How Much Does It Cost To Make A Website Like Airbnb?

Airbnb is a site that connects people who wish to rent out their houses with people who are looking for lodging in the same area. This site allows the local people to earn by renting out their one room or a building apartment. The Company covers around 100,000 cities in over 220 nations around the world.

The company’s name is derived from the phrase “air mattress B&B.” Then, slowly, it became Airbnb. Now, the company’s name refers to the giant business that offers people accommodations in different parts of the world with guaranteed services. 

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On the global level, the Airbnb accommodation e-commerce platform had become the most successful website. Many more companies are willing to establish an accommodation e-commerce platform like Airbnb for generating greater revenue. The accommodation e-commerce platform benefits the local people to a greater extent. So, there are higher chances that it becomes successful. 

For many enthusiastic travelers, the main question regarding where to stay in a foreign city is definite: Airbnb. Since the launch of the website in 2011, the Company had gained a greater reputation in the market as it has enabled people to save money on foreign trips by booking a house instead of five-star or three-star hotels. By signing up for a room or a building, you will enjoy what locals do. The Company has also inspired others to try their luck in the same field. 

How to Make A Website Like Airbnb?

This platform has grown highly successful on the internet. People with entrepreneurial tendencies are now attempting to start their own holiday rental business utilizing clone scripts. It is not a convenient task to build an accommodation e-commerce platform similar to that of Airbnb.

It requires a basic understanding of the model to create websites matching the inspired accommodation e-commerce platform features. Before diving into establishing a website similar to Airbnb, let us understand the model of the accommodation e-commerce platform. The model of the accommodation e-commerce platform is given below hereunder:

Model of the Airbnb Website

This platform is a virtual platform that links borders with hosts who have available rental space. It serves as a rapid connection between tourists in need of a good, inexpensive place to stay and property owners looking to make some quick cash from their well-kept properties. 

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Main Features of the Airbnb Accommodation e-commerce platform To Be Used in the Similar (Other) Website

Following are the main features of this platform that describe the model of this site business in great depth:

  1. Owners who want to rent out their houses or spaces for a short length of time, such as days or weeks, can use this site to do so.
  2. Like a real-time hotel reservation system, they may add their property details, establish rentals, set check-in and check-out times, and so on.
  3. After reviewing the traveler’s social profiles, hosts or property owners can accept or reject their bookings.

The best thing about this platform is that it is user-friendly as well as affordable. It only takes a few thousand dollars to build websites. That’s correct. Allow me to break you how much it will cost to build a website in specific words. The

Average Price of the Airbnb

First of all, why should you develop a webpage from scratch? The average price to build a platform similar to Airbnb ranges between $800 and $1000. This is quite an expensive webpage model that requires a larger investment. But why should you invest when you can purchase readymade, affordable platforms? The readymade solutions are a type of solution in which the templates are available. 

There are readymade solutions available online that allow you to create a functional and reliable web page. The model of the website also matches the high standards of the rental. It helps you in introducing your services to the customers to a greater extent.

If you would like to offer services to a global audience, you can introduce your business to the market on a global scale also. WordPress is one of such open-source platforms that can help you in reaching a wider audience. Moreover, the platform is ideal for creating an online website. 

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How Much Does IT Cost To Make A Webpage on WordPress?

WordPress is a free, open-source WordPress software that allows the business to create free and premium e-commerce platforms., sometimes known as self-hosted WordPress, is a fantastic online platform. Users can install it on their webserver to create a unique platform.

The development of the e-commerce platform from scratch costs a lot of money online. is a for-profit as well as subscription-based business based on the software. Business owners can create premium-quality web pages similar to the model of Airbnb in less time and less money. 

Following are the top 09 templates of WordPress that will help you in carving out the perfect Airbnb:

Listing Pro

The Listing Pro theme for WordPress allows you to create an extensive directory webpage. It has a stylish, sleek, classic, and modern look. The webpage offers several useful features that will provide visitors with a highly positive user experience. You might use it to create an Airbnb-style to offer rental properties and other items. This theme offers all the features that are available on the accommodation-letting website. 

You receive 6 months of free technical assistance when you pay $69 for it. If you want more help, you may pay an extra $21 to have your support extended for up to a year.

Listable WordPress Theme Like Airbnb – Most Affordable Option Available

Listable is a modern and professional listing directory WordPress theme that allows you to develop, administer, and monetize a worldwide or local directory site. It can be used to create any form of directory or a shopping accommodation e-commerce platform.

