Fastcomet vs. HostGator, a Neutral Analysis

Fastcomet and HostGator are renowned names and famous web hosting brands that it is not easy to decide. Relatively, considering FastComet vs. HostGator, Fastcomet is new and unknown to many, but HostGator is the oldest and one of the biggest web hosting brands. Choosing a web host requires one to dedicate their time and to understand their features. 

It is a must to compare both the US-based web host providers with their hosting plans, security, bandwidth, and lots more. They both are similar in offering the services, but there are a few differences.  Comparing both the web hosting providers means checking their terms of features, pricing, performance, security, and customer support. In addition, there is a need to understand their hosting packages and to know if there are any hidden charges or other add-on prices. If not, are they truly budget-friendly, offering hosting providers? 

Going through FastComet vs. HostGator alone will determine the right host. 

FastComet vs. HostGator – Simple Introduction

FastComet emerged in 2008. It is a cloud hosting advanced platform offering 24×7- customer supports. It includes features such as unlimited bandwidth and disk space.  It has 11 data center locations, and its features include free emails, free SSL, free domain name, uptime 99.9%, faster servers by 20 xs, and more.

HostGator emerged in 2002.  It offers cheaper web hosting, and its best features include a free SSL certificate, free domains for 12 months, uptime for 99.9%, easy WordPress installs, money-back for 45-day, and more. It is a Houston-based company offering web hosting and has more than 2+ million websites.

FastComet vs. HostGator -Domain Name

FastComet offers Domain names free for a lifetime to its users. It is available until your web hosting account is active with them. FastComet is the reliable and fastest hosting provider. It is serving an excellent user experience to the users and is offering the best hosting services. Using SSD drives, they build super-fast, latest technology.

HostGator offers its users the Domain for 12 months, and they have to pay per month $13 from the consecutive year. HostGator is a renowned, old, and a trusted web hosting provider. It has been serving for a long period to its clients. It is prominent for its web servers and satisfactory services, serving its clients for a longer period. A website hosting on their servers takes a cakewalk, only a few minutes, and you can see you already are connected to the domain name. Therefore, you can get going with making your website. Thus, anytime you face problems of any type with service, then you are sure of getting assistance.

FastComet vs. HostGator – Pricing

FastComet plans of web hosting begin per month from $2.95, and it is the first plan as StartSmart Plan. Newcomers or budding bloggers who are having a tough time earning extra may find the StartSmart plan of FastComet impressive. Moreover, it is available at HostGator’s Hatchling plan for half the price. This plan allows hosting a website and offers disc space of 15GB. 

HostGator has a basic plan, HostGator Hatchling plan costing per month $5.95.  The Hatchling plan of HostGator offers the advantage for the users to enjoy unlimited disc space and unlimited website hosting.

FastComet vs. HostGator -Uptime 

FastComet promises its users an uptime of 99.99% and ensures to take a few steps extra to keep up the promise of uptime. FastComet offers appreciable uptime, and so users are happy with this web host for its maximum uptime.

HostGator gives 99.93% uptime. Its uptime performance was tested based on the result of six months of testings. HostGator is one of the oldest and biggest web host providers. They are a bit setback with uptime features.

FastComet vs. Hostgator- Server

FastComet has its Data centers in Singapore, London, Chicago, Dallas, Tokyo, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt. FastComet is using the SSD advanced Storage.

HostGator has its Datacenters in Texas, Houston, Utah, and Provo. HostGator is working with the old technology and is now replacing it with new SSD storage in place of the old technology devices. 

FastComet vs. HostGator- Server Security

FastComet gives a web application firewall and a free Malware tool to remove malware, thereby ensures hosted website’s security.

HostGator is safe by a paid add-on feature, a customized firewall. This feature saves client’s websites from DDoS attacks and offers malware protection. Thus, HostGator offers better server security relatively, but it requires the clients to pay extra dollars to enjoy the server’s security. 

FastComet vs. HostGator- Load Time

FastComet offers a tough completion with load speed. It uses CDN caching and SSD drives. As these are additional features, it makes web hosting fast. FastComet offers over eight data centers and allows users to choose a data center close to their data center location. It means picking a nearby data center so that your website runs faster and the loading time is speedy.  FastComet also provides RocketBooster as an extra package of FastCloud for the users to enjoy the website speed. However, though the uptime is good, the downtime is a bit longer than HostGator.

HostGator also offers good load speed. Yet with its millions of clients, it takes a few microseconds more than FastComet to load the website. This is because HostGator has servers only in the US. On the other hand, the downtime of HostGator is lesser than FastComet, and so the website speed is fast.

FastComet vs. HostGator- Customer Support 

FastComet gives high importance to its customers, and it proves it by offering all the support options such as direct phone, live chat, and email. FastComet live chat response is not time-consuming; you get a response within few seconds.  There is also a coupon that you can get from Fast Comet.

HostGator also offer live chat option, email, and direct phone support to its customers. However, the live chat option response takes around 5 to 10 minutes. The other customer support options are not different; they work in the same manner to ensure good customer support. 

