How to Build a Bakery Website?

Are you trying to establish an online bakery business? This is the best decision as the bakery items are always in high demand. You do not have to purchase a physical shop or hire employees to manage a confectionery or bakery shop.

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Rather, you can sell online, reach a wider audience, increase sales and generate a great amount of revenue online. There is always a great time to start a new business. The improvement in technology and increased awareness had made a lot of things easier for people.

So, you can build a bakery site online for introducing your special bakery items and run a shop online. There are many successful examples of online sites. 

Now the main question arises: how to build a bakery site? This is an important question to ask. There are indeed a few steps to follow before you start operating an online business. 

The Preliminary Steps of Setting Up a Bakery Website

Before you intend to build a platform, we recommend you perform lots of other tasks. For instance, you can book the physical location for the storage and cooking of items. If you have a spare space in your home, try to establish a physical bakery location in your home. However, make sure that it is separate from the home kitchen. Thus, try to calculate all the costs before building a bakery website online. 

It’s time to start building your internet presence when you’ve completed all of your planning. The first step is to build a website, which can be done using a web application or a custom domain. 

Building a Bakery Ecommerce platform Online

Do you want to see the top site designs? Do you want a bakery website template, for example? Maybe you already have a design in mind and are simply seeking a bakery website designer. You’ve arrived at the right location. In this write-up, we will teach you to build a fully functional and highly reliable eCommerce platform.

To build a bakery website, you need to define many things before you start building a site. First, there has to be a conceptual framework that will give insights to web developers. Thus, the web developers will be aware of your conditions and requirements. 

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Keeping these factors regarding bakery online shop in mind, there is a brief 06-step guideline. It helps in choosing the appropriate bakery site template. The right website conceptual framework helps in building an amazing design and functionality that meets your requirements.

Your business requires lots of factors that need to be present on the website. So, prepare a list of requirements before you enter into building the best site online. 

1. Sharing Your Requirements, Budget, and the Assets

There are multiple templates of the bakery websites available. With a little editing, business owners can run them as their websites. However, the functional website will add greatly to your reputation. Therefore, a site, which works smoothly without any hiccups, should be developed.

To develop such a site, you would need different amounts of data such as requirements, existing site assets, and the budget. 

The Website Budget

Price has a lot of importance, but it’s also crucial to pay for what is important, not just what’s valuable. Consider your company’s physical location. What do you spend your money on, and where do you save money? These are the top factors to consider while deciding on the eCommerce platform budget. 

Needs of the Business

This is another important factor to consider as the eCommerce platform should fulfill the needs of the business to a greater extent. The functionality of the website decides the main theme of the eCommerce platform. Would the e-commerce platform be a “brochure website” or an “interactive eCommerce platform”?

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The easy-to-use and easy maintenance of the eCommerce platform are also other factors to consider. So, communicate your needs to the people for building a highly functional eCommerce platform online. 

There cannot always be proper answers for the needs of the businesses. However, it would help if you prepared a conceptual framework for choosing the best eCommerce platform for your business. 

Existing Assets for the Website

Does your business have any existing assets for the eCommerce platform? It means that you can provide the web developers with the content about your company. The Company profile equips them with the essential information regarding the eCommerce platform.

Another important factor to consider is the photography and digitalized logo. The theme, fonts, tone of the content, and colors are also great items to consider for creating an eCommerce platform. 

3. Using Simple and Uncomplicated Jargon on the E-commerce platform

This is another important factor to consider while ordering an eCommerce platform. If you use complicated jargon for preparing the eCommerce platform content, it will only upset and confuse the customers. So, try to come up with the simplest and uncomplicated words.

4. Understanding Different Important Topics Regarding Website Built

First of all, you should consider the domain name. We recommend you not to make it any confusing for the customers. It would be best if you tried to make it a unique address. The domain name should provide lots of assistance to the people regarding the business idea.

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Ecommerce platform hosting is a service in which a hosting website offers a space for saving your files. So, they store all the files on your eCommerce platform. Another important thing to consider is the eCommerce platform software. It contains 100%s files that can be saved on the software.

Ecommerce platform templates and website plugins are also important topics to understand. Plug-ins, extensions, and apps are little bits of software that work with your site’s software to enhance its functionality.

5. Choosing the Host Website and Setting Up the Ecommerce platform

Another important factor to consider is the selection of a host eCommerce platform. We would choose WordPress. WordPress is the most fantastic site to choose for building a fully functional and highly reliable website. There are numerous fantastic e-commerce platform systems available.

The 5 different elements you need for a modern eCommerce platform can be combined, mixed, and matched in an unlimited number of ways.

WordPress.Com is the Best Host Website to Choose.

