Bluehost Vs. iPage – Which One Is Right For Me?

Are you looking for a web host; do you know who the best hosting provider among BlueHost or iPage is? The fact is they both are affordable hosting plans and rock the hosting vertical. Comparing Bluehost vs. iPage is the right way of offering VPS and dedicated servers as hosting options. You can find here an unbiased comparison to assist in finding a suitable hosting option to meet your needs and budget.

BlueHost vs. iPage – Getting Started

BlueHost is a recommended website by WordPress. It is a web hosting provider with low monthly rates web hosting and allows the installation of WordPress in one click. Its base is in Orem, Utah, offering free Domain, free SSL, enhanced cPanel, money-back guarantee, and many more.

iPage is a web hosting company suitable as a beginner-friendly and cheap hosting option powering millions of websites. Its features include a free email address, free domain name, free website builder, free SSL certificate, and lots more. They both offer an easy and quick sign-up process, and selecting your plan or giving other information is also simple.

Both the web hosts, BlueHost and iPage, are owned by EIG, the parent company. Therefore, to know about their hosting plans, it is a must to go through BlueHost vs. iPage.

BlueHost vs. iPage – Pricing

BlueHost has a triumph over iPage with their reasonable hosting plans, but for the shared hosting. BlueHost pricing is $2.75 monthly with shared and WordPress hosting, VPS is $19.99, and dedicated hosting is $79.99 monthly.

iPage is certain a cheap hosting option, and all the pricing options are affordable. You may start for $1.99 a month for a website. iPage is offering pricing that is unbelievably low in shared hosting. WordPress hosting is $3.75, VPS is $19.99, and dedicated hosting is $119.99 monthly. 

BlueHost vs. iPage – Features

BlueHost vs. iPage are budget hosting options. They offer cheap hosting and a dedicated full-fledged server. In addition, Bluehost and iPage offer free SSL, a free domain name, and a 1-click installer. Though both offer many features, iPage surpasses BlueHost:

  • iPage offers a drag and drop free builder, while BlueHost does not.
  • iPage gives a single shared hosting plan, allowing an unlimited website hosting plan. There is a need to upgrade to an expensive shared hosting plan to host unlimited websites.
  • iPage offers $200 free ad credits, and BlueHost has no such offers with its starter plans.

BlueHost vs. iPage – Support and Documentation

BlueHost has a support team that is available via phone and live chat 24/7. It does not have a ticket support system and email communication. It aims to offer personal and direct support through phone and live chat. The decision may frustrate many users if they are experiencing advanced issues as it may take a longer time to resolve.

iPage is convenient and friendly with its customer support and documentation. It offers support through email, phone, and live chat 24/7. Any user can depend on their support and documentation that explains all that you wish to know before beginning a new website.

BlueHost vs. iPage – Ease of Use

BlueHost vs. iPage ease of use is a crucial factor to understand. BlueHost provides cPanel to its users to access. The interface of the cPanel allows managing the website and hosting resources. In addition, the user experience is improved, and the dashboard is revamped, making it easier for anyone to launch with BlueHost their website.

iPage is almost similar to BlueHost, and it also offers WordPress install in one click and launches the site quickly. iPage also provides a drag and drop feature with its hosting plan. Thus, it is good for users looking for an easy and quick solution to design and build their website without a developer. However, iPage does not provide cPanel and offers its customized control panel version known as vDeck. If you are attuned to cPanel, using vDeck needs a learning curve to handle.

BlueHost vs. iPage – User Experience

BlueHost and iPage are user-friendly, but there is a difference in their interfaces. The control panel of BlueHost is easy to use, and installing WordPress completes in just a click. cPanel has tools to manage the website, and it upgrades account or add-ons purchases without leaving the dashboard. 

There are more advanced features such as PHPMyAdmin access and file manager. The drag-and-drop page builder of BlueHost is straightforward, allowing creating websites with people who have no experience in coding. In addition, you get access to WordPress themes in a wide range.

On the other hand, iPage uses cPanel for account management as it is intuitive, clean, and well-known to users. iPage features an installation wizard so that users with less experience have support through the setting up process of the CMS ( content management system). You may set a basic store, integrate with PayPal, and one click. 

An iPage site builder is also simple and features search engine optimization tools that allow publishing up to six pages on opting for a separate tool plan. In addition, iPage uses a vDeck control panel, and first-time users or new website owners may easily navigate using the icons that offer access to its tools and widgets available on the main dashboard. Nevertheless, users having experience with cPanel may have to get their hands on vDeck, and they may also find this interface of iPage lacking a bit.

BlueHost vs. iPage- Site management

BlueHost vs. iPage, on signing up with any web host, you get to log into the dashboard. Thus, you can manage the hosting. There is different management software, while the dashboards are diverse.

  • BlueHost uses cPanel, and it is extensively used and known for its reliability. The dashboard of cPanel has a navigation menu and a clean layout. It allows managing everything in a few clicks, whether it is domain names or storage space. The navigation menu is in the “Home’ tab, and there is a checklist to assist in setting up an account.
  • iPage has the vDeck control panel and is customized to iPage sites, and it is not as modern as the cPanel of BlueHost. iPage control panel vDeck features are also simple and easy to find their tools. There are different sections for email and website management. Thus, it helps you stay organized.