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However, it is highly ideal for creating a site similar to the inventory-styled professional webpage. This theme is the best for listing holiday rentals, apartment rentals, homestays, hotel beds, and other short-term accommodations. The theme is created for 

The regular offer of the e-commerce platform is available for $85 only. Users can extend the offer for 12 months for $27.38. This makes it one of the best site builders available in the market.

Qibla – Best Quality Site for User-Friendly 

Qibla is a smart directory WordPress theme. This WordPress Theme is highly ideal for establishing a marketplace or directory e-commerce platform. The features and the layout plan are similar to the booking website model to a greater extent. The site also dons a clean and professional appearance.

The site also has a lot of useful features. The Qibla has a unique feature: the outstanding native mobile version thanks to the Qibla2mobile plugin. The price of the Qibla is around $49. You only need to pay $49 to purchase a site similar to Airbnb. Is that not the most affordable option?

This is indeed the most functional and highly reliable platform that you can choose for running your eCommerce site. 

Diamond Theme – Best WordPress Theme Matching the Airbnb Site Model

Diamond is a multi-purpose WordPress directory theme that works well with any form of the directory site. The premium theme features a clean and professional look that is suitable for a wide range of directories. It comes with WooCommerce integration, a Directory module, and a slew of additional features. The WordPress theme has 07 pages, 03-page layouts, custom shortcuts along with HTML5 code. 

The price of the Diamond Theme is around $27. The added features may cost you a bit more. All in all, you will buy a fully functional and responsive platform for $100. This is indeed the best option if you are starting to offer products or services in a given field. 

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Other Factors Influencing the Price of the Creation of Website like Airbnb

Once you have chosen the theme to work with, it is high time to customize it. You can customize the e-commerce platform using many plugins. These advanced plugins will increase your online site’s functionality, efficiency, and productivity to a greater extent.

Customizations of the themes are necessary to turn the e-commerce platform to have features similar to Airbnb. Following are some of the top plugins that would help you in creating an online site like Airbnb:

Plugins for the Social Logins – Costing a Considerable Amount of Money

It is a difficult task to log in to another online site through the registration process. The registration process discourages the users from going any further. If you allow them to log in through their social media profiles, it becomes easier for them to check into your website.

The social plugin is a typical social login extension whose cost is around $100. This is an easily integrated online site in Drupal, Magento, and many other eCommerce platform-based websites. 

Integration of the PayPal login

PayPal is the widely used online payment transaction method. The online payment integration is the only plugin behind the brilliant success. The majority of people will drop their orders if you do not offer PayPal online payment methods. This is the widely used and most famous payment gateway.

So, you should purchase the PayPal integration. The cost of the Integration of Paypal is around $199. By investing the $199, you will attract many customers and increase the reach to a greater extent/ 

Bringing Competitiveness to Your Website

Customizations are necessary as the online site cannot have any similarity to the competitor’s website. The personalized theme, plugins, and other features give a competitive advantage. The outlook of your online site should not match any other online platform. So, we recommend you set the outlook apart by customizing your website. The effort put into the customization will attract a large audience. 

Providing Support to Your Website

When the months go by, your online site will require support. These are the supports that upgrade the website and increase the website’s efficiency to a greater extent. You would need a great upgrade for increasing the functionality. The cost of support ranges between $500 and $600. So, it depends on you to maintain the website by upgrading from time to time. 

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The Cost to Build the Website Similar to the Airbnb

That is it, my friends! The cost to build a website similar to Airbnb cost around $1200 if you choose WordPress.Com. WordPress gives a host platform and a readymade script for the generation of the website similar to Airbnb. The cherry on the cake is that you can build the website within weeks. The integrations of plugins may also take a few days or hours. So, it is quite easier to build a website with the help of Airbnb. 


Nowadays, Airbnb defines itself as a peer-to-peer online marketplace. In reality, this is an accommodation online site whose popularity has reached the sky. The major feature of the online site is similar to that of the booking website. You can also create a booking web by using a WordPress theme and plugins. These tools would help you in introducing the best-quality websites to the customers at large. 

The original price of the accommodation-letting site is quite expensive – around $10000. The WordPress alternative themes are a good option considering the amazing features and affordability. The sleek, stylish, as well as classic designs of the WordPress site attract a large audience. You should also choose one of these or others’ site themes for creating a site similar to Airbnb.  

Once you have decided upon a single theme of WordPress, the plugins are the next mission. You would need professional help to create a high-quality website online. The average price of building a website similar to Airbnb costs only $1200 on WordPress instead of $10,000 to $15,000. So, save the money, invest in other important areas and increase the revenue of your websites to a greater extent. 

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