But this guide would be useless if it didn’t assist you in finding a template and creating a functional website. We had already narrowed down our choice to WordPress.Com. 

The fact that WordPress is so “extensible” is maybe its greatest advantage. WordPress includes a plethora of free and paid plugins. Even tiny bakeries can now have quite extensive features on their websites, thanks to these. In addition, many foods and hospitality software suppliers create plugins and appropriate scripts that can be easily integrated into a website.

Types of the WordPress Websites

This platform has two types of websites, which include WordPress and Self-Host WordPress.Com. This is an open-source and free website. People can download it, install it or use it anywhere. When you self-host WordPress, you have entire control over your site. It means that you are going to be liable for your commissions and omissions.

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So, you tend to assume entire responsibility for your actions. It’s like having your own home. You are free to do whatever you want in your building – make your own rules and regulations. You, on the other hand, are the one who has to call the plumber in case anything does not work finely. 

So, choose a type of website. If you want to build a professional bakery webpage, you should go with the Self-Host WordPress.Com. The professionals can make you an excellent self-host webpage. It would help you in bringing out the best in the people. 

However, using a good business hosting firm to install WordPress makes all the difference. A professional hosting firm can provide support, security, and services. Therefore, you need to keep your self-hosted WordPress running smoothly.

Selecting the Pre-Made Bakery Template on the WordPress.Com

There are many pre-made bakery templates available on WordPress.Com. These pre-made templates help you in getting ahead with your plan quickly. However, there are a few rules that you should keep in mind while selecting the best pre-made bakery templates. Following are some of those rules and regulations:

a. Avoid considering Mock-Up Photography: Ignore the mock-up logo designs and photographs. Due to the mock-up photography, a template will often only look one way. So, you can put your photographs to avoid giving a single perspective on the site. 

b. Choose Wisely: When you choose a template for the bakery, it is synonymous with choosing a kitchen or a location for your bakery store. It would be best if you only chose the premade templates that interest you greatly. Try to choose only those templates that impact you. 

c. Focus and Only Focus: Try to give all your attention to the layout. Check all the features, pros, and cons of the premade template. When you check them, they give you a fair idea regarding their usage. So, test it well before finalizing it. 

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Keeping these factors in mind, you can choose a premade template that suits your requirements to a greater extent. 

Selecting the Best Premade Templates for Bakery on the Self-Host WordPress.Com

  1. My list of WordPress Theme Frameworks: This is a foundational template for creating beautiful websites with fantastic pictures and colors. It enhances the overall beauty of your store and enhances its classiness to a greater extent.
  2. MOJO Themes: Another large marketplace for premium themes and templates is MOJO Themes. If you’re interested in this premade template, try to purchase, download, and install the software.
  3. ThemeForest: ThemeForest is a large marketplace wherein you can purchase premium themes and designs. By choosing the perfect template, you will purchase, download, and install the software.
  4. The TemplateMonster: This is another large marketplace for premium themes and templates.  The TemplateMonster is quite affordable, highly reliable as well as equipped with lots of amazing features. It is readily available on the WordPress.Com webpage. So, download, and install the software if you like its features. 
  5. Repository WordPress.Com: The official marketplace for WordPress themes and templates is the Repository. All of the templates are available for download and installation straight into your WordPress website.

Setting Up the Functionality of the Bakery Webpage

Once you have chosen the site’s template, it is high time to set up the bakery functionality online. WordPress is ready to use right out of the box site. Though it requires minimal configuration, you still need to customize the settings to make the webpage functional.

If you have a self-hosted WordPress site, I recommend downloading the JetPack plugin for security and backups. Besides performing subtle functions, it also offers other fun things like sharing contact forms and buttons.

If you want your consumers to place orders online, there are other eCommerce options like WooCommerce that work well for bakeries. These functionality settings increase the efficiency and productivity levels of the webpage. 

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If you want to use the specialized settings for your site, you should consider using the excellent baker functionality sources. The Repository.Org WordPress and ThemeForest are prime examples of such websites. 

Once you are done with setting up the functionality of the website, modify the necessary actions. Then, you can launch the webpage once the clients have approved it. 


The development of a bakery webpage should be simple if you use WordPress and a suitable template. The BoldGrid tool from InMotion adds drag-and-drop capabilities to WordPress, and the Customizer tool from enables quick click-and-edit customization. Keep editing and maintaining the eCommerce platform to keep up with the time. 

Always take yourself through your budget and needs. We recommend you always remain consistent with your budget and requirements. This is how you will be able to run a successful business online. The bakery e-commerce platforms become a hit in no time and return the business owners on their eCommerce platform to a greater extent. 

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