How Much Does It Cost to Build a Website like Fiverr?

There is good news for you; it is easier to build a website like Fiverr. There are so many useful tools available, which will assist in developing a highly reliable, functional, and useful website like Fiverr. The technology had advanced so much that you can now build a website like Freelancing website from scratch for under $500.

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The new platform is not going to be developed or similar to the mediocre Freelancing website clone. The tool does not bring any bugs inside the code. When you build a website similar to Fiverr, it will not be just a clone. Rather, it will turn out to be the biggest competitor like Fiverr.

Also, as a business owner, you do not have to require coding skills. There are top-quality readymade scripts and premade templates available. Just make sure to use the smart themes for creating a website like Fiverr. 

Following we have prepared a full guideline regarding how to build Freelancing website:

Steps for Creating a Platform like Fiverr

Fiverr is an online e-commerce marketplace platform that offers top-quality freelancer services to people. It helps in hiring employees for the businesses who provide excellent work while sitting at home. There are multiple types of projects that are delivered on the site. For instance, you can find employees for graphic designing, content writing, digital marketing, and others.

One of the best parts about Fiverr is that it has total transparency. The site also gives a good view of the profiles of freelancers, which helps them in reviewing the contents of their profiles. One of the easiest ways to hire employees is to offer $5 per task. $5 is an attractive amount of money. 

Main Features of the Fiverr

There are many features of the Freelancing website that give it superiority over others. Fiverr permits people to search the services through one click only. The gig is the official name of the services offered on Fiverr. 

Following are the main features of the Fiverr:

The Registration Process

It has a free registration process that enables the user to authenticate their unique identity. Only registered users can either sell or buy the services.

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Searching Suitable Service on the Fiverr

Fiverr is a unique platform that has high-quality search engine filters. With the help of these filters, you will be able to find the most suitable services online. There is also a huge Freelancing website catalog in which you can search the amazing services online. 

Placement of the Order

Publishers can manage to request the amazing Gigs online that enables you to retrieve more information online. The description of services assists you in finding the gigs online. The platform has a method in which you can place an order online. 

Requests of Buyers

This is also present on the platform in which web developers describe the project wholly. There are two types of requests present on the platform, which include Remove Request and Send Offer. You need to build these features into the platform for creating a web similar to Fiverr. 

Messaging Options

Fiverr is an on-demand app that offers people to use the messaging facility. The messaging facility enables the users to discuss their ideas with each other in private. 

6. Payment Gateway of the Freelancing site

There is also an excellent payment gateway of Fiverr. It helps in paying a greater amount of money as per the choice. In every gig, there are three options of prices available. The users help in choosing one price. Likewise, you can purchase the services online at the Freelancing website. 

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To make a platform similar to Fiverr, we need to ensure a platform that uploads a few tasks, offers 100% transparency levels and includes these main features. Before indulging in discussion regarding platform creation tools, let us see what steps are required for creating a site like Fiverr. Following are five major steps for creating a site similar to a Freelancing website:

  1. The site requires a domain name.
  2. Files on the web require a web host platform.
  3. There has to be a useful marketplace theme.
  4. You should also add other plugins.
  5. Other themes for creating a freelancer platform.
  6. Test the web and launch it.

In this write, we are going to provide an overview of these major 05 steps. So, you can try to assemble all the platform-tools for building a top-quality marketplace web. Here we go:

The Domain Name is Important.

The site domain name is the identification element of a site. It separates the website from others and gives it a unique identification. Domain names are important because people use them in various networking contents as well as for addressing purposes. 

Try to give great importance to the domain name because people only access your web by using the domain name. WordPress.Com is an open-source platform that offers top-quality, reliable, and affordable web creation tools. You can join the platform and access a beneficial domain name. 

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You should know that the registration of the domain name is not a difficult procedure. The hard part has to be the good name and its availability. Make sure to choose a catchy and interesting domain name that attracts a large audience online. 

Fiverr is a name that is an amalgamation of its services. So, we recommend you come up with a name that resonates with the type of services offered on your web. For example, you can find a name similar to your unique business idea. 

Web Hosting Platform

Many web host platforms offer a virtual space for your web files. When you create a web online, the site requires a platform for saving its files. The web host platform offers services that save lots of files on the platform. WordPress.Com is the most reliable, affordable, and excellent platform that offers web hosting services.

