How to Make a Church Website Free?

The church is a building wherein the Christians worship. Another proper word for the Congregation is the congregation. It is a religious organization or congregation, which meets in a specific area. This group of people is known as a congregation (or local church).

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All of the churches are legal structures with constitutions and by-laws. They also have offices that serve the clergy or lay leaders, and, in countries where it is permitted, they frequently seek non-profit corporate status.

So, we may conclude that a specific denomination of Christians worships in the Church, which tends to belong to the same region, country, city, and nation. The Christians belong to one congregation or the church. So, the congregation has to exist where the Christians may reside. But why does a physical Congregation requires a platform? 

Why Should You Make a Congregation Website?

One may question a legitimate question; why should you build a church platform? A church platform can be an effective tool. It has the potential to help you connect with your community and reach out to individuals in your neighborhood in ways you never thought possible. It has the potential to bring in new customers week after week. There are also many other reasons why you should build a church online web. Following are some of the top reasons:

  1. Necessary for Participation: Over 60% of congregation goers feel a congregation’s online web is vital in supporting their participation at the congregation, according to research conducted at
  2. Spreading Awareness Regarding the Program: A website serves as a central hub for sharing current event calendars, service programs, and bulletins.
  3. Giving Invitation to the Outsiders: A website can help visitors learn more about your congregation and ministry.
  4. Promoting a Local Church through SEO-Optimization: Location-based SEO makes it simple to promote a website.
  5. Digital Contributions and Donations: A website can provide a safe and secure method of accepting digital donations and contributions.
  6. Showcasing the Enthusiasm and Inspiration of the Management: An online web is one of the best elements that showcase the keen involvement of the management in offering services to the people at large. 
  7. A Cost-Effective Platform: A church is a great cost-effective platform that offers great insights into the cost-effective plans for the prospective members. 
  8. The Spiritual Content Hub: Links to social media outlets and blog posts, podcasts, recordings —spiritual content that people are already looking for—are all available online.

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These are some of the top reasons that determine that a church should have an online platform. A church online platform enables people to remain connected and engaged with people around them. 

Guideline on How to Make a Church Online platform Free

Start with step #1 if you haven’t developed a site yet and want to start from the beginning. If you already have a website, skip the first two steps and jump to Step #3 to begin reading. Let’s get this party started.

1. Choosing a Website Platform for the Church Online platform

First of all, you should choose an online platform that allows you to establish an online platform online. Web design used to be a little more technical, requiring individual HTML pages to be constructed and designed. Various available systems make online platform creation easier and allow you to create very professional-looking websites for a minimal cost. WordPress.Com is one of the most efficient solutions that enable you to establish a fantastic, cost-effective, and reliable website online. 

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If you end up choosing WordPress as your blogging platform, it would be the best decision to make. Following are some of the top reasons why you should go with the WordPress.Com:

  • Unrestricted personalization
  • For day-to-day use and maintenance, there is a short learning curve.
  • With millions of developers, it is the most popular website platform.

Today, anyone, regardless of their technical skills, coding knowledge, or web design competence, may create a website for free. This might be a difficult and intimidating undertaking for newcomers, but it is doable if you have the proper ideas and the correct tools to help you get the most out of the web design process. 

WordPress is the only web hosting platform that offers cost-effective and efficient free solutions online. It helps you in creating the most wonderful free online platform online with its free themes. The free online platform also has many customization settings. So, you do not lose anything while choosing a free online platform. Therefore, we recommend you go with the Free Church online platform. 

2. Selection of the Domain Name

Once you have created the most amazing free site platform on WordPress, you should develop a unique, creative, and reliable domain name. The domain name is critical to getting it correctly because many of your congregants or potential congregants will directly type it into the URL bar. When choosing a domain name, keep in mind that shorter is always preferable, but you also want it to be easier to remember.

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There are multiple ways in which you can select the domain name of your site. For instance, you can come up with your denomination’s pure and sacred words and choose them to represent your church. The locality and the city name can also make the best combination for combining the best church name. 

Make sure to choose only a simple domain name that does not confuse the readers. Otherwise, readers will go weary of what you might contemplate as the most creative and unique domain name. 

3. Preparing and Setting Up the Hosting for the Site

Now, it is time to set up the hosting of the site. If you’ve opted to utilize WordPress (and your developer isn’t taking care of it), you’ll need to buy a hosting package before you can get started. You’ll need to purchase a hosting package before you can get started if you’ve decided to use WordPress. However, WordPress does not offer only premium package only. WordPress has most of the free web hosting package also. 

