A2 Hosting Vs. BlueHost – Which One Is Right For Me?

Comparison of two web hosting providers gives a result for many people to make the right choice. The same goes with A2 Hosting vs. BlueHost. Both are EIG-owned sites, and choosing between A2 Hosting and BlueHost requires careful research and study.

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Both web hosts offer similar features, Shared hosting to Dedicated hosting, Cloud hosting, Domain registration, and Security feature. Both specialize in WordPress and WooCommerce that find your choice depends on the versatility you are looking for.

One huge difference is A2Hosting offers Reseller Hosting, and it is ideal for users wishing to launch their hosting business or want to host their customers. In addition, A2 Hosting provides managed and unmanaged VPS solutions to customers.

The VPS unmanaged is for experienced developers and is a perfect upgrade from the managed VPS for users using shared hosting accounts to enjoy more resources and power. However, BlueHost does not provide Reseller Hosting services.

Here are the key factors to dictate your decision as to which web host will offer you dependable service and answer your queries accurately. 

A2 Hosting vs. BlueHost- Overview

A2 Hosting is new in comparison to BlueHost but is a fast web host. It is popular among business sites and also among websites that receive low traffic. It has web amateurs to average users and professional developers trying their customized needs. A2 Hosting launching was in 2003. The monthly price per month starts from $2.99.

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BlueHost is a known name in this hosting industry. It offers unlimited hosting space, bandwidth, and email accounts. Its customer support is excellent, carrying a robust performance reputation, and is offering competitive pricing. Founded in 1996, it provides all types of support to its customers and is at affordable pricing. The monthly price per month starts from $2.95.

A2Hosting focuses more on WordPress hosting, and it is the same for BlueHost. WordPress hosting is a feature in their shared plans. In addition, they offer hosting plans designed particularly for WordPress. A2 Hosting also provides WordPress Managed Hosting, and BlueHost has an individual line of WordPress Optimizes Hosting plans.

A2 Hosting vs. Bluehost: WordPress

BlueHost is officially recommended and is on the list recommended on WordPress.org.  A2Hosting Vs.BlueHost, both are appropriate for newbies and beginners. However, A2 is more advanced and offers a better development environment, and it is recommended for WordPress-experienced site owners.

A2 Hosting vs. Bluehost – Page Speed and Uptime

Two essential factors are Page speed and uptime, and it is worth considering before deciding on A2 Hosting vs. Bluehost. Every hosting provider assures fast website speeds availability. However, A2 Hosting and BlueHost live up to their claims and offer an uptime guarantee and page speeds. 

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Different speed tests with Load Impact, Pingdom, and Bitcatcha also have given the results as:

  • A2Hosting took a loading time of 1.28 seconds, showing the site was faster than other tested sites by 84%.
  • BlueHost took 689ms and is faster than 94% in comparison to other tested sites.

The traffic surge and the performance of the server dictate the page speed. However, it showed A2Hosting performed consistently in the test site as they had 40 visitors on their site, and it slowed for a while with more visitors but soon go to a normal state. 

A2 Hosting vs. Bluehost – Features

A2 Hosting though new, is much ahead in the features. It is in the front, offering a competitive edge. BlueHost provides essential features for anyone to start their website. It also offers 1-click installs, unmetered bandwidth, SSL, and a free domain name. The shared starter hosting plan offers to host 1 website, and you get free marketing credits and unlimited website hosting. 

A2 Hosting also offers the best of the features, but there are a few areas that excel BlueHost:

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  • Money-back guarantees, a feature offered by both A2Hosting and BlueHost. If you are not happy with the web host services you can claim a refund amount after signing up within 30 days. A2Hosting offers for unused hosting services also a pro-rated refund.
  • Hosting options of A2Hosting include a variety of options such as have managed server, unmanaged server, core server, discount SSD server with VPS plans.
  • A2Hosting offers free site transfer with each web hosting plan and provides migration of sites for free.

