How to Make A Video Website Like YouTube?

There are many lessons that we should learn from the pandemic situation. One of the most fearful lessons is this: Why should you make a movie web of your own? There are many reasons for which you should own your web. Following are some of the top reasons why you should make a website like YouTube:

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  • YouTube creators have experienced a 50% cut in their earnings.
  • Instagram creators are also losing $3,100 each month.

What did they do to experience such a huge loss? They did not own a website. The people, who had their website, did not experience any deductions in their earnings. Rather, they earned a stable income every month during the lockdown period – when they needed the extra funds the most. Thus, in likely one of the most unpredictable periods of our lives, they were able to earn a stable, recurrent monthly income.

So, if you’re a creative looking to save your brand and engage with an expanding online audience, you’ll want to understand how to make a movie website. On the other hand, if you are an enthusiast of filmography or creating good content, try making your own website. It will give you a proper platform to engage with the right audience. You will be able to create the most amazing online web. 

What Is Needed to Create a Website Like YouTube?

This is one of the most popular video-sharing services available today. However, before you create a website like YouTube, it is important to understand the essential elements. Following, we have produced the main characteristics of YouTube that we should produce in a movie web like YouTube. Here you go:

Has a Playback System: This is an amazing platform that has a Playback system. It offers playback without using any external feature online. 

The Uploading of the Movies: Any registered person on YouTube has the authority to upload the movie online. They can use the platform and upload the movie, whose limit may be up to 1200 hours. Movie container types accepted by youtube include AVI, MP4, MPEG-PS, QuickTime File Format, FLV, WebM, and 3GP. In addition, the ability to upload 3D and 360-degree videos are available to users.

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Quality of the YouTube Videos: Different types of videos are available on YouTube. YouTube videos are accessible in a variety of quality levels, from basic to high. The user gets many options of quality. So, users can alter the quality depending on their liking. The movie quality is measured in pixels, with values ranging from 144 to 1080.

Accessibility of the Content: You need to ensure the content on the website can be shared on other sites. With the HTML that each movie comes with, this useful feature allows YouTube movies to be embedded in other websites.

Localization Feature: The clips are uploaded online according to the local country’s policy. Each country has a unique and different local movie streaming policy. So, This makes it easy to upload content for the local people. Thus, no illegality can ever occur on this platform. 

Live Streaming: This is the unique feature that enables the users to add videos while streaming live on a location. This is how; people can capture the most important moments of their life and share them with their fans, friends, and family online. 

These are some of the top features that you should develop on a website like This. The other main features include:

  • Having everyone post videos to the site is a good idea.
  • contain buttons for like and disliking
  • Participants can sign up.
  • Users can create a channel.

YouTube streams the videos that play flawlessly. Besides the quality of the movies, we need to work on getting these features on the movie website also. 

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Guideline on How To Make a Movie Web Like YouTube

Following are going to explain the steps that you should need to undertake for creating a useful movie web like This:

Picking the Blogging Platform for the Video Web

One of the most difficult questions to answer is: which platform should you pick for the movie web? We strongly advise you to work with a company that specializes in producing movie webs. Though typical web builders are fantastic, they will not assist you in creating the platform you require.

There are large numbers of content management software online available. The CMS helps you in developing a useful web. Among all the CMS available, we offer you to pick the WordPress.Com. WordPress.Com is one of the most popular content management software (CMS) available online. You might be thinking, why should you go with WordPress.Com? There are multiple reasons why you should consider the WP online. Following are some of the main benefits why you should pick the WordPress platform:

  1. Make a website for your movie.
  2. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of making your website more search engine friendly.
  3. You can easily upload and organize your videos.
  4. Use the apps on TV and mobile devices to distribute your content.
  5. You can monetize your material in any way you like.
  6. Accept payments from all across the world.
  7. Live streaming clips can be streamed on any device.
  8. Keep an eye on subscription growth and churn.
  9. Take control of your audience.

Who would not choose WordPress when they avail of so many benefits? So, WordPress is the best choice to make for the creation of a movie website. 

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Get Web Hosting and Domain Name

Once you have decided upon joining the WP, getting the web hosting and the domain name is time. Your web needs a location on the internet that saves your files. So, get the web hosting package from WordPress that also offers a free domain name. The domain name of the web has to be unique, creative as well as meaningful. The domain name should represent your business idea, business ethics, and the main business concept. 

