How Much Does It Cost To Build A Real Estate Website?

People’s life revolves around their homes. We spend a large portion of our lives indoors, and the environment in which we live has a huge impact on our mood and emotions. 

Property agents have the ability to transform people’s lives by assisting them in locating what they desire. Therefore, every real estate agent should have a good online presence; the platform should boost the company’s image while also providing all necessary information in an easy-to-understand format. So, it is quite a challenging task to build a real estate website. 

The Challenge of Choosing the Best Real Estate Site Design

Requesting a proposal for a new property networking site can be difficult. Due to the numerous possibilities accessible nowadays, it has become challenging for people to choose a single option.

Real estate web development costs can range from extremely high to extremely low – and everything in between. This makes it quite difficult to determine what a reasonable budget is.

So, the agents find it hard to decide what makes sense for your company. So there are numerous challenges attached with the real estate networking site as well as its cost. 

The Cost to Build a Real Estate Website

There is a huge cost of building a property website. Multiple important factors determine the cost of creating a new website. There are many hours of work involved that real estate owners conduct every day.

Aside from a domain name, the entire expenditure required for a new real estate site is determined by the total number of hours required for each phase outlined below.

Following, we have explained some of the top factors that are important considerations for building a website:

Project Management of the Real Estate Website

A Project Manager is usually in charge of a project’s full lifecycle. The manager takes care of all the processes from conception to conclusion. The team is in charge of completing all client requirements, such as acquiring all creative assets.

These assets are photographs, logos, typefaces, and so on. These assets help create timeframes, manage production schedules. They help in assisting in the definition of the structure and collaborating with designers and developers.

The costs of availing of project management services vary from one project to another. 

Integration with Control Management Tool

A content management system (CMS) is software with an administration tool that lets you manage and change your website’s content. WordPress is a top example of the Control Management Tool (CMS).

This software gives you the entire control over your website. It allows you to make changes on the fly. It helps you in the customization process without having to rely on a web developer or agency. 

The costs of the CMS depend upon the different types of services acquired from the Control Management Tool. The cost may also depend upon the custom modules or plugins as well as advanced website components. 

Content Creation for the Website

Content for your networking site is available in many different formats. The content will be needed to populate the pages of your site. The business owners can include branding assets, professional photographs, written copy, renderings, and building information to make it functional.

Most professionals do not have the liberty of time to generate content. So, we recommend they hire professional services to build a high-quality website. Again, the price will vary according to the type of content. The professionals may also charge differently. 

Web Design Stage in the Project

The design phase is a critical component of the webpage development process. It consists of numerous key components that impact your website’s overall design and user experience across all devices such as desktop, mobile, and tablet. The web design should be responsive as the majority of people use mobile phones these days. 

Following are some of the steps involved in the web designing stage of web development:

  • Overall visual design
  • Content layout for all pages
  • Selecting typography
  • Graphical elements
  • Selecting color schemes

The overall cost of web designing is decided considering the number of pages, custom graphics complexity, and visual components. These decide the average price of the process.

However, the average price of web design is $300 to $1000. Some high-quality projects will cost around $12,000 to $150 000. The price increases when there is a higher amount related to the design stage. 

Ongoing and Hosting Costs

After the launch of a website, ongoing and hosting services are frequently necessary to guarantee that it works well. It makes that the business owners are getting the most out of it. The benefits are only ensured when you take care of them. Following, we have explained some of the top ongoing services:

  • Webpage hosting
  • Security updates and patches
  • Technical support
  • Data back-ups
  • Monthly reporting
  • CMS and plugin updates

Web maintenance usually costs around $400 to $60 000 per year. So, we urge you to choose an affordable but high-quality option. It should work well. 

Web Development Services

This is the last factor that determines the price of web development. The software engineers and web developers develop designs. Afterward, these web designs are converted into a clickable website prototype during the development phase. The webpage will be fully interactive. Web developers make sure that it works on a variety of devices and browsers.

The total number of development hours required for a project is determined by several criteria, including the site’s size, interactive elements, and complex functionalities. These are the top features that determine the price of the project.

If you include the advanced features into the web, the overall price of the web development process will get increased to a greater extent. If you add these features:

  • Property search filters
  • Property details pages
  • Interactive maps
  • Client/investor portals
  • Blogs
  • Integration of 3rd party tools
  • Interactive stacking charts
  • Interactive site plans

Average Price of the Web Development Project

Overall costs of the web development project are higher. The average price of web development ranges between $10,000 and $150,000. A large sum of investment can only help in making the most amazing real estate webpage from scratch. 