Though you can create and manage your web hosting platform, it would be the most difficult task to do so. You should rent a space online on a web hosting platform like WordPress. WordPress is an open-source platform that helps in the creation of self-hosted and free WordPress sites.

There are many pre-made templates available on Fiverr that help you create a site similar to the Freelancing website.  

A Fantastic Marketplace Theme

There also has to be a useful marketplace theme that offers features similar to Fiverr. There are multiple marketplace themes available on WordPress that allow them to publish a great-quality marketplace theme on the site. 

Bluehost, a marketplace theme of WordPress, is a fantastic marketplace theme of WordPress. It has amazing beneficial features that return highly on the investment. You can create the first marketplace on the WordPress web by using Bluehost. The web offers a wide range of services for beginners.

Besides being beginner-friendly and affordable, the Bluehost offers two more distinctive and great advantages to people. These advantages include auto-creation of the website and also a free domain name. So, choose the Bluehost and make things a lot easier.

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Other Themes of the WordPress for Creating a Website like Fiverr

Besides the Bluehost, many other micro-jobs themes increase the efficiency and functionality of the web to a greater extent. The Micro jobs theme of the Freelancing site helps in the creation of a web. PremmiumPass Team had come up with the WordPress product business that offers high-quality support to the users.

The micro-job theme has a minimal and clean design that helps create an amazing optimized micro-job site.  Following are some of the top themes that would help in increasing the functionality of the website to a greater extent:


The FreelanceEngine Theme is the most famous WordPress theme that helps in creating a Freelancer marketplace. The FreelanceEngine Theme is equipped with many features that will turn a site into a Freelancer web. The marketplace theme offers to transfer money through Freelancer, charging for fees, posting for jobs, highlighting jobs for more views, and others. There is also the escrow system that can be used to receive the commission fees on the platform. 

The theme also enables the employer section and freelancer to work as a single team. Moreover, the WordPress theme also enables them to enjoy their profile pages to manage the perfect job. So, this is the perfect WordPress theme to create a web. 

Using the MicroJob Engine on the WordPress

This is the perfect solution available on WordPress for creating a website similar to the Micro Job. WordPress is one of the most excellent themes that help in creating your version of the Fiverr. MicroJob Engine theme is equipped with fascinating features such as professional design that assists in creating the perfect web design.

This is also a responsive theme that works amazingly well on all kinds of devices. The theme operates well on the mobile as well. The design of the site offers a professional feel to the visitors. 

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The theme of WordPress also allows users to have their profile page. The theme also offers people a chance to track their business online. The WordPress theme has integrated community features that assist users in engaging others. Thus, you can create a web or create a web on WordPress like Fiverr using a Micro job Engine theme. 

Jobs Board Theme

The Jobs Board Theme is also an amazing feature that creates a web similar to the Freelancing website. It helps in creating different login options for the employees as well as employers. The platform also has detailed profile pages that help in the management of jobs listed on the web. It has many amazing features, such as a customized feel and customized look that offers a great look.

The unique thing about this theme is that no coding skills are required. The theme also has high-quality plugins such as Elementor that assist you in the customization of the web. So, create a fully functional and reliable website similar.

Addition of Plugins into the Website Theme

They should also add plugins to the online site to increase its efficiency and productivity. The plugins are the main functionality that extends the overall functionality of your online site to a greater extent. For instance, if you want to add the payment gateway or any other plugin, the plugins will help you increase the site’s functionality to a greater extent. 

Testing the Website

First of all, you need to test the online site before launching the website. You can examine the online site for little errors. There may be any little typos or key page mistakes. You can test many elements on your sites, such as their usability and navigation works. Try to review the compatibility of the website as well. Compatibility testing is a type of method in which you can test the overall functionality of an online site to a greater extent. 

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While testing the online site functionality, you should get ready for the 404 errors. When the web developers have tested the site fully, they are ready to launch the site. 

Bottom Line 

Online site development requires a lot of effort that may consume a lot of time. We recommend you use the services of the WordPress theme for the creation of the online site. It has multiple themes that help in creating an online site like the Freelancing website. Some of these themes include BlueHost, MicroJob Themes, Theme of FreelanceEngine, and Jobs Board Theme.

To make a fully functional online site, you need to increase its efficiency by adding a few plugins. So, add the plugins, increase the site’s productivity, and create a highly reliable freelance online site online to buy employees’ services and assign jobs. 

Once you have chosen the themes and plugins of your choice, test the site and launch it. 

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