Bluehost Review Reddit

Website hosting services are like the landlords having internet land that is essential for your website store. It keeps your website running and appears online as your customers type your URL to access it. The number of hosting services is many and also different catering to businesses. You can find web hosting companies as per your business size and model. 

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Here is a comprehensive Bluehost Review Reddit that will help you know about this hosting service. 

What is Bluehost?

Bluehost is a familiar brand and is well-known for its reliability in the hosting industry.  This web host is celebrated for its WordPress expertise, offering bargain prices and variety as one-stop-shop services. It has engineers working on the core software of WordPress. 

Bluehost Review Reddit confirms it was founded by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth in 2003 in Utah. It was acquired by EID (Endurance International Group), a conglomerate, in 2010. They are located officially in Burlington, MA, and host more than 2 million websites. In 2017, EIG announced more than 400 people layoffs.

It is also the time that some negative responses started coming from customers. The support quality was becoming worse. All this happened as EIG started outsourcing support to cheaper companies. However, considering the pricing point, there is no second opinion that Bluehost is the best hosting option as a service provider. 

Bluehost Review Reddit: Why is it worthy?

Bluehost is a popular hosting option that recommends WordPress sites for hosting. Founded in 2003, Bluehost is recognized worldwide.  The reviews say Bluehost offers excellent uptime of 99.931%.

One such attraction is Bluehost features:

  • WordPress Installer as 1-click free option.
  • On signing $100 Google Adwords credit for free.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and disk space with unlimited email accounts.
  • Uptime guarantee of 99.9%
  • Unlimited sites with the same hosting account.
  • Money-back guarantee for 30 days
  • SimpleScripts and cPanel for easy access of file and management

Is Bluehost good a common question from many users? It is because many face technical difficulties such as cPanel down or bad gateways. 

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Staying in advantage needs Bluehost to look for the user’s technical difficulties as they are not experts or tech-savvy. They rely on Bluehost for technical support, and receiving it will clarify their issues, and Bluehost can enjoy their stand or reputation, as usual.

Bluehost Hosting types of plans 

Bluehost offers 6 hosting plans:

  • Shared hosting (for people looking for affordable hosting)
  • VPS hosting (for people looking for speed and reliability)
  • Dedicated hosting (for people looking for high traffic sites)
  • WordPress hosting (for people looking for WordPress users)
  • Cloud hosting (for people looking for the top-most cloud hosting experience)
  • WooCommerce hosting (for people looking for eCommerce)

Shared Hosting: The best thing about shared hosting is t is affordable and easy to start. However, there will be no control over the servers and site performance. It is because many people are sharing the hosting resources with you. The cheapest plan of Bluehost begins per month at $3.95.

There is a big shout regarding this issue about Bluehost servers running slow.

VPS Hosting: Most people use VPS hosting is because of easy access to the root server in a secure environment. It is not cost-effective as shared hosting, though it offers SSD storage that helps you increase the speed of your website. The starting price per month is $19.99.

Dedicated Hosting: Here, one gets great server performance and maximum control.  It is costly than other hosting plans. But, it is the right choice if you have a profitable online business or some agency. The starting price per month is $79.99.

WordPress Hosting: A WordPress user can have WordPress fully managed and features such as enhanced cPanel, free SSL certificates, backup options, etc. It is worth considering buying from Bluehost the WordPress hosting. The price begins per month from $19.99.

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Cloud hosting: It is faster and simpler, besides being affordable. It is usually the same as the shared hosting cost but gives high speeds. The flip side is you must have adequate knowledge to manage the servers better. The starting price per month is $6.95.

WooCommerce Hosting:  You can enjoy secure payments and dedicated support with WooCommerce hosting. It is the best, as per Bluehost Review Reddit for eCommerce business owners.  The starting price per month is $6.95.

Precisely, shared hosting is like sharing your apartment with your roommates, and it means there will be a bad and good experience, depending on the person sharing your room. While VPS hosting is to have a small room to enjoy liberty, but the resources are limited. On the other hand, dedicated hosting is to have your own home, enjoy liberty and control everything.

Bluehost Review Reddit reasons to choose Bluehost

There are possibilities that you start wondering if you should go with Bluehost or not. It is because you come across many types of reviews. Yet, it is a must for anyone to consider some of the crucial reasons worth considering.

 Ease of use

Bluehost provides the simplest interface, regardless of the users and their hosting plans. No matter if you are a newbie or a tech-savvy, you will use the Bluehost cPanel with ease and manage certain things without looking for assistance, such as: 

  • Change passwords, manage emails, manage themes, file manager, modify or manage databases, install WordPress, and so on.

More hosting options

Bluehost Review Reddit confirms that Bluehost Company offers more hosting options. The hosting options are so many than you may actually need. It includes advanced hosting such as managed WordPress hosting, shared, VPS, and dedicated server. 

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The managed WordPress hosting indicates they use WordPress plugins updated, handle security, update the core, and optimize performance. Precisely, they handle technical details.