Installation of the WP Theme

Multiple WP themes turn your website into a YouTube-Like online site. Themes act as the paint and the decorative pieces of your website. So, it would help if you took your time before you finalize a theme. The theme is the soul of the website that gives it a feel and a vibe. If you choose the wrong theme that does not go well with your site idea, you will lose many customers. So, it is better to choose a site theme wisely. 

We’ll have a look at a hand-picked collection of the greatest responsive WordPress Video themes from the best theme developers, such as the YouTube website. These WordPress movies blogging themes are well-designed and intended for usage on any general movie website, such as YouTube. Here you go:

VIVO – A Great WP Theme for the movies Website

Vivo is one of Templatic developer club’s greatest and most powerful responsive WordPress Video themes. This theme will provide all of the essential features and settings to create a professional video website, including front-end movies submission, showing similar films on individual movie pages, and manually showing the number of views. In addition, it indeed creates the catalogs of the video, just like YouTube.

It also offers many other useful features that would win the hearts of the customers. 

VideoCloud Pro – The Most Excellent Site Theme for the WordPress

 moviesCloud PRO is a responsive WordPress movies theme similar to other such websites. For video blogging websites, you can make a simple and well-optimized responsive website. The video theme also features the WooCommerce plugin, which allows you to promote and sell movies-related products online. Thus, it enables you to create a useful site that would help you make a great amount of money. 

When you create an excellent site, it garners audience as well as views. Therefore, you successfully create the second income source that returns highly on the investment. 

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VideosPlus – An Elite Theme Available on the YouTube

Theme Junkie developer club’s VideosPlus is a useful and powerful responsive WordPress movie sharing theme. This theme will assist you in developing an online video-sharing website similar to YouTube. It includes a featured content slider, several content layouts, and a theme panel with numerous customization options. The video plus a simple and SEO-friendly movie theme for websites that create and advertise movie content. The VideosPlus is indeed one of the most excellent elite themes available. 

VideoBox – The Most Beautiful and Useful Video Creation Website Online

Like YouTube, VideosBox is a highly configurable WordPress movies theme. You can use WordPress to create a beautiful responsive video website. The theme can successfully embed movies from sites like other movie websites online. MoviesBox is a multi-header theme that lets you change fonts, menus, widgets, backgrounds, logos, and more. It is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin, allowing you to create your shop and sell products effortlessly.

You can test the demo of the theme and decide for yourself. Once you take the demo, you would certainly fall in love with its layout and customization options. It lets you personalize the site and mark it as your own. 

Beautiful Fast Movies Theme for the WordPress Site – The Excellent Platform for the Creation of the Site

Fast movies is a responsive WordPress video theme that is similar to the website. This theme is well-designed and has all of the necessary elements for creating online video blogging blogs using services such as YouTube and Vimeo. 

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If you choose the Fast Video Theme for the WP site, you will get a chance to use large customization options. Few Fast Video themes customization options include sticky header navigation, recent posts with thumbnail, Google fonts, internationalization, auto video thumbnails, limitless theme color choices, and W3C validation. 

Many other WP site themes would help you increase the functionality and installation of the extra features. 

Installation of Plugins

Now, it is time to beautify the video website with plugins. Following are some of the best online plugins you should consider for your WP video website:

  • The WP plugins for the live streaming
  • The plugin for the playback system
  • Plugin for the localization of the web
  • Accessible community plugin for video web

All of these plugins are available on the WP. So, find the one that you like the most and install it. It would help you in developing a functional video web like YouTube. 

Upload the Content

Now, you have developed a fully functional web that needs useful content. The content in your catalog should be highlighted on your homepage. Your catalog, after all, is your offering; it’s what your customers will sign up for. Displaying your content in this manner can improve the user experience and add context to your web. By uploading content in an organized manner, you will be able to create useful content on the web. 

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Test and Launch

This is the final step in the creation of a site. So, start testing every webpage of the site and report the results. If any modifications are required, do the needful until you are satisfied. Lastly, launch the website and start making easy money online. 


Now it is possible to create your YouTube-style web online. The most important thing is to follow all of the steps carefully. If you happen to miss any of the steps, there are chances that you will miss out on other elements. So, make sure to go through the guideline carefully and make a video website like YouTube. 

Once you have launched the web, make sure to keep filling the site with useful content and keep it regularly updated. 

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