This web hosting platform is similar to Tumblr or Blogger in that it allows you to create subdomain sites. As opposed to the free subdomain sites, a true WordPress site is installed on a hosted server. You have hundreds of options when it comes to the hosting platform. Our top recommendation for church sites is GoDaddy WordPress Hosting.

We have selected GoDaddy for your site because of the following reasons:

  • Only a little more than the cheapest hosting alternatives
  • Customer service is significantly better than that of inexpensive hosting.
  • For the money, dedicated WordPress servers are high-speed.

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These are some of the top reasons that make GoDaddy one of the best web hosting platforms. The site does not generate any income online. So, GoDaddy is the perfect free WordPress web hosting platform. 

4. Building other Features of the Site

Next, you must build other church site features that bring convenience to other people’s lives. Following are some of the important top features:

  • Homepage
  • Welcome/introduction page for new visitors
  • Service times and future activities are listed on a calendar page.
  • The “Meet the Team” page
  • About Us/Mission/Vision Page
  • Contact Information

Some of these tabs might be available on the site. You need to install others to create the most functional site online. The main layout of every church site is made up of these six pages. Depending on your needs, you may also include a specialized map page, a blog page, a podcast page, a ministry page, or any number of other pages. 

Before you start adding these sections one by one, we recommend you check what is required in a website. First and foremost, make sure you know exactly what you want from a website. Will events, sermons, podcasting, or photo galleries be required? What many pages will it require, and what will those pages be like? It is easier to build the different sections in a free WordPress.Com site. However, the website does not have to be divided into multiple sections. A few sections would be sufficient for engaging the right audience. 

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To insert these sections into the website, you do not have to use professional help. Just add the plugins or more widgets to the web. This is how you will add these sections on the site conveniently. 

5. Adding the Plugins into the Church Site

After you’ve laid down the foundation of your site, you may add some useful plugins to improve the user experience for your visitors. A plugin is a third-party Programme that may be integrated into your platform’s basic functionality. It allows you to add advanced features to your site without employing a developer to build them from the ground up.

The major advantage of WordPress over other sites is the large inventory of plugins. Other web hosting platforms lack easily accessible third-party plugins, but WordPress has approximately 50,000 plugins – some maybe even more. 

Following are some of the best plugins that you can add to the web:

  • Yeast SEO
  • Church Calendar
  • Prayer Engine
  • Series Engine
  • Google Analytics
  • Bunbury PowerPress

These are some of the most amazing plugins that offer great functionality to your web. Once you add them, you will then witness the great efficiency of the web. 

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6. Integration of the Church Free Web with the Social Media Profiles

The church management team does not have great time available. You can integrate them with social media profiles so that the important news circulates the town. Thus, you will also not have to make any efforts. 

It’s critical to incorporate your social media channels into your web so that visitors can locate and engage with you on the web of their choice. This is usually accomplished through your web’s footer, allowing users to access your social profiles from any page of your site.

If you are using WordPress.Com, there is a standardized method of integrating the church website with other social media profiles. Follow it, and integrate it with social media profiles. 

7. Optimization of the Congregation Free Website

While the development of the congregation free website, you can optimize the free website. One of the easiest ways to optimize the content is to SEO keywords during the web development process. Positioning your site for search engine traffic is the first step in attracting new visitors. We want people in your community to be able to locate your church website simply when searching for a church on Google. 

Following are some of the best congregation free website optimization techniques:

  • Identify the appropriate keywords
  • On-page SEO should be improved.
  • Create a Google My Business listing for your company.
  • Create citations

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8. Launching the Website

Now, it is the right time to launch the online web. The WordPress theme is responsive, which means that it can be accessed on a mobile phone. So, launch the online web without any second thoughts. You will reach a large number of audiences already. 

After you have launched the online web, you should keep marketing the online platform. The marketing spreads the information about the congregation, and more people receive the peace from you. Facebook Ads provide an unrivaled level of geographic targeting, making them ideal for congregations. You can target Facebook members within a certain distance of your congregation. So, launch the website and keep updating people about the timings and other stuff in general. 


These services cover a wide range of web design requirements and enable you to start a good-quality project on your own. There’s no need to hire web developers or deal with web design studios. Instead, you’ll be able to save a lot of money while still getting a top-notch solution. The WordPress solutions will undoubtedly exceed your expectations. 

The Church Website enables you to share the books, journals, encyclopedias, and other reading stuff online. Thus, you succeed in educating a good audience about the important religious matters. So, create a fantastic website and make instant money online.

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