How to Choose the Best Web Development Services Providers?

The average price of web developers may prevent others from building a high-quality website. You can choose to work the templates that are more affordable than web development.

So, discard the plan of building a networking site from scratch. To choose the best template for the website, you need to define your requirements. Following are some of the top requirements of web development:

  • What is the website’s overarching goal?
  • Do you have a broad idea for the website’s key sections?
  • What characteristics are you looking for?
  • Is it necessary for the webpage to integrate with any third-party tools or platforms?
  • What role does SEO (Search Engine Optimization) have in your life?
  • What are some of your favorite existing websites?

Keeping these questions in mind, let us find the appropriate host site that offers great webpage plans in the market. 

WordPress Templates for the Real Estate Website

Whether you would like to build a networking site or boost business growth, WordPress templates are the most affordable option available for property owners. Despite investing thousands of dollars in the real estate website, market your services by establishing a WordPress website.

WordPress is a PHP-based open-source content management system that works with either a MySQL or MariaDB database. All in all, this is a great PHP-based webpage offering the best quality services in the market. Following are some of the best WordPress templates for real estate website:

Astra – Premium and Free Version Available with Featured 

This is the best property webpage template available in the market. Astra is a popular WordPress theme because it is compatible with page builders such as Wp Bakery, Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Gutenberg.

There are over 30 distinct preset webpage designs to pick from in the free version. However, more designs to choose from in the paid version – over 70 designs in the paid version.

Astra is ideal for finding the exact template you’re looking for when creating a new site.


  • Every template of the site is ideal because it offers amazing personalization techniques. 
  • The templates also have pre-built widgets that help in promoting the services offered by the Real Estate.
  • The paid version opens the pathway towards success for real estate webpage owners. 


  • The paid features can only be costly for the new beginners. 

Houzez Real Estate Builder Webpage Template – Amazing and High-Quality Outlook

Houzez is a WordPress theme created for real estate brokers and businesses. It includes a few demo designs as well as over 30 Elementor widgets.

The webpages also have a drag-and-drop page builder that’s perfect for WordPress beginners. It helps them in setting up their webpage smartly. 

There are many useful features of the Houzez Property webpage template. For instance, website owners can handle your leads and deals with Houzez’s built-in backend interface.

Another fantastic feature is the geo-location. This feature can also be used to determine where your visitors are coming from. That’s ideal for growing a real property firm with several branches or locations.


  • It is a highly stylish webpage that looks modern and sleek.
  • It is equipped with a great number of features. 
  • The template is quite affordable – priced at $69.


  • This is ideal for beginners only. 

Reals WP – A Great Template for the Real Estate Website

This is a feature-rich WordPress theme that is ideal for real property owners. It has all the amazing features that would cater to the requirements of real estate agents.

Reals WP webpage allows people to personalize almost every aspect of your real estate website. It also includes intriguing features like a property wish list, saved searches, and an agent rating system that you can customize.

In this template, you can also find the designing agent cards. These cards are ideal for sharing on social media or putting directly on your agents’ page. All in all, you avail of the beneficial features on the website. 


  • WordPress has offered the most affordable yet highly functional template for real property business owners. 
  • It is compatible with various WordPress plugins, which increases the efficiency and productivity of the template. 
  • The template enables the real estate owners to put up the rating system for every profile. 


  • No cons can be identified in this theme. 

WP Estate – Amazingly Beneficial Real Estate Website

WP Estate gives your WordPress site a fresh new design and feel. The webpage boasts a simple style and high-quality pictures. The WP Estate template is ideal for capturing the attention of your audience. It was created with WP Bakery and featured both Revolution Slider and Ultimate Addons. This makes it a suitable choice for real estate owners.  

This WordPress theme has a lot to offer to the client. This is an excellent choice for creating a website. However, for those searching for a more straightforward approach, it may have too many customization choices. Beginners may find it difficult to operate this website. 


  • The template has 04 premade demo templates.
  • It can be integrated with PayPal, Wire Transfer, or Stripe. 
  • On this template, you can also offer webpage membership plans. 


  • This is a complicated site that may be difficult to understand for beginners. 


Instead of developing a real state networking site from scratch, we recommend using the affordable WordPress Website. All of the templates are priced under $100. It is quite beneficial as they will return on your investment highly. 

As you can witness, there are numerous excellent themes for creating a real property website. Each one has its distinct characteristics, as well as advantages and disadvantages. Use the information provided above to learn more about the many possibilities and select a theme that best meets your company’s needs and goals.

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