FastComet vs. HostGator – Account Suspension

FastComet offers excellent customer support and addresses all account-related issues.  Yet, if you fail to renew the web hosting service or exceed the MYSQL available database, the web hosting will get suspended automatically. FastComet does not suspend any of your accounts without the proper information. It will share information about your hosting account through email. Checking your mail and contacting them will ensure you receive proper assistance. 

HostGator, the oldest hosting service provider company, suspends the hosting accounts on reaching the 25% resource. In comparison to FastConnect, HostGator is highly responsive and perfectly manages the situation of account suspension.

FastComet vs. HostGator-Security

FastComet stays responsible for keeping its client’s websites secure.   They offer DDoS protection and a free SSL certificate. FastComet with BitNinja secures its customer’s accounts, and it is by detecting suspicious behavior addresses. It implements WAF and on the server isolates each account through CloudLinux, thereby protects its client’s accounts from other accounts and external threats. FastComet data backups are on a daily and weekly system.

HostGator provides with all the hosting plans a free SSL certificate. In addition, it secures with DDoS protection its servers and gives anti-malware tool, SiteLock as an add-on paid. HostGator also offers weekly backups for free, though they secure your website’s data with automatic backups.

FastComet vs.HostGator- Renewal Price

FastComet gives the same rate even as the renewal price. It means there is no hike in price after the first signing up. FastComet offers the same price after 4 to 5 years also, and the same $3 per month can continue.

HostGator renewal price is not the same. However, it is different from the purchase price. The renewal pricing monthly is $7, and there is an extra $3 charged to access.

FastComet vs. HostGator- Extras & Bonuses

FastComet offers unlimited traffic and bandwidth, DN and SSD drives, loads of storage. It also provides data centers from 3 continents, free domain registration and no extras during renewal, good security features, quick setup, and more. FastComet registering and transferring of existing domains is not coming with any extra charges. The renewal is also free of cost.

The datacenters in Europe, Aisa, and NorthAmerica allow the users to get their content anywhere globally through Cloudflare CDN for free.  The advantage is their weekly and daily backups that offer a money-back guarantee and data safekeeping.

HostGator gives a bonus Credit for $100 of Google Adwords. In addition, it offers 4500 website templates to use. Basekit Site Builder offers registration of domain names for free, web design, web hosting, and website builder tools at affordable prices.

There is customer satisfaction, a money-back guarantee of 45-day, and customer support round the clock. Its features are impressive, eco-conscious, and uptime is 99.9%. It is a suitable web hosting service for WordPress, Joomla, bloggers, and all related niches. 

FastComet vs. HostGator -The Good and the Bad:

The Good:

  • FastComet provides free domain registration and free renewals and migration.
  • FastComet has multiple data centers located in three continents – Europe, North America, and Asia. It offers the option of choosing the data center of choice, and these users can do as per their traffic coming from.
  • It bundles with its plans Cloudflare CDN, regardless of your visitors, and you can trust your website to enjoy fast and lightning speed.
  • The offers are affordable; the rates do not change throughout your subscription.

HostGator offers Windows Hosting options as Personal and Enterprise-Class plans. It uses the Windows OS and supports the ASP.NET website.

It offers affordable plans as per your budget and fulfills your need. In addition, it does not put caps on monthly traffic or storage, so users can enjoy unlimited bandwidth and disk space that any website has enough room for growth.

It assures a money-back guarantee and robust uptime that users get the uptime of 99.9% and a refund claim of 45 days.

The Bad:

FastComet offers uptime as a good service, yet the newly set websites have issues of downtime. Nevertheless, most users confirm that once the accounts are up, there is never any issue with the sites; it keeps running without any hindrance.

HostGator took a long time to support and respond over live chat. There are complaints about emails not getting a proper response or only mediocre solutions. The user’s emails are sent to the server rack such that the users find traffic spikes.

FastComet vs. HostGator- Final words 

FastComet vs. HostGator, after going through both the hosting providers, anyone can come to know that they have good deals and they also are efficient with their services. Know their efficiency, and the only option is to use the website and understand its pros and cons.

The requirements are different for each website. So checking if a particular website can utilize the resources is a must. It can run with full potential or not is to clarify by using the website. Regarding the money-back policy, they do not hurt the blogger’s money from wasting. The user can use it for some time and, if not convinced, can opt for a money-back policy.

If the blogger is not happy or feels like disconnecting the hosting or finds the service is deteriorating, they can cancel the service without any hitch. They need not worry about the money; they adhere to the money-back assurance. This web hosting feature is wonderful helping before buying it.

FastComet and Hostgator are providers of web hosting. They are great, and the users can decide the best suit their needs. However, the features and plans of each web host are different, so choosing the right services as per the requirement is a must. There are several webbing hosts, and a few are for free. But do not opt for free hosting services; it is a waste of your time. Besides, you can see the business dream to have a website and run it will get destroyed. Thus, spending money to enjoy good services is a must, and it is of no worth trying to save for nothing.

You may go through the FastComet vs. Hostgator web hosting and decide for you.

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