How Much Does It Cost To Build a Dating Website with WordPress?

Would you like to build a dating website with WordPress? It indeed takes a lot of money to build a website. But does that have to be true in this technological world wherein alternatives are readily available? Starting your own online dating business does not have to be expensive, but it will require a small investment if you want to make it a popular service. If you’re serious about creating a community and offering a quality service to your members, you’ll want to think carefully about how you spend your money to get things started.

There are many online web hosting platforms available that may not be as useful as other platforms. For example, according to, online dating brought together every fifth male and every tenth woman together in the United States. So, more and more people are finding the best web developer for developing an online website. People have signed up for such services but have yet to find a partner or utilize them to find friends or a quick date.

It would be highly impractical not to develop a web in this age. So, we advise you not to ignore the opportunity to profit in this sector while there are currently no well-established leaders (giants, but their positions are not firm). This post is for you if you like this idea and want to know how much money you’ll need to launch the web.

The WordPress.Com – The Main Web Hosting Platform for the Website

So, are you fully convinced now to build a dating website with WordPress.Com?  Web Hosting is an open-source platform that offers great web creation tools. It offers the creation of two types of websites, which may include free webs and premium webs. The free website does not offer interesting features that increase the functionality and efficiency of the website to a greater extent. 

WordPress is the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS), with over 75 million websites using it. Installation, deployment, and upgrading are all free. There are thousands of templates and plugins available that operate a flexible and easy interface. The interface of the web helps in reducing development costs and deployment time. WordPress.Com adds best-quality features to the webs. 

One of the first questions that come to mind is how much it would cost to build a web. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question; it could be $100, $200, $300, $400, or $50,000, or more, depending on how you choose to begin. There are numerous paths you can take to get up and to run, as well as numerous factors that can influence your total cost.

This is still quite confusing. To make things clear, following we have prepared a full guideline regarding the cost of building a dating web. Here is the guideline:

1. Choosing the Web Hosting and Domain Name of the WordPress.Com

Web hosting and the domain name are the first steps towards the development of a website. Following, we have explained both of these steps web in great detail:

Web Hosting Platform – BlueHost WordPress

Web hosting is an important step as it involves serving, maintenance and storing the web files online. You should choose an internet connection and the space on the internet for saving the files of the website. So, many web hosting platforms have sprung up that offer the best quality web hosting services to people at large.

The WordPress BlueHost is the most efficient web hosting platform that offers reliable, excellent, and affordable solutions. Bluehost offers the best hosting package as well as a free domain name along with other benefits. Once you provide the email to the hosting account, it will also manage it for you. You can purchase the $41.88 on an annual basis. The clients need to renew the hosting platform package on an annual basis. 

Bluehost offers free domain name services. There should be multiple types of domain names available. If your favorite domain name is available, try to get it. However, if it is not available, choose the domain name from the suggested list. Try not to waste time in choosing a domain name. So, make sure to choose the unique and excellent name of the website right away. 

2. Getting the Custom Logo for the Website

Having your logo designed is a critical step. Sure, you can create a low-cost logo by using a lower-cost template online. Though you can create a custom logo on Ms. Word or Adobe Photoshop, the professionals bring a good flavor into their work.

As an amateur artist, you would not be able to balance professionalism on the web. Making room in your budget for a logo is a wise decision. The branding you create for your dating website will help you gain new subscribers and significantly impact your business’s success. 

You should only finalize a logo design that looks clean and professional. So, we recommend you hire freelancers or other professionals to design an awesome logo for the web. The web’s outlook should be highly impressive. 

3. Choosing the Best WordPress Theme

This is one of the most important decisions to make online. If you choose the WordPress theme, it means you are using paint for your web. On your web hosting platform, You have the liberty of building it yourself or hiring someone to do it for you.

These are two main options that add up to the total costs of web development. Let’s compare the costs of going the DIY route versus hiring a web designer or firm.

DIY Selection of the Theme and Its Costs

Following we have provided the DIY Selection of the themes and its costs estimates:

The DIY Theme
DIY Theme Selection and Costs
Name of the DIY ThemeSweet Date
Costs of Building It$58

If you install the sweet date, it will produce a beautiful outlook on your website. The theme also has great functionality and widgets. All in all, it has all the features of a great dating website. 

