BlueHost vs. HostGator Reddit- Which One Is Right For Me?

Web hosting services are in thousands of numbers online. It is hard to find one without comparison. The comparison of BlueHost vs.HostGator Reddit has a lot of importance. Reddit is a social site, and its reviews assure high-quality information. The comparison is of two popular web servers offering details, saving the hassle and time of research.

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Bluehost and HostGator both are popular web servers owned by Endurance International Group, the parent company. Choosing one of them boils to one point if you are a beginner or not. HostGator is an apt choice for starters as it offers fast support and is affordable.

On the other hand, Bluehost also makes a great choice if you have not started. However, both provide beginner-friendly services, yet going through the BlueHost vs. HostGator Reddit comparison helps arrive at a decision.

BlueHost vs. HostGator Reddit-Overview

BlueHost vs. HostGator Reddit offers an overview rating of the main features such as:

  • BlueHost and HostGator incubation plan per month are $2.75.
  • They both offer a free domain for a year and have a rating of 5 stars
  • Bluehost provides ease of use, earning a rating of 5 stars. It offers easy email creation, WordPress automatic installation, cPanel, and automated backups. On the other hand, HostGator has a rating of 4 stars, and it also provides email creation, automatic installation of WordPress, cPanel, and free website migration.
  • The BlueHost rating is 5-stars as per website speed.  It gives built-in caching, PHP 7, NGINX +, and HTTP/2, while HostGator has a 4-stars rating offering PHP7, Apache, and HTTP/2.
  • The Uptime is good with a 5-star rating for BlueHost vs. HostGator Reddit. The same is with the customer support with a 5-star offering live support, phone, ticket, and chat features.
  • Hosting features have a 5-star rating for both host providers. They offer similar features such as unlimited email, free CDN, unlimited transfer and disk space, daily backups, SSD storage of high-performance, and free SSL. 
  • BlueHost vs. HostGator Reddit varies in the site migration such that BlueHost has a 4-star and HostGator with a 5-star rating. BlueHost offers a website transfer service for $149.99 cost, and HostGator offers a free site migration.

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Choosing between Bluehost vs. HostGator should be a crucial decision as they are similar in most web features. One cannot find many differences between these web hosts, especially in particular areas such as support, pricing, WordPress installation, and uptime.

BlueHost vs. HostGator Reddit – Deep Review

Both the web hosting providers, Bluehost and HostGator, are suitable for beginners and have earned a good reputation. However, choosing is a tough decision as they offer similar features and prices in shared hosting plans. Yet the score says 97% for BlueHost and 93% for HostGator.

It means BlueHost is a bit ahead among these two companies, as per BlueHost vs. HostGator Reddit. However, as they have almost similar features, it is necessary to find out or take an in-depth to understand the comparison and the difference.

BlueHost vs. HostGator Reddit – Shared Hosting Plans

BlueHost and HostGator provide identical plans with shared web hosting. There is unlimited bandwidth and storage is claimed by these web hosts. Even the cPanel and dashboard show that it is at your disposal to use unlimited media. However, it gets suspended on using much storage, bandwidth, or server resources.

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Getting clarity when you begin to plan is possible only if you understand what you will get and when to upgrade. Here are the plans.

BlueHost Plans

  • Basic – It is affordable at per month $2.95 and gives all that you require to set a website. It includes a free SSL certificate, unmetered bandwidth, five email accounts, and SSD storage of 50GB.
  • Plus Plan– Plus plan is at $5.45 a month. It is double the basic-plan price, yet is affordable. This plan allows hosting unlimited storage, bandwidth, and websites. Users get unlimited subdomains, parked domains, a free SSL certificate, and email addresses.
  • Choice Plus– It is a premium plan and affordable at the same price as Plus Plan. You get to enjoy all the benefits of the Plus plan and a few additions such as site backups, domain privacy, and assistance with spam.

The price is affordable, but you have to pay as an agreement for 36-month and pay in advance. There are 24 and 12-month options, yet the amount is less only when you sign up for a longer-term. You may not be ready to pay upfront for longer periods, but fortunately, there is the guarantee of money-back for 30-days, with a few restrictions. It does allow site migrations for free.

Above all, BlueHost is good with its features that paying upfront will not disappoint you. Yet, read the fine prints and sign a long-term contract.

HostGator Plans

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  • Hatchling Plan– It is affordable at monthly $2.75. It includes a website, domain, a free SSL certification, and unmetered bandwidth. It offers site migration for no cost.
  • Baby Plan– It is at $3.95 and is affordable. It offers everything with a free SSL certificate, supports multiple websites, free site migration, and unlimited disk space.
  • Business Plan- It is affordable and at twice the Hatchling plan price of $5.95. The plan gives a dedicated IP, bandwidth, unlimited domains, SSL certificate, SEO tools, and no- cost site migration.

HostGator also has the same rules as BlueHost for prepayment terms. The longer, the better is the cost and to pay upfront. Again, though, there are differences. Bluehost offers 12, 24, and 36 months. HostGator offers 1/3/ 6 months and 1/2/3 years. You get good deals only on signing for 12 months at least.

The money-back guarantee is better offering 45-days, and there are exceptions with refunds. In addition, HostGator increases its rates with the expiry of the initial term. However, read the fine prints carefully before getting committed.

