How To Start A Beauty Blog And Make Money

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[00:00:00] Hello. And welcome back to channel two. I’m going to show you step by step how to start a beauty blog. So be sure to like subscribe and ring the bell, and this video or any other video on the shelf helps you out. So basically, what we’re going to do today is I’m going to give you an example of what a beauty blog is.

[00:00:14] I will show you how to pick a niche because beauty isn’t really a niche. It’s just an idea or a topic. And then why you should niche down in the beginning. First, I’m going to help you pick a platform and a domain name. We’re going to talk about that in just a moment. Next, we are going to go through the process of installing WordPress.

[00:00:29] We’re going to talk a little bit about what WordPress is. First, we’re going to install a WordPress theme. Then we’re going to make sure that we make these significant changes. If you don’t make these changes on your account, you can run into trouble with getting traffic and potentially making money. After that, we’re going to talk about writing and how to start right.

[00:00:46] And the best way to write so that you can actually make some money. And then, we’re going to talk about different ways to make money with your website or with your blog and why you should share it on social media. And then also make sure that you continue to write and how much you should write before you start thinking about other avenues.

[00:01:02] And then again, make sure you click that first link in the description. To get started. So let’s go ahead and get right into it. What is a beauty blog? Let’s look at an example here. A beauty blog essentially talks about different beauty topics. Now, when we say beauty blog, it’s a very high-level, top-level thing, and you need to know that you need to niche down absolutely.

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[00:01:25] For example, think about all of the different avenues when you say. It could be makeup, skin, hair, nails, all sorts of stuff. So when you’re first getting started, and you have a teeny tiny blog, like you will, with zero blog posts, you need to find an avenue in niche down. So, for example, pick something that you’re interested in, maybe makeup or skin or hair, and to better illustrate this point, I’m going to log into a keyword research tool that helps me find different keywords.

[00:01:51] If I just type in beauty. You’re going to see it’s insanely competitive on a scale of zero to 100. 100 is very hard or impossible to rank for as a new blog or website. So if we just type in beauty, it’s 93, but if we type in makeup, you’re going to see it’s still going to be competitive, but not as bad as 93.

[00:02:11] So we type in. And it’s only a 65. So what you’d want to do is simply find a niche or a subtopic within the beauty and start creating that content. If we look at the matching terms, you’re going to see that there are some opportunities and avenues to make money potentially, but as you can see here, that’s why it’s so important to niche down.

[00:02:33] And I have that as a separate thing here, pick a niche and then niche down, and what you should probably even do too, is niche down even further. And to niche down even further, we can talk about different types of makeup brushes. So you can see there’s lots of opportunities, GAF makeup if you want it. I think to create content, Cardi B, no makeup.

[00:02:52] If you want it to, you could create an entire blog about Cardi B or some of the other popular celebrities out there and how they do their makeup. That’s going to be very good to start making some money. But as you can see here, make sure that you niche down, and we look at these matching terms.

[00:03:07] You’re going to see people are asking simple questions about Cardi B and her makeup and all of that stuff. So what I recommended in the very beginning niche down. Create verticals or create content in each of these subtopics, and you’ll grow much faster. I can tell you from experience that is the best way to go.

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[00:03:25] After we niched down, we need to pick a platform and a domain name. Let’s quickly talk about it. A platform and a domain name is a platform, or web hosting is simply where you’re going to put your internet files. So what you’re going to do is you are going to rent hard drive space from a web hosting company.

[00:03:45] That company is going to be blue coast. The first link in the description will take you to Bluehost. So when you sign up for the first link in the description, you’ll actually get a free domain name. Now the domain name is this. Those people will refer to you as you are referred to your website as so if you look here, this is the domain name, IPS Y

[00:04:04] That’s the domain name. You’re going to get one for free when you click the first link in the description. So if we go back here, over here, you’re going to click the link in the description. Get the domain name. And actually, I’m going to walk you through the process right now of setting up your website with blue hopes.

