How Much Does It Cost To Build A Restaurant Website?

An excellent-quality and contemporary website can be a game-changer for your restaurant business. The restaurant would help you in improving your prospects of business to a greater extent. It also assists you in the generation of greater revenue.

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However, the creation of functional and reliable web pages may consume a lot of time and money. Therefore, the main question is how much does it cost to develop restaurant websites? Following, we have broken down how much it costs to build a restaurant online webpages:

How Much Would It Cost to Build a Restaurant Site?

If you are using the services of a professional web design agency for the creation of a restaurant website, you will have to pay $3000 to $10,000 on an average basis. However, if you are building the online web pages yourself, the web development costs would depend on the platform you choose.

For instance, the average price of a restaurant webpages with WordPress costs around $20 and $200. On the other hand, other platforms such as Wix and Squarespace cost a lot of dollars. 

Factors Affecting the Development of Restaurant Website

Generally, the cost of creating a restaurant webpages largely depends on multiple factors such as hosting charges, complexity, domain, and online site functionality. This is also an excellent platform for the creation of a supersite. More importantly, the design of your online web pages also increases the sales and revenue of your business to a greater extent.

Ownership of the restaurant web pages only increases the confidence of the potential customers and existing customers in the business. They become confident that they are buying services from a highly reliable restaurant chain.  

Every respectable and reputable restaurant should have its online site. The investment amount varies from one business to another, which is the personal decision of business owners. It depends on them what kind of online site they want.

The nominal price of the online webpages would also get them a webpage. However, the fully customized online web pages would offer better and extensive functionality to the business owners. So, how do few online sites of restaurant businesses’ prices differ from others?

It has to be the functionality that distinguishes one restaurant’s online web pages from another. Following, we have discussed multiple factors that affect the web development price of restaurant chains:

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Professional or DIY Websites

Many webpages builders such as WordPress permit you to develop your restaurant site from scratch. WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix are prime examples of fully managed web pages. If you use the simplistic drag-and-drop functions on WordPress.Com, it would be easier for you to build your website on the platform. However, there are also pre-made templates on WordPress that assist you in creating highly functional and reliable web pages. 

Meanwhile, you would be required to spend a bigger budget if you intend to hire a professional web designer to build the restaurant website. The web design companies offer affordable and high-quality web design and web development solutions.

The professional web design and web development ideas help you in increasing your business reach. The charges of the web development ideas ideally depend on the extent of the work included in your web development project. Whatever you may demand, the restaurant’s online site would add to the overall cost of web generation. 

SSL Certificate, Web Hosting, and Domain Name

Other great factors that affect the price of web development are SSL Certificate, Web Hosting, and Domain Name. These are the three important elements that are included in an online webpage. Following are some of the top elements of a website defined in great detail:

Domain Name

The domain name is the digital address of your online web pages on the internet. For becoming the owners of your specific domain name, you have to pay the registration charges and purchase the domain registrar. The specific cost of the restaurant web pages would depend on the name you would select for your Company. 

Web-Hosting Platform

Likewise, a web host would offer a space for all the files of your online site on the internet. This is called a web hosting platform. This platform shares all the services such as shared hosting or dedicated hosting service following your space needs and budget. This also adds up to the overall costs of the online site. 

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SSL Certification

The SSL Certification is also an important certificate for your online web pages, which may collect a great amount of sensitive data. The certification enables the Company to amass the personal data and credit card information for the online site. If your e-commerce platform also has an e-commerce element, you should include the SSL certificate to encrypt sensitive customer data. 

Essentials Factors for the Restaurant E-commerce platform

There are not many other factors that affect the restaurant’s functionality. The customers mostly pay a visit for retrieving useful information regarding the closing hours and opening hours, contact details, and most preferably menus. So, an e-commerce platform only needs to have good clarity along with great visual appeals. These are some of the stylish factors that should be present on the website as they impact the user experience. 

For the preparation of an e-commerce platform, the platform would require a responsive design. This design permits owners to reach mobile users. It is only a one-time expense that benefits your business widely. 

Multiple WordPress themes will offer you amazing-quality booking options. The online reservation option would add greatly to the site’s outlook. 

More Expenses for the Site

There are also many more restaurant e-commerce platform expenses that need to be considered. Besides paying for web development and design, you need to consider multiple other factors. Two of these factors are explained below:

Expenses for Website Content

The e-commerce platform requires the generation of great-quality content. There has to be static web content and dynamic content. The written, as well as image content, needs to be published on the e-commerce platform. One of the greatest conditions is to upload great-quality text and image content that inspires and inspires people to a greater extent: storytelling and writing help in branding the website. Branding the business through great e-commerce platform content is a great marketing strategy for restaurants. 

