BlueHost SEO Tools Review Offers an Insight of its Features

Want to know about Bluehost SEO tools, if it is worth buying or not? Go through the BlueHost Seo tools review for recommendations. Also, the BlueHost website has plenty to offer as BlueHost SEO tools. 

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What Is BlueHost SEO Tools Package?

Bluehost offers SEO tools as an add-on with the starter kit. This tool kit has plenty of features that allow submitting to Bing and Google your website. The BlueHost Seo tools review is helpful in website optimization and ensures it ranks on Google. In addition, it has the details of keywords to suggest suitable and appropriate keywords that will rank on the website.

To get started with using the BlueHost SEO tools package, there is a discount of 67%. The BlueHost SEO tools helpful for your blogs and website are available as a starter package. The benefits are:

  • Site submission – Manually submitting is simple to elaborate search engines, but SEO tools start package as add-on service assists in saving effort and time. It submits automatically to Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  • Personalized marketing report- The BlueHost Seo tools review offers a detailed action plan.  It includes a personalized timely marketing report and analysis of your website.
  • Keyword discovery tool- Using this service tool, keyword discovery tool, you can look for specific keywords. It helps select the desired keywords on each website page separately, and you get the right keyword in search engines.

The rankings tab offers an overview of your website ranking. See the keywords and know the search engine ranking of the website. Even if the main keyword does not appear in the list, it is an opportunity for you to work more on that page.

BlueHost SEO tools review- Visitor Details

BlueHost has earned its name for its best features, and now the SEO tools are available with visitor details as an inclusion. It offers a clear overview of the visitors to the website, including the location of your visitors and the traffic source. The traffic source offers an idea about users visiting your website. Precisely, you get to know if the visitors come directly to your website, by some other referral website, or through the search engine.

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BlueHost Seo tools review -Social Media

A crucial need is the social media presence, and it is from the perspective of the search engine and the user. BlueHost measures the website’s social presence and informs how your website is available on other social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. 

It offers you the detail of the number of times your website is visited and shared. If you find the shared visitors numbers to be few, you can add more share buttons to promote users to share your website or on social media share details of your blog post.

BlueHost SEO tools review- Site Review

Going through the review, the first things that anyone cares for are the User reviews. Here it does not relate to the user reviews.  The review section of the site gives you details on your website about the issues, and it tells if your page is not loading speedily or if the SSL certificate is missing. Plainly speaking to the BlueHost Seo tools review confirms that this review is from an SEO perspective for your website and is a technical point of view.

BlueHost SEO tools review-Popularity

BlueHost SEO tools are a pack that also features backlink counts through its backlink analyzer known as ‘Popularity.’  This SEO tool feature informs about the links visiting your site. It also gives you the link’s total count.

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  • Personal SEO Report- BlueHost on signing up allows using SEO dashboard. You can see the SEO score and the site performance report. It tells you the website parts are optimized or not, and if not, what is to be rectified to make it perfect. Downloading the SEO report is possible, and you can share the PDF with your team. On scrolling down, you can see the SEO progress, the traffic your website receives, and the status of the search engine indexing.  This report will give you an idea of the expected traffic numbers on your site, and it offers a global position on the search engines. However, for more accurate traffic data, you may connect your site to Google Analytics.
  • Target Keyword- There are SEO aspects that you can set and forget to some extent. But working on keyword targeting always is necessary. It helps in putting relevant and fresh content on a steady basis. BlueHost Seo tools review says there are several tools to target keywords, and it is very helpful to a new user looking for SEO. It may give an overwhelmed feeling to newbies. BlueHost brings down to 10 keywords to focus on and to scale to the search engine ranks. It also helps in writing targeted posts using your keyword options and without being weighed down.
  • Site Audit– Auditing is a breeze for BlueHost. It runs a scan and assesses your site, the weakness, and the strengths of the SEO. It gives a chart to see the progress of your site and how it is doing with optimization. BlueHost reveals your site progress on the site audit page and highlights your site popularity score with page optimization. Using the ‘Go’ button that is within each section is helpful says BlueHost Seo tools review. It is because this section has recommended tasks that help in promoting the SEO of a site. From this task list, fixing the SEO problems of the site is possible, and you can also come in the search engine ranks. 
  • Competitor Reports- An additional feature of the BlueHost SEO tools is the competitor analysis section informing you can track the monitor and add competitors. If you do not know the competitors, you can see a suggestion list given by BlueHost to understand. It will track your performance and compare with your competitors while keeping it a secret within you. Your competitors can smell nothing. You can see the marketing strategy, understand what works suitably, and modify the content.
  • On-Page Optimization-BlueHost Seo tools review assures that BlueHost offers a report on the performance of your SEO on-page. It helps you update your title tags, remove replicate contents, ensure you have fresh content, and ascertains a mobile-friendly site. You can do miscellaneous tasks as per the recommendation and fix the SEO issues of your site.
  • Content- Content is crucial in a website when you plan to start a blog. Without content, there is nothing to read or reach. All the focus is on the content for blogs. This SEO tool of BlueHost is of immense help as it will go through your content, give suggestions to promote the content and ascertain it is SEO-friendly.
  • Mobile-Google and search engines are concentrating on mobile- friendly websites. In case your website does not rank, it means you are not mobile-friendly. There is a checking of your website as a compulsory feature to understand the availability of tablet and mobile versions. Only then, your site receives the details. You will receive a notification if your site takes an unusually long time or if the site is not or zero responsive. 
  • Realtime notification- Monitoring the site is necessary for any SEO purpose, and BlueHost does not take a back step. It monitors always, and in case something is not right, you will get a notification in real-time. In the dashboard under the Settings tab, set your email notification. It ensures you do not lose the game and stay updated with the SEO world changes. The SEO package of BlueHost is helpful, and it is apparent it is the reason that it is famous worldwide.