[00:04:20] When you click that link, you’ll be taken to this website, where you’ll go ahead and click get started. What I recommend is to click the first one on the far left, the basic plan. If you’re just getting started with a website, as you can see, there are several options, but click that click select, and then move on here.

[00:04:34] You’re going to create a domain name. If you have one in mind, you’re going to type it in here. Like you see that I do. What I recommend is to try and find a domain name. It’s going to be related to your niche. Now, what I do is type in a domain name that I know is already taken. When it’s taken, you’re going to get this error.

[00:04:49] What you can then do is go back and try different domains. Now make sure again, you want to pick one that’s related to your name. Click next. And then you’re going to see a green box that says that it’s approved. The next step is simply to go through and enter your contact information. Make sure that you, when you scroll down here and make sure that you leave all of the settings on but again, entering your contact information, the settings right here, where it says domain privacy, leave all of this check.

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[00:05:14] If you don’t leave a check, you’re going to get people reaching out to you. Spamming you, emailing you, trying to get you to sign up for. Web hosting. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to go ahead and sign up and then jump back to you once I sign on and move to the next step. All right. So I’ve signed up, and I’m going to go ahead and set up my website.

[00:05:31] Initially, just create a simple username and password. Make sure it meets the requirements. And then move on, make sure that you write it down to write it down in a safe spot so that you have it. And you remember it because it can be a pain to go ahead and get everything back. You will have to enter in some vital information, but just make sure that you write it down.

[00:05:50] It’s straightforward and effortless. Now, one thing that I do want to note is that this part is not sped up. This is actually real-time. And you can see that you’ll go from absolutely nothing to a complete website in less than probably 10 minutes. And once you click submit, you’re going to move on to the next step, where you get to log in. So here is where you’re actually going to start creating your WordPress website.

[00:06:11] Now, the great thing is Bluehost really does everything for you. And it’s straightforward. So again, I’m not speeding us up at all, and I want you to see what it really takes to create a web. So Bluehost is going to do a little bit of work in the background for you. And we’re just going actually to click on skip this step.

[00:06:28] This first one I clicked on. I started a blog, but just click, skip because we know what we’re doing for the next step. And I’m actually going to tell you what to do so that we can get up and running. So click get started right here on the left-hand side. And then move on, click, skip here and click skip. And then just pick the first one in the far left, make sure that you’re picking a free theme because they’ll charge you.

[00:06:52] They have both free and premium themes, which we’ll talk about in just a moment. So right now, it’s actually creating your WordPress website in just a few moments. You’re going to click on log in to WordPress on the right-hand side there. You’ll see it in just a second. And then we can actually start looking at some basic configurations.

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[00:07:07] All right. So we click log. And now we actually have a WordPress website. What may need to happen is you may need to click refresh a few times to get it to work. But now we have our website. As you can see, what I’m going to do is I’m actually going to log in and delete a few plugins because right now, it has coming soon.

[00:07:26] And so if someone tried to get to your website at this moment, it’s going to say coming soon to them, even though we can see it, this is what your WordPress website looks like, but for everyone else outside of your network, it’s going to say coming soon. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to go down to plugins eventually, and we’re going to delete some of the plugins that we don’t need.

[00:07:44] Now, I talk a little bit about plugins later on, but plugins add additional features and functionality. We are going to deactivate the blue host as well. Other plugins that are already activated, and then we can go through and make the necessary changes, which I’ll cover in just a moment. So we’re going to deactivate them and then delete them.

[00:08:02] Now, you want to make sure that you only have the plugins that you’re using on your website. The more plugins you have, the slower your website will respond and function, and you’re going to lose out on ranking. So make sure you have a lean setup, very few plugins, and then move on. As you can see right now, I simply believe some stuff you don’t need.