BlueHost vs. HostGator Reddit- Hosting Features

BlueHost features include:

  • cPanel to manage easily your website
  • A free domain on sign-up.
  • Advanced anti-spam tools
  • Comes with Weebly, the website on-site builder
  • Integrates SiteLock, Constant Contact, and CodeGuard.
  • One-click installation of CMS such as, Joomla, WordPress, and Magento.

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HostGator features include:

  • Integrates Constant Contact, CodeGuard, and SiteLock.
  • Migrate website for free from an old web server, and includes migration of files, databases, and domain.
  • Free website builder tools featuring customizable templates
  • Installation in One-click of CMS such as Mojo Marketplace.

BlueHost vs. HostGator Reddit -WordPress Hosting

WP is a popular blogging platform, and choosing a web host is a must to get started. recommends Bluehost. It is possible to install by clicking a few with the Mojo Marketplace installer. There is a free SSL certificate and activate free Cloudflare CDN.

HostGator gives WP installation using Mojo Marketplace in a few clicks, and it offers free migration of site. They also provide Cloudflare CDN service and a free SSL certificate.

BlueHost vs. HostGator Reddit- Ease of Use

Bluehost signing up is straightforward. You must set a password for security. You can set a strong and complicated password as there is a password manager. The dashboard is simple to use, focuses on WordPress, and manages everything, as it is fast and easy.

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HostGator signing up is easy and is complicated to pay attention to its cost. The complication is in its add-ons, while some experience trouble in signing up. However, choosing a plan through the dashboard is easy to navigate, and their cPanel is great.

BlueHost vs. HostGator Reddit says both the web hosting providers are good with usability, and both have an account set up with similar issues. The difference is with the integration of WordPress. However, BlueHost has a start ahead here, and so there is a slight difference. 

BlueHost vs. HostGator Reddit- Speed, Performance, and Uptime

The web host’s speed and performance depend on the configuration of the webserver. If the server sucks in performance, nothing can improve the speed.

BlueHost offers an edge when it relates to speed. It has no blocked requests, no bloat, or long time taken for connection. It handles visitors’ traffic flawlessly, and there is no slowing down of the site. Bluehost does not commit to compensating for any slow uptime response. BlueHost has standard industry servers and offers 99.98% uptime. The performance is based on the load time, and it is 2.25s.

HostGator reports show blocked requests and load impact issues. It is a bit inconsistent. It offers the best uptime guarantee, and if there is a fall below 99.9%, they grant free hosting for a month. HostGator does not give any service level agreement. It offers a guarantee of uptime of 99.9%, and there is free credit if the website comes down anytime. The load time is 2.57s.

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BlueHost vs. HostGator Reddit- Security 

BlueHost offers TLS/SSL certificates for free with its plans along with backups daily. So there is the advantage to access the privacy center, but it is expensive. In addition, you can see the data collected and used.

HostGator offers TLS/SSL certificates and backups daily. There are security features free and to upgrade $40 a month is the price. It includes firewall and malware removal.

BlueHost vs. HostGator Reddit- Customer Support

BlueHost is highly supportive and follows a simple process. Submit a ticket, and they will get in touch with you or contact you via live chat. In addition, you can call the customer service line.  It is available 24×7/635 days. They are a team of knowledgeable and responsive people, and the waiting time is not long.

HostGator gives a good customer support team available by phone or live chat. Submit a ticket, and they will get in touch. They are reachable all day and 24/7. 

BlueHost vs. HostGator Reddit confirms both web hosts are consistent, yet Bluehost is fast to respond, and HostGator has complaints about the slow response with support.

BlueHost vs. HostGator Reddit

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BlueHost provides VPS, shared, cloud, and dedicated hosting. It offers the flexibility to scale the site to WordPress hosting and support 24/7. BlueHost has experts to help and provide 24/7 support tickets, live chat, or hotline. They have a good refund policy on canceling within 30 days. There are pro-rated refunds to cancel after the period, and it starts per month at $2.95.

HostGator provides unlimited bandwidth and disk space, no monthly traffic or storage limits, allowing the website to grow. It offers business and personal class hosting plans using Windows operating system. It offers money-back guarantees and 99.9% uptime, and a refund of 45 days. It starts at per month $2.75.


BlueHost offers no uptime guarantee, no compensation for unexpected or prolonged downtime. In addition, there are additional fees charged for migrating from Panel accounts or existing websites. 

HostGator takes a long time to respond through live chat and got mediocre solutions. It is well-known that it moves the complaint emails to another server if there is more traffic.

Final Thoughts

Bluehost is prominent for its protection solutions configuration that safeguards shared hosting users on the same server from other abusive users. The users and customers use SimpleScripts to install the application. In addition, Dedicated and VPS hosting is available.

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HostGator offers web hosting, domain name registration, and website building tools at affordable prices. In addition, there is 24-hour customer support and a money-back guarantee of 45-day.  It has an uptime of 99.9% impressive features and green energy, besides it is the best web host provider for Joomla, bloggers, WordPress, and other niches.

BlueHost vs. HostGator Reddit, if you are starting, HostGator is a wonderful option as it provides fast support and mainly beginner-friendly service. But, is better if you do not start. Their service is not as HostGator to be known as beginner-friendly.

However, Bluehost does offer services that are certainly better by a bit than HostGator. The two hosts are fairly even for a site holder wishing to host faster and grade better, taking the payment plans and the migration fee into consideration. Ultimately, choose that fits your expectations and the budget.

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