There are many hosting websites and plenty of outdated or false information on the web relating to marketing tactics. As a result, small business owners can get frustrated knowing they have to spend five figures for digital marketing services. Bluehost is one such option that can be a one-stop-shop for small businesses and newbies. 

They offer important digital marketing services at bargain costs, and this is the Bluehost strategy to offer the core part. Bluehost also offers services such as:

  • You can create your own or get a design building using easy DIY site builder.
  • Advertising, SEO, local business visibility, and social media marketing are possible with Bluehost as it provides marketing professional services and creating content. You can get consultations every month with a marketing professional and see your ROI.
  • Email, domains, and helpful tutorials are available to know the website management, marketing topics, and hosting.

Uptime and Performance

Bluehost boasts of its excellent uptime, and the Bluehost Review Reddit has nothing to deny this claim. It offers a clean control panel allowing the creation, functional and attractive pages for businesses. Bluehost is a robust web host meeting the expectations of all sizes and needs. Bluehost mostly offers 99.99% uptime, and it also outdoes by delivering an uptime of 100% occasionally. 

Complaints are being received from users regarding the server outages and the slow response from the server team, but outdoing a few complaints are the Bluehost users claiming the company has solid server performance.  The best part is that the company permits canceling hosting agreements for downtime reasons and does not ask to charge cancellation fees.

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Bluehost has multiple clients, and the users commonly complain of not receiving immediate help. Users complain of no response to phone calls; there is no 24 hours service. In reality, Bluehost has a long list of clients is known, and the calls sometimes take longer to reach. But, it does not ask anyone to be an expert. Their customer service takes care of individuals, but beginners who require help to fix issues are a must for Bluehost to assist.

CPanel (Control Panel)

The control panel is the place to manage everything relating to the hosting of your website and its accounts. It includes hosting the domain name and its management, transfers or renewals, payments or billing, inbox configuration, or email address. 

Bluehost has a control panel coming in shared packages. It is an enhanced and customized version that is easy to use. The cPanel redesign makes it more intuitive, facilitating the user.

  • Managing the services is simple. It means you can avail a unified login such that you can access your Bluehost accounts using one username and password. It allows integrating with the help features of Bluehost, and you can enjoy the technical support resources, easy scalability and upgrades, email management features, and full-featured domain. All these allow you to alter or make changes to your hosting, and it supports your website.
  • Email creation. No matter what you do; a business website or a blog. If you need to run it, you need an email platform. The advantage with Bluehost as its basic plan also permits creating up to 5 email accounts, and you get to have unlimited email addresses with its other hosting plans. 
  • Site speed.   A good loading speed is the attraction of any website. Bluehost has the specialty of offering good site loading speed, besides providing customer support 24/7/365 and the WordPress website launches. For a computationally demanding site, there is a need for an advanced pro plan offering high-performance servers. Nothing can indeed beat Bluehost, and it is affirmed as the truth by Bluehost Review Reddit.
  • Cloudflare CDN. The eCommerce owners look for fast page loading and it is essential for their business. If their pages load slowly, they will result in low conversion, high bounce rates, and loss. Bluehost comes as a savior with Cloudflare integration offering CDN (content delivery network), or the network servers store the cached versions of your website. It means when someone navigates through your site, the browser acquires the content from the CDN that is at the nearest point. Thus the time is reduced for the data to travel; thereby, the site loading times are fast. Short distance ensures shorter travel time. 

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Backups and Security

Bluehost performs network monitoring 24/7 on the servers and uses SiteLock to scan the website daily for malware and viruses.

Bluehost claims about offering complimentary backups for customers. It is said to get created weekly, daily, and monthly. The backups are not assured, but they do create and manage backups says, Bluehost Review Reddit. However, Bluehost recommends using cPanel to access Site Backup, a third-party software tool.

Opting for dedicated servers means you get support as Raid Level 1. In addition, it means mirroring your data to multiple disks. Thus, it increases the security and reliability of data.

Additional Security

  • Ensure the website security by going out. Bluehost offers the liberty to take security measures of your choice. Create password-protected directories, IP address blacklists, manage digital certificates and private keys, and create filters for users and email accounts, and more. For your website security, it is best to have your daily backups as additional security. Though, Bluehost claims to offer website security and daily backups.
  • Extensive online support is available through the Bluehost support portal. It tries to adjust its shortcomings through the support portal by including video tutorials, how-to guides, articles on web hosting topics, and FAQs. 
  • Contacting the Bluehost team for a better response is the fastest way of resolving issues. It is also the only way to reach the Bluehost team. The sales team assists potential customers with general inquiries.
  • The technical support team readily offers support-related questions, and the team of account management handles billing inquiries to account verifications and the terms of service.


Bluehost Review Reddit confirms the to-day money-back guarantee. However, it is a must to read the terms and conditions as they are not straightforward. You receive a promotional hosting price on signing up, and it applies only for the first term and changes to the standard pricing on the first term completion.

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