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BlueHost SEO tools review- Cost or Pricing

The reputation of BlueHost is beyond comparison. It has created a name over the years and is offering a world-class infrastructure of WordPress hosting. It is a common belief and anticipation that the BlueHost SEO tools come for free from the starting day of the service offered.

Regrettably, the SEO tools of BlueHost are not for free. Even the starting plan package cost for the BlueHost SEO tools is monthly $1.99 and annually $23.88). However, choosing professional marketing services, besides the BlueHost hosting, will escalate the cost more.

Today, SEO has gained importance, and with more people involving in the same, the cost is rising. It shows most people are going online than looking for their choice of services and goods. Nowadays, nobody goes looking for the traditional advertising modes.

The service tools of BlueHost SEO of the starter package are helpful, provided it was coming free of cost or at lower prices. On the other hand, Yoast SEO is coming for free as a WordPress-based plugin. It helps in promoting the website’s ranking. They also provide a premium version. 

Yoast SEO plugin is a powerful tool for WordPress, and its configurations help boost your website search rankings. Even the Bluehost add-on feature in the starter package is offering SEO Tools. It is beneficial, though it is less influential in comparison to the Yoast SEO. It is the reason that the BlueHost Seo tools review recommends users to install Yoast SEO plugin-free version over the BlueHost start kit SEO Tools that do not come as a free tool kit.

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BlueHost SEO tools review- Cons 

BlueHost SEO Tools are the best as it encompasses everything required as you are getting in progress with SEO. Unfortunately, the advanced features are not available, though it is required for any growing website to see consistent results and to outrank its competitors.

The key areas that lack BlueHost SEO tools include:

  • No sitemaps– It is crucial to get the content indexed, and this feature is a must, while BlueHost SEO tools lack.
  • Limited tracking of keywords– The tracking of only 10 keywords is insufficient. It is not enough to optimize content for websites that are growing and are new.
  • Limited competitor reports– You can add competitors and also check the performance of your site with theirs. However, again it is not enough to outrank other sites. You require a detailed keyword analysis, rank tracking, and backlinks. It is not available with BlueHost SEO tools.
  • Nil suggestion on-page– SEO tools allow optimizing SEO before publishing a post or a page. However, BlueHost scans only the content after publishing. It suggests in the dashboard of the BlueHost SEO tools to promote the content. It means you must make changes by going front and back to check the dashboard.
  • No options for integration– There is no option such as Google Analytics with SEO tools of BlueHost to track performance and results. It fails to integrate with WordPress tools such as WooCommerce to promote the SEO online stores.\

Here is the Bluehost SEO tools review that points out the cons, the lacking features. However, it boils down to the price and its value.

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Final thoughts- BlueHost SEO tools review 

A good option is the BlueHost SEO Tools and is confirmed even by the BlueHost Seo tools review. It is suitable for anyone starting new with the website or is new to SEO. The SEO Tools include everything, to begin with, and it is like a steering guide that takes you through setting up the SEO process for your site.

BlueHost SEO Tools come at an affordable cost, thereby making it a beneficial investment. However, if you are truly serious about the aspects of SEO, with the growth of your website, there is a need for a robust tool. It is because it will ensure you receive advanced SEO features if you aim to drive organic traffic successfully to your website.

As there is a free version to trigger the start, it offers a valuable meaning and sense to use the tools, allowing to scale. Additionally, there is no need to migrate from the tools, as the SEO skills are more advanced as you go down the road. 

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