Hiring the Professionals for Creation of a Web with WordPress

Theme Selection and Costs
Name of the ThemeVariable Themes Available on the WordPress
Costs of Building It$5000 to $8000

If you assign the work to the professionals, they will create an amazing WordPress web online. The average cost of professionals creating an online dating web ranges between $5000 and $8000. $5000 is a meager entry price for a custom site; if you outsource in India, it could start here; the average custom site could easily start around $15,000 or more. This is simply an estimate based on my industry experience. If you are quoted a lower price than this, you should inquire why and ensure that you are getting what you pay for.

There are many themes available on WordPress, which creates an amazing-quality website online. So, choose the theme or get recommendations of themes from the users online. This is how you will be able to create a fantastic and highly functional website online. 

4. The Software Help for Creation of Dating Site vs. WordPress.Com

 You can also use the services of the software for creating an online site. The functionality of the dating site determines the fan base it will have. If the platform does not have interesting features, not many people will come back. WordPress offers much better solutions than Software help. So, it would help if you chose WordPress over Software Help.  

5. Setting Up the Payment Gateway Online

Another fantastic feature of a platform is to establish a payment gateway online. To make money with this online platform, you should set up a payment gateway online. If you’re going to charge a fee for membership, you’ll need a way to accept payments.

Even if you do not charge for membership, you will need to accept credit card payments for advertisers or anything else you wish to charge for. Numerous online payment systems are both inexpensive and free to set up.

PayPal is a highly functional and reliable platform that helps in setting up Payment Gateway Online. The charge for setting up PayPal is zero. You do not have to pay anything to get PayPal on your website. PayPal is the quickest and safest way to send money, make an online payment, receive money, or open a merchant account.

Another top choice of payment gateway is Stripe. You can use the services on Stripe to get paid on your website. 

6. Setting Up the Features of the Dating Platform

A dating platform has a great many useful features that help users in finding the right soul mate. Following are some of the top features and sections that should be added to a dating platform:

  • User registration and profile creation are required.
  • User search and matching
  • Messages (chat, video chat).
  • Features for security.
  • Mechanism of monetization
  • Administrative tasks.
  • Development of mobile applications

Many useful plugins available on WordPress would help you create the best platform on WordPress. Following, we have provided the solution for each issue:

  • WordPress offers the RegistrationMagic or User Registration plugin online for creating profiles. Another top feature on the Dating website is user search and matching. How would you bring such a feature to the WordPress-themed platform? There are multiple dating themes on WordPress that offer the matching feature. However, you can employ the User Search by adding WPSearch or any other User Search WordPress plugin. 
  • The Live Chat, Zendesk Chat, Live Chat Limited, and many other WordPress plugins are the top solutions for messages and chats. 
  • The platform also offers fantastic and useful security features. 
  • The platform also has a mechanism of monetization. You can run the advertisements and get paid on the website. 
  • The themes also offer the best themes for creating amazing administrative tasks. It would help if you considered using the best theme that offers great administrative tasks. 
  • Most of the themes of WordPress are mobile-friendly. So, it would help if you did not worry about mobile applications. The responsive design of the themes downloads the platform smoothly on the user’s mobile phone. 

This is how you can increase the functionality and usefulness of the mobile phone to a greater extent. 

Top 3 Best Dating Themes of WordPress

Though there are some expensive dating themes available, we will define few reliable and affordable themes online. Here you go:

DateBook – The Most Excellent Dating Theme of WordPress

DateBook’s creators claim that their theme has the best selection of dating features available — and after inspecting its properties, it’s difficult to disagree. Some of these features include an online messaging and chat system that allows your users to communicate with one another without leaving your site, as well as status notifications that allow others to see who else is online quickly.

Sweet Date – Most Reliable Dating Theme Online

Sweet Date includes everything you’ll need to create a successful dating platform with WordPress. Sweet Date is a good choice for anyone who wants to build a community around their dating site to keep your members coming back for more by tightly integrating the theme with BuddyPress.

Dating Theme on WordPress

Premium Press created Dating Theme. This is a theme developer known for creating feature-rich application themes for transforming WordPress into a specific platform type.

Bottom Line: The Cost to Build a Website like Dating Website

The average costs of building a website online range between $1000 and $8000. The price may differ because of different plugins or themes. The price of the plugins or themes also differs. So, we recommend you create a website that suits your budget and the requirements. 

Please keep in mind that these figures are only estimates; you could pay a lot more or less to get your online dating business up and running. This is merely a guide or a starting budget to help you visualize getting started and the type of cash required to set up a website online. 

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