A2 Hosting vs. Bluehost – Pricing

A2Hosting and BlueHost, two web hosting providers, offer variations in their plans and hosting options. Their pricing is as: 

  • A2Hosting offers shared hosting per month at $3.92, WordPress at $3.92, Managed WP at $11.99, VPS at $5, and Dedicated at $99.59.
  • BlueHost offers shared hosting per month at $2.75, WordPress at $2.75, Managed WP at $19.95, VPS at $19.99, and Dedicated at $79.99.

It is apparent that BlueHost is offering affordable hosting plans with WordPress, shared, and dedicated servers. However, the comparison of A2 Hosting vs. Bluehost shows that A2Hosting plans for VPS are cheaper, and their managed WP plans also are cost-effective.

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A2 Hosting vs. Bluehost – Support and Documentation

A2Hosting offers support 24/7 and in all modes email, phone, and live chat. They have a good team with the knowledge base to explain anything you wish to know about website building with A2Hosting. They also give you details step-by-step.

BlueHost offers support 24/7 with live chat and phone. It provides live chat support directly and also attends the phone, but the email support gets discontinued. It means if you are waiting at live chat for an agent’s response, you will have to wait for a long or keep the query unsolved for a longer time.

A2 Hosting vs. Bluehost- Ease of Use

Both hosts, A2 Hosting vs. Bluehost, offer quick signup, cPanel dashboard, and easy to register domain names. Signing up with A2Hosting and BlueHost is a straightforward process. 

Both A2Hosting and BlueHost function as domain name registrars. It means apart from the web host services, they manage your domain purchasing and complete the registration process. Thus, they ensure their clients enjoy the convenience of managing the domains and hosting.

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Note: Be careful to check there are no additional costs as hosting providers may promote it only during checkout. It may include advanced site speed boosters and security tools. It is not always essential, so ensure you do not pay for something you do not want right now.

A2 Hosting vs. Bluehost -Website Backups

Taking your website backups periodically is important to ensure everything is in store and intact. In addition, you may need it if something goes wrong suddenly.

A2Hosting and BlueHost do not make backups. It means you have to do it in cPanel by yourself to ensure your data is safe. BlueHost makes its backups but does not guarantee, so it is best to create your backup records using the cPanel dashboard.

A2 Hosting vs. Bluehost -Security Measures

A2Hosting and BlueHost include SSL security on all their plans for free. However, more security features are coming with these hosts as built-in. 

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  • A2Hosting offers overall one network firewall and one specific to A2Hosting account so that it blocks unauthorized users. There is A2Hosting staff using keys to access servers and not passwords. These keys provide more security as they are the same as communication between the server and the computer as a code and a hacker. There is DDoS protection where server resources get targeted by malicious traffic floods. 
  • BlueHost offers a filter to avoid spam emails known as SpamAssassin. There is Hotlink protection to safeguard your files and images from being hacked or hotlinked. They also offer DDoS protection that is keeping the server resources safe from malicious traffic.

A2 Hosting vs. Bluehost -Additional Costs

There are times when you wish to take up the extra mile for various reasons, such as security. Both A2Hosting and BlueHost are two excellent web host providers offering additional services at an extra cost. It means you need not look elsewhere or consider other resources. 

  • Both provide SSL certificates with their plan, and if you wish to upgrade, you can do it. There are eCommerce stores and premium SSLs available from $70 to $170 per year.
  • BlueHost offers at $5, 99 SiteLock securities per month that give automatic monitoring against malware and hackers. 

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A2 Hosting vs. Bluehost -Migrating website or domain

Migrating is an option that both A2Hosting and BlueHost offer for free. 

A2Hosting offers migration of websites for free as a service, and it is excellent. You are eligible when:

  • You have a site using the cPanel dashboard
  • If you are using a reseller, shared, managed VPS or dedicated account

Migrating domains to A2Hosting is possible in a few clicks from the dashboard of your account. However, there may be additional steps to transfer a non-US domain. It means you will have to get in touch with the current registrar and prepare the transfer for the international domain name. 

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BlueHost entertains most WordