How to Make Reference information for a Website?

An index card concerning a source, such as a newspaper article, book, or website, is known as reference information. Reference cards can be formatted in a variety of reference styles, including MLA and APA.  The reference cards are similar to the index cards, consisting of all the essential information regarding all the sources. The short information present on the reference for a website would definitely offer great insight into the contents of the website articles. 

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Why Would You Need a Source Card?

You might be wondering why you would require a source card at all. The reference card enables you to assess information present on the websites. Following are some of the top reasons for which you need a citation card:

The Research Work

The research work is the scientific investigation made into the citation card. Writing a citation card allows you to capture the part you want for your research work. Research is a creative and systematic activity undertaken to enhance the reservoir of knowledge.

The literature review is the main step towards undertaking comprehensive research. This method includes gathering, organizing, and analyzing data to understand an issue or a topic better. A research project could be a continuation of previous work on the topic. In this way, you should cite the work and readily give the sources for the work conducted. 

Therefore, researchers require the reference now and then for all the important work they need to cite in their research work. 

  • Identification of the Source: If you are a keen learner, writer, or researcher, reference sources become a difficult task. You may remember the contents, but it may be hard for you to remember the source. So, make sure to build a reference for whatever you learn from the websites. It becomes more convenient to cite the work later on. 
  • Making the Source Card Again: You may need to create the reference to cite the work later on. 
  • Preparation of the Reference List: You may also need the reference to prepare the reference list for various research works. 

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These are some of the top reasons for which you may need a reference. It enables you to retrieve the greater information conveniently now and then. 

Creation of the Sources Cards for a Website

The website is a new addition to the literature. How difficult may it be to create a citation for something new phenomenon like a website? Though many people may be aware of writing a citation, it should still be difficult for you to create a source for beginners. The creation of the reference is also not a commonly taught subject. In this write-up, we will involve the discussion regarding the creation of the reference for a website. 

Section Title, Source Number, and 1 Fact or Piece of Information from your source should all be included on your notecards. There is just one fact per card. This should be the same as the number on the source card. Thus, you can write the reference for the website on paper. 

Guideline on Making a Reference for the Website

The citation for the website contains much information regarding the website, such as web page, article, author’s name, and data of the page or the article. Author, title, online link, publisher, copyright date, and other details regarding the source of information are included.

The citation may also contain useful information regarding the web page. The MLA format also contains other useful information such as first name, author last name, name of the website, year and the month of the published year, and year and the month of the time accessed on the internet. Is this too confusing to understand? Yes, it is quite confusing to make a citation for beginners. 

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The General Guideline on Creation of a Citation card 

Beginners need a convenient guide for making a citation card for a website. Following, we have produced a comprehensive guideline regarding the reference information of a site:

  1. The Upper Corner Side: You should make sure to write the card number on the upper corner right. The upper corner right is usually circled.
  2. Circling the Page Number: Every note card may have a different card number in the upper right corner. This number will also be put into the circles. 
  3. One Sub Topic: The note would be regarding only one sub-topic, a direct quote or an idea. So, write the sub-topic on the notecard of the reference information. 
  4. Try not to copy the idea. It means that you should not put the words directly on the reference. You should rather use the bullet points or paraphrase the bullets. Never copy the exact words.
  5. The Quotation Marks. The quotation marks are a necessity for marking the direct quotes. These are the marks that define the beginning and end of a sentence. It lets you know who, where and when you had placed the quotation marks. 
  6. The Page Number: Also, you should write the page number of the notecard below the page. It is an important step. It gives information regarding the organization of the pages. 
  7. Writing on the One Side of the Citation card: You should only write the information on a single side of the card. It allows you to write a great outline. 
  8. Writing the Summaries: We recommend you take the textual notes of the articles. Instead of writing huge test descriptions, you should limit yourself to the descriptions of the charts or summaries. You may also come up with illustrations or maps of interest. Thus, you can always revisit them and find them more useful as you learn more and more. 
  9. Writing The Citation cards: You have the liberty to write as many references as you may require. You can prepare to have 01 or 100+ source cards for usage later on. You should prepare the citation cards on the given topic depending on the utility of the cards. If the citation cards are more important for you, you can write 100+ sources. There is indeed no rule that limits the number of citation cards. 
  10. Copyrighted Materials. Always keep in mind that the references must not infringe upon the copyrighted materials. Use your knowledge, and always be fair while quoting the materials. 

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Guideline on Creation of the Source for the Sites

There are different types of online sources, which may include sites, videos, books, TV shows, people, and many others. The site is one of the platforms, which are difficult to cite. Not many people are aware of how to cite the site. 

CRL Research Guide

This is an example of a reference that can be created for the website. You can confirm the contents of the reference by matching its content with the general ideas given above. In the following section, we are going to define the online magazine article contents furthermore:

a. The Source Number: You should always mention the source number on the left side of the page. This is how you will know where what and how to be cited. 

b. The Author Name: At the top of the reference information, you need to write the article’s author. Every website article has an author whose name is visible at the beginning or end of the article. So, mention the authors at the beginning or end of the article. 

c. The Title of the Article: Next most important citation is the Title of the Article. Write the title of the article below the author’s name. It is always preferable to underline the title article. 

d. Name of the Magazine: Next, you should put up the magazine name below the article title. It would remind you where you had read the title. The magazine name is important information as you can retrieve the article once more from the archives of the magazine.

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e.   Date of the Magazine: You must also include the data of the magazine beside the name of the magazine. It gives you appropriate information into the details of the website magazine. 

f. Name of the Website: Now, it is high time to mention the website’s name. It would allow you to access the article appropriately when you need to look at it once more. 

g. Write the “Online”: Below the website name, we suggest you write the “online.” This is the word that would tell you about an online website. 

h. The URL Address: You should also write the website’s URL address below the “online” word. This is the right way to have all the information regarding the website link. 

This is the last line on the reference that fully offers great insights into the details of the website. i. The Source Location: Now, it is the right time to write about the location of the source. It would help if you wrote the name of the source location. 

This is how; you can prepare a citation card for the website. It must contain all of these elements that prepare the most comprehensive citation card for you. 

Preparing the Citation card for the Online Journal Encyclopedia

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There are different encyclopedia platforms available online. These are the main platform that assists in publishing the encyclopedia quarterly online. The articles of the encyclopedia are peer-reviewed open access publications. The online journal encyclopedia records qualifying articles whose contents should be reliable and realistic and consist of the proven information. The Encyclopedia platform is linked to the Encyclopedia journal.

So, how would you create a citation card for the online encyclopedia? It becomes easier to prepare the reference when you have solid information regarding the topic. Following, we have provided the information regarding the preparation of the online encyclopedia online journal reference:

a. Name of the Editor or the Author: First of all, you should include the author or editor’s name. There must be the author’s name in the encyclopedia article. 

Now, it is the right time to mention the article title. B. The Article Title. Try to include the entire article title on the website. 

c. The Name of the Encyclopedia. Instead of mentioning the website name, you should mention the online encyclopedia title. 

d. Date Accessed. Now, you should include the accessed date on the reference. It helps you create an informational citation card for the online encyclopedia or the journal. 

We recommend you use the ML format for writing the citation card for the Encyclopedia. E. The MLA Format. In MLA format, write the citation as follows: Last name, first name of the author “Title of the article.” Title of the database or journal. The month and year in which the work was published.

E. The APA Format: Write the following citation in APA format for an online journal: Last name, first name of the author (Published on The article’s title. Journal title, volume number, and page range http://full article URL was used to get this information. When citing an online encyclopedia, use the following format: Article Name (n.d., On the internet, in the name of Encyclopedia. http://full article URL was used to get this information.

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These are how you can make a citation card for a website. It depends on you whether you prepare the citation card for the website or the online journal encyclopedia. The layout would be the same. However, you will need to modify the information depending on the platform. 

You can also create citation cards in your mobile phone’s notes, paper notes, or Windows sticky notes. Just save them wherever it is ideal for you. It would assist you in creating the most useful and informational references that can be used later on. 

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