[00:08:22] If you want to, you could keep them, but obviously, you don’t need this other stuff if you’re just getting started. What’s more important is the themes that we’re going to talk about in just a moment, as well as getting writing. So I’m just going to go ahead and delete those deactivate them. And then we’re actually going to start moving on to settings, which you see right here.

[00:08:39] Now that we have our web hosting set up with a free domain name. Now we need to go in and make a few changes, and we need to talk about our WordPress theme right now; as you saw, we have a default theme. So wI recommends that you go and spend some money and spend a few dollars to get a premium WordPress theme.

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[00:08:55] Now, the importance of a WordPress theme is it’s actually going to change the way your website looks and feels. For example, if we go back to our website, This is a WordPress theme. You can, there are tons of themes out there, and you can actually change how your website looks and feels. You can use a website like a theme forest.

[00:09:11] If we go here, it’s, and you can find different WordPress themes that are actually going to be more aligned with your niche, and you’re aesthetic. For example, if we just type in beauty, You’re going to see. There are tons of beauty-based WordPress themes. I recommend that you buy one of these, and the process is straightforward.

[00:09:31] You’re going to find one that you like simply. You’re going to add it to your cart. You’re going to buy it. You’re going to download a zip drive to your computer. When you download that zip drive to your computer, you are going to open that zip tribe. And then within that zip drive is going to be a sip second.

[00:09:46] Folder. And you’re going to simply drag and drop that folder over to your WordPress website. So let me show you what that looks like. We’re going to go back over to my WordPress website. Your website probably looks something like this. You’re going to go down to appearance. You’re going to click on themes.

[00:10:02] When you click on themes, you’re going to click on, add new. When you click on add new, you’re going to click on upload theme, and then this is where you’re going to drag and drop. You can click this button here and upload your new theme. Click activate. And you’re going to have that brand new theme that you just purchased over here.

[00:10:17] So now that you have the theme installed, you need to make another change. This is very important to find success. You’re going to come down to settings. You’re going to click on general, and when you click on general, we’re going to change the site title. So we’re going to change it to something like the number one makeup site in the world or your favorite

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[00:10:35] And then under the tagline. The only place to learn the latest makeup tips and tricks. And then you’re going to come down here, change the time zone to whatever your time zone is. And then click save all the way down here at the bottom. After that, we’re going to click on writing. Writing will be fine, but we will click on reading, and we need to make a significant change under reading.

[00:10:57] We’re going to click on your latest posts. Make sure. Highlighted or the radio button is active, and then also make sure down here is unchecked where it’s a search engine visibility. You want to make sure that search engines can pick up your website. If they can’t, you’re going to run into a world of problems.

[00:11:13] If Google can’t pick you up automatically. People aren’t going to be able to visit your site. You’re not going to make any money, and you’re going to be frustrated. So make sure you leave this unchecked click save. The final thing we want to do is go down to permalinks. Now, when it comes to permalinks right now, yours is set to plane.

[00:11:28] You want to change this to the post name? The reason. Is people are going to be searching for different topics. For example, people are going to be searching Cardi B. No make-up. And when we create content, our title is going to be Cardi B, no makeup. And we want that to show up in our posts’ names as well. So if we look over here and click on it, let’s see if we can find a blog post.

[00:11:49] We’re just going to click back. Okay. If we look at this, their blog post is called how to apply makeup. Now, when you search, if I type in how to apply makeup when you search how to apply me, Their post comes up at the top, simply because it is search engine optimized. So if we go back over here, you are going to do the same thing.

[00:12:10] And to do that, you need to make sure that the post’s name is set for your permalink city settings. And then click on save. Once you do that, you will start writing blog posts, and to write blog posts, make sure it’s a post and not a page. And to do that, you’re simply going to click on edit. And you are going to title your title based on the keywords that you find.

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[00:12:32] For example, ours is going to be Cardi B, no makeup. I’m going to copy this like that. And I’m going to paste it right into our new blog post. So make sure that these are capitalized. Cardi B, I think the B is capitalized, no makeup. And we go from there. So a couple of questions that always pop up when it comes to right.

