover today. First, we’re going to talk about what is a sports blog at a high level.

We’re going to talk about the steps required to getting started, which means pick it up. And then niche down niching down is going to be very important. And I’m going to show you why. And then we’re going to talk about picking a platform and getting a domain name and how you can do all of that. You can actually get a domain name for free.

I’ll tell you what a domain name is. And just a moment, you can get that for free. If you click the first link in the description, after that, we are going to install WordPress, which is the. Content management software, which I’ll tell you in just a moment, what that means and why that’s important for you.

We’re going to install a WordPress theme, and then you need to make these changes. So make sure that you watch and make the necessary changes, or else you’re going to run into some problems when creating content and finding success. And then we’re going to talk about some ways that you can make money.

Then why do you need to share on social [00:01:00] media early on? And then you’re going to want to write, write, write, write, write, of course, and then make sure that you click the links in the description to get started. So let’s go ahead and talk about what is a sports blog. Now, obviously, a sports blog is simple.

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A blog where you cover sports topics could be any topic. It could be a variety of topics, but what you will want to do, which is going to be critical to your success early on, is you’re going to want to make sure that you pick a sport and then niche down. The reason why I say niche down is because if you create content on, let’s say, basketball, we’re going to type in basketball here, and you’re going to see it’s pretty competitive.

I have to spell basketball correctly, of course, but when you type in basketball, You can see you’re going to have to compete with Wikipedia. You’re gonna have to complete compete with ESPN, the Olympics, So it is going to be very difficult for you to find success if you create content about basketball.

And so, when you’re starting your blog, you need to think about it in vertical. So the first vertical or the overall [00:02:00] niche will be sports, and then you have to think, okay, the sub-niche is probably the different types of sports. So, for example, Basketball’s a sub-niche, but then you had to think about the sub-niches within basketball, and you can do NBA, college basketball, and high school sports.

If that’s what you’re interested in, or you could even do like training and tutorials. And then, even within that, you have different niches that you want to get into. And I’m just going to show you exactly. A little bit about why it’s important to niche down: so I’m going to log into. It’s a paid tool.

You don’t need to use it. I like to use it to show you how easy or difficult something is. So I’m going to go over to keywords, and I’m just going to type in basketball. We saw that it was pretty competitive. So many people create content about basketball, many major players, but if I type in the basket, Hit enter.

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You’re going to see it comes back as super hard. And basically, this is a sliding scale from zero to 100 about how difficult a keyword would be to rank. And [00:03:00], so that’s going to be pretty challenging for a brand new blog. So what you will want to do is you might want to talk about, let’s say, let’s say basketball skills.

So if we type in basketball skills, that is, you can see that it is a 10, it’s going to be much easier to rank for basketball skills. And so what it’s crucial that you niched out. And one thing you can do, if we go back here twice, we can use basketball, which we search just moments ago as our top-level, which can actually help us niche down.

So I’m just going to click back one more time here. And then what I’m going to do is I’m gonna click on matching. And these are going to give us a bunch of topics within the basketball niche. We could create an entire. Website about the three, four defense, if we wanted to or, box and one or something like that swaying or whatever it might be.

But as you can see, these are all different opportunities. And I recommend that you spend some time niching down and figure out what you want to talk about now, ultimately, [00:04:00] depending on how large you plan on making your blog, you could niche up and start competing for some of these more competitive keywords.

For example, if we look at. NCAA basketball. That’s really difficult to rank for, but Michigan basketball, a part of NCAA basketball, isn’t as difficult. And you could potentially create content that way. So first things first, you want to make sure that you niche down, you find your niche. Now, if we go back to our guide, we can see we pick a sport.

We niche down. The next step is to click the first link in the description: a domain name and web hosting. Now you will need a domain name and web hosting to start a blog. Web hosting is basically where you’re going to store your files. Or your web pages so that people can access your website from all over the world.

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If you click the first link in the description, you can actually set up your domain name and web hosting. Excuse me. The web hosting is 3 95 per month. A domain name is free for the first year, and it’s a straightforward process. You go [00:05:00] through, sign up, and then they’re going to have you install WordPress now, WordPress.

And I’m just going to take you over here too. The back office of my blog. This is what WordPress looks like. WordPress is going to allow you to create blog posts faster. It’s search engine optimized so that you don’t have to do any of those extra things that other people will tell you that you need to do to focus on writing what you will do when you sign up for the white posting providers.

Is there going to have you do what’s called a one-click install? That’s going to have you press a little w you’re going to press it. It’s going to walk you through the steps of installing WordPress. WordPress itself is 100% free, but I recommend that you ultimately upgrade to something called a premium theme.

So what we’re going to do here is if we take a look at my website here, why posting rewind docs? This is a theme. This is the way the website looks and feels. You can change this and customize it to wherever you want it to look. But ultimately, what I recommend that you do is get it installed.

[00:06:00] And you’re going to have a back-office like this now that you have WordPress installed. So the first thing that I recommend is that you go over to a website like a theme, forest, and find a premium theme. So we’re going to go to theme four. We’re going to go to, and ThemeForest has a ton of premium themes that you can install and download on top of your WordPress website to make it look slightly different.

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For example, let’s type in basketball because there might be a basketball theme that we could download install. Okay. So there isn’t a basketball. There we go. So we type in basketball and. They have different themes that are geared towards basketball. We could even do a sports theme, but you don’t have to download these.