BlueHost vs. iPage -Included Features

BlueHost vs. iPage covers the basics and gives for the first year a free domain, SSL certificate on all plans. Apart from it, each host offers additional features:

WordPress officially recommends BlueHost to be the host, and it is easy to install WordPress with one click. In addition, Bluehost, partnering with Cloudflare, offers a free CDN (content delivery network). It offers unlimited storage on most of its plans, helps improve page load speed worldwide for visitors so that the website load times are faster, and results in higher conversion rates.

iPage offers unlimited storage. There is no need to look for extra allowance. You can host within one iPage account multiple websites and yet have the same server resources, whatever the number of websites you have.

BlueHost vs. iPage -Scalability

Scalable services are most sought. It is a good portion that users must prefer not to spend on web hosting. It is ideal for small blogs and websites that do not generate revenue. If your site is not receiving enough traffic, it is no use investing in cheap hosting plans or packages. Instead, go for a cost-effective or inexpensive plan initially, and scale up to expensive tiers as your site reaches the number of visitors and generates good revenue.

Scalability with BlueHost is the best point. You can start with a low entry point and enjoy lots of opportunities with shared hosting. Besides, there is a chance to upgrade. There are shared hosting plans to choose, and a few to boot. BlueHost is the right choice to build a website WordPress- based.  They offer WordPress hosting, with a few more costly WordPress managed pro packages. It is easy with BlueHost to feature scalability with its designed services and its various packages.

iPage provides one shared hosting plan. It is a hosting plan that is one-size-fits-all, featuring customization with other add-ons. The add-ons are expensive, so recommending a customizable package of iPage is a bit hard. iPage has two WordPress plans and no managed versions. At iPage, the services are a bit bigger, and there is no scalability with shared hosting.

For something advanced, both web hosts offer VPS and Dedicated hosting plans. They also ensure to give a smooth transition. You may choose VPS cheap package and pay extra only if you upgrade. The situation is a bit different with dedicated servers. You must pay per month $20 extra from expensive VPS to a cheap dedicated package, and iPage charges $40 a month for the same.

BlueHost vs. iPage – Uptime and Response Time

Comparing Bluehost vs. iPage takes back to 1996 with BlueHost, and the entry of iPage was in 1998. They are veteran companies offering web hosting services, including shared, VPS, and dedicated plans. There are significant differences in their hosting plans that in some places, iPage appears economical and in some services BlueHost. Taking a deeper look to get an informed choice is the uptime and response time.

BlueHost offers an uptime guarantee of 99.9% and does not agree to any credit as compensation for not meeting the uptime goals. However, you are allowed to cancel if there is poor performance or even for any other reason of your choice, and there will be no fees. Instead, you will receive for the unused plan part a pro-rata rebate.

iPage offers an uptime guarantee of 99.9%, and it applies to all hosting plans. Unfortunately, this site does not give any information if you will receive credits or not if you fail to meet the uptime commitments. However, the uptime shows a fantastic record, and most months have zero downtime.

BlueHost vs. iPage -Who’s the best for SEO?

SEO has become very important and mandatory to attract visitors to your site. The search engines such as Google optimize all content, even if it is a hassle. However, no providers ensure to provide tools to assist with.

BlueHost does not support tools for SEO as cost-free with its shared plans. It is available only at $2 per month as an optional service. BlueHost SEO tools without extra charges if you subscribe for the second and third tiers of WordPress managed Pro hosting plans. It is because these packages are expensive than the shared plan. They also include tons of other features, and a little bonus is the SEO tools.

With WordPress, users get enough SEO plugins required for the CMS, and there is no need to shell out anything. The simplest way of having SEO tools is by building a WordPress website and downloading a plugin such as Yoast. It is available as premium and free variants.

BlueHost has WordPress integration and is a number 1 recommended provider. Going with BlueHost WordPress Pro plans means you get access to the JetPack premium version, a must-have plugin. No doubt BlueHost offers better WordPress support in comparison and grants access for free to its powerful SEO plugins.

iPage also allows building a WordPress website, and it is a straightforward process. The WordPress plans of iPage have all-in-one optimization as an add-on for its shared hosting. There are plenty of plugins and themes as an add-on, and there is also automatic malware detection offered by iPage.

iPage also provides its users expert support of WordPress for installation and resolves other issues, if any. The drawback with iPage add-ons is that there is $3 per month as an additional. It is not for free. This charge is on top of the actual hosting plan price.

BlueHost vs. iPage -Conclusion

Deciding between BlueHost vs. iPage is never easy as both hosting companies offer beginner-friendly features, full support during hosting, simple process, and affordable hosting plans. However, after comparing, it is found that WordPress compatibility is with BlueHost than iPage, and it also offers a more intuitive user experience. 

As a small recap of both the best hosting platforms:

BlueHost is the right and best option if you are a WordPress user and aiming for affordable hosting plans featuring stellar support and user-friendly features.

iPage is also one of the best options for any user at the entry-level using a simple website. If you are also aiming for a low-cost host, iPage provides unlimited storage and bandwidth.

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