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There are strong copywriting companies that communicate the brand concept for increasing the reach. Likewise, good-quality photographs engage and attract a wider audience. The e-commerce platform visitors have to try the high-quality and delicious food available on the restaurant web. 

Integration of the SEO

Another expense includes the SEO integration on the e-commerce platform for any business. The SEO integration increases the overall ranking of the website on the search engine pages. There are going to be many great SEO strategies that assist you in dominating the local search and enhance the revenue of your business to a greater extent. 

If you would like to integrate SEO into the site, you should learn how to do it. The integration of SEO with the e-commerce platform requires a lot of work. So, we recommend you consider using SEO experts that optimize the content of your website for SEO purposes. The professional SEO services would help you in improving your rankings on the restaurant’s e-commerce platform.   

Overall Costs of Building a Restaurant Website

There are too many factors that impact the price of a restaurant site. Keeping in mind these factors, you will have to pay $10,000 to $15,000 for building an interactive and intuitive site. Responsive design, SEO integration, web design, web development, and other factors impact the site’s price. 

But why should you pay so much? You can use the themes of WordPress and create a highly affordable restaurant e-commerce platform.    

Top Restaurant Web Themes Available on the WordPress

We have already given our verdict in favor of the WordPress theme. WordPress is an open-source e-commerce platform that offers the best WordPress themes that amazingly display the restaurant menu, food, and location map. Many online reservation options give convenience to book the seat and enjoy the amazing features of the theme. 

By choosing to use the WordPress themes, you will enjoy many features of the amazing package offered by WordPress. There are thousands of premium WordPress themes available online. Following, we are going to explain some of the top themes that will help you in creating your online e-commerce platform:

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Café Pro – A Great Theme for the Restaurant Websites

The Café Pro is an elegant, stylish, sleek, and modern theme. It assists you in building a great web using the Genesis Theme Framework by StudioPress. Many themes turn your web into a fully functional and highly realistic site. 

Main Features of the Themes

Following are the top features of the site:

  • The theme has a premium header layout.
  • It offers a reliable online reservation system on the website.
  • There are many useful widgets areas on the homepage of the e-commerce platform.
  • It also offers amazing color styles. 

Divi – One Stop Solution for the Restaurant Business Owners

Divi is another powerful WordPress theme, which helps in building an ultimate page. This is a one-stop solution for business owners finding to create an e-commerce platform. This website comes with 100s of readymade layouts such as restaurants and demo sites. It also helps in importing the 01 clicks. The theme also offers amazing layouts for instantly turning your WordPress e-commerce platform into a highly functional restaurant site. 

Main Features of the Theme

The main features of the site are below:

  • It offers super-quality visual compositions.
  • The WordPress theme is also equipped with great-quality page elements.
  • The theme is compatible with a wide range of WordPress famous plugins.
  • The theme also offers a wide range of colors and font styles. 

Salt and Pepper – Modern, Sleek, and Stylish Theme

This is a modern and sleek WordPress theme that had been specifically built for cafes, bakeries, chefs, cooking experts, and others. The e-commerce platform boasts a top-quality Full-Screen layout that also has an eye-catching background image. This increases the interest and confidence of users in the business. 

Main Features of the Theme

Below, we have explained some of the top features of the Salt and Pepper theme:

  • The theme offers great page builder support.
  • The WordPress theme also boasts about the widescreen layout.
  • As the name suggests, it offers pages, especially for the restaurant’s site. 
  • The web is compatible with a wide range of online reservation plugins.

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Seasons Theme for the WordPress Web – Reliable and Affordable Site

Season Theme is another top-quality WordPress business theme for cafes, bars, and restaurants. The website offers a theme that offers a great-quality table reservation system for the users. By using this system, users can book the table online. There are useful pages and sections available online that enhance the overall beauty and functionality of the web to a greater extent. 

Main Features of the Theme

  • The theme is equipped with a stylish, modern, and sleek navigation menu.
  • It has fashionable choices of colors and font styles.
  • The website also has an attractive custom background color.
  • This is an affordable option for restaurant business owners with a mid-level budget. 


These top themes help you build the most affordable, reliable, and amazing quality site online. As a result, you can increase the revenue of your business by maintaining an online presence. WordPress is a free site creation tool. The host web platform only charges for the special themes, SSL certificates, web hosting, and other plugins.

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Thus, it costs $20 to $200 for all the elements you may choose to enrich your website’s contents. If you are interested in reducing the overall price of web development, you should give the assignment to the professionals. The professional team of web developers would help you in developing a highly functional and reliable site. 

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