[00:12:51] First, people want to know how to get started. And the way I like to do it is I like to use a little 10-minute brainstorming session where I do who, what, when, where, why, how, and basically what I do with that as all write-down and I’ll just write down on a piece of paper on a Google doc who, what.

[00:13:08] When, where, why, and how, and I will ask questions based on the keyword. So who is Cardi B? What are people asking about? Or what does this mean? Cardi B has no makeup. When did this start? Where can I find more information? Things like that because it’s going to help you write your blog posts much faster.

[00:13:29] Just take about 10 minutes and answer these questions as much as possible. You can then use the. Questions that you found or the who, what, when, where, why, how to process you can use those as headings to your blog. Now you want to make sure that you have a lot of H twos and some irregular texts so that you can get discovered in a variety of ways.

[00:13:48] For example, If we go back over to our example here and the, even though it’s how to apply makeup, it’s potential. Potentially, this website could also rank for, start with moisturizer or apply primer. These are each two, and these are regular paragraph texts. You want to make sure that you have a combination of both.

[00:14:08] So if we go back over. You can see, you’re simply going to write blog posts, and then you’re going to click publish. And then, once you click publish, your website will be live. Your webpage will be live. And then now, let’s go back over here. We have started writing the next step. If we jump back over, here is how to make money.

[00:14:26] Now, there are several ways that you can actually make money with your website. If we go back to our page here, some websites will actually have ads placed right on their website, making money. That way, they make money when people click on the ads or when people actually watch them for a long enough time.

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[00:14:40] And you can actually start with Google sense, so if we go to Google ads, AdSense. You can start here. This is an ad company that Google runs. Now, when you start with Google ads, since you will make very little money, I recommend that if you’re looking for ways to make money, you can place these on automatically, but you’re going to get paid pennies on the dollar.

[00:15:01] Eventually, once your blog starts to get a little bit of traffic, 1000 visitors, 5,000 visitors, 10,000 visitors, you can actually apply to different ad networks as media does. You can apply to Zohak. You can apply to AdThrive there’s a lot of them out there, but you need to have a certain amount of traffic before you can even apply.

[00:15:20] Don’t worry. There are other ways that you can make money with your blog. You can also become an affiliate for other products now. So, it simply means that you’re recommending or selling other people’s products and services. For example, if we go here, we type in beauty. Affiliate programs hit enter.

[00:15:38] You’re going to see that this website has put together a collection of over 90 for the programs that you could apply for. You apply for these. They approve of you. You can put links to different products right on your website. People click on these links, buy the product, and you make money. You can also sell physical products digital products.

[00:15:55] You can sell tutorials, you can sell all sorts of stuff, make sure that whatever you’re selling or promoting is congruent or in line with your content. For example, if I were running this website, I would sell obviously stuff regarding makeup. I wouldn’t sell basket weaving because these people aren’t interested in basket weaving.

[00:16:13] They’re interested in makeup. So if we go back over here just to clean this up, you want to make sure you are sharing your content on social. Now the reason being is it takes Google and Bing, and Yahoo. So do a little bit of time to pick up your website and start ranking it in different rankings to help boost it, to help speed that up.

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[00:16:30] You want to try and get this out to people, either on different subreddits, Facebook groups, you can even start your own Facebook group and post your links there to get it out to people that might be interested in your niche. Also, know that your friends and family probably won’t be too interested in your blog, but that’s okay.

[00:16:47] Just continue to post it on social media. You will eventually start building an audience and getting traffic. Next, I think you should just write as much as possible. In my opinion, you should write at least 50 blog posts before you decide one way or another on the success or failure of your website.

[00:17:04] And you should either write every day or write every other day for your blog. The final step again is to click the first link in the description to go ahead and get started with your word press website today. Also, be sure to like subscribe, ring the bell, this video, or any other video on the channel helps you out.

[00:17:21] Thanks for watching. And we’ll see you.

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