You could also use a free site, like generate press. They have a free WordPress theme, but whatever it is, you buy it. For example, you’ll buy it. You’ll download it to your computer as a zip drive. And the next step, we’ll go back over to my website here. You will go to a parent. [00:07:00] You’re going to go to themes, and you are going to click on, add new.

When you click on add new, it will take you to this new page where you’re going to click on the upload theme. When you upload a theme, you will find the theme that you just downloaded from theme poorest or generate press, and then you will act. When you activate it, it’s going to change the way your website looks and feels.

And you’re going to have probably a few different options over here, but we’re not going to worry about that right now. What we want to do is we want to get up and running as quickly as possible. So once we have our theme installed, we need to make a few changes to our WordPress website to make sure that we have everything covered.

So what you want to do is go to settings. And you want to make sure that your site title is related to whatever it is, whatever your website’s about. For example, if you are doing sporting news, you want to change this to sporting and add your tagline. The number one place to find all sporting news or all basketball news.

If we scroll down here, you want to make sure that you [00:08:00] change your time zone to whatever time zone you are local, and then click save underwriting. We don’t have to make any changes. So we’re going to scroll down under reading. Reading. This is very important, and this is what I was alluding to earlier.

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Made sure that the search engine visibility is left. Unchecked. Do not check this. If you check this, your website will be hidden from Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and you won’t get any visitors or traffic, and you will have a tough time making money. So make sure you leave everything as is.

Click on permalinks. And then the other very important thing to do need to do is permalinks. Permalinks are set to plane. You want to make sure you change it to the post name. The reason being is when you create your blog posts, it’s going to show up at the end of your domain name. So, my domain name is web hosting. The post name will be web hosting, forward slash basketball skills for beginners. You want to dumb like them because it’s search [00:09:00] engine optimized. Very important. Would you mind changing it to post name, scroll down, and click save? The next step is to create a post. Now what you want to do when you’re blogging,g and you want to get, start with blogging.

You want to make sure that you’re doing posts. Don’t do page. No posts. When you go to posts, click on, add new, and make sure that you are using the keywords you found in your title. Remember, we found some keywords over here. We coulda,y, like Purdue basketball if we wanted to. That would be our title for our post name.

So we could do Purdue basketball, everything you need to know, for example. And then you’re simply just going to write out whatever content is related to your post. So again, we would do like Purdue. So we do Ohio state basketball and because school is starting soon. Will you do Ohio State basketball? Everything you need to know.

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Okay. And when people search Ohio state basketball, This could [00:10:00] potentially show up in the search engine,s and people are going to be enticed to click on it because you are providing them everything they need to know for 2021, we’ll say, and then you’re simply going to write whatever content you find is relevant and then click publish.

Now we’ve talked about how to create a blog. We’ve talked about WordPress themes. Let’s talk about some ways to meā€”there are many ways to make money with your website. You can have an ad. You can work with something like Google AdSense. And when you work with Google ads, since they will actually automatically place ads in your blog posts.

So if I go over to Google AdSense, you can go through the process and sign up for Google AdSense, and they will automatically put it. Put ads on your account. Now, once your site grows large enough, you can actually move off of Google AdSense, but this is a good place to start. If you want to start making some money to use ad sense, you can also use something called affiliate marketing.

Now affiliate marketing is simply recommending or selling other people’s products and services. Now you have to think. [00:11:00] With your sports niche, you want to try and make sure that you find relevant things to whatever niche you are in. For example, we create content about the NCAA or Purdue basketball,l or Ohio state.

We want to go out and find programs that are relevant to that niche. So maybe there is an Ohio state affiliate program. Put in jerseys and t-shirts, and apparel and potentially make money. That way, what we can do is we’ll grab our affiliate links from, let’s say, share a sale, we’ll put it right in our content.

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People will click on those links and buy the product, and we get paid a commission. You can also sell digital and physical products. Maybe you have a guide or a checklist to show people relevant. Basketballs. The best tips and tricks for eighth-graders, you have a book that you’ve just created for your niche.

You can sell those right in your blog as well. So there are many ways to make money right within your blog or website. If I go back over here to our steps, we have talked about the sports blog. We [00:12:00] picked the sport. We’ve niched down. We’ve talked about picking a platform we’ve installed WordPress.

We’ve installed our WordPress theme. We’ve made the necessary changes. Now you want to start writing, which we covered. First, you want to make sure that you create a blog post and add a blog page. After that, we talked about how to make money. Now it’s going to be important in the beginning that you share on social media. You can share your blog and within Facebook groups with permission.

On Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, really anywhere that you can get traffic because it’s going to take a while before Google and Bing and Yahoo discover your content. And then, the final step is to make sure that you are writing a lot in the very beginning. You’re going to be writing probably 30, 40, 50 blogs.

And you’re not going to see any results. So you must keep writing through those downtimes because eventually,y you’ll get picked up as long as you do keyword research properly. And then, make sure you click on the links in the description so that you can get started. That first link will help you get started installing WordPress and getting your domain name and web hosting, [00:13:00], which you absolutely need.

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Suppose you are just getting started with your blog. If this video helped you out, be sure to like subscribe and ring the bell so that you’re notified when I upload a brand new video. Thanks for watching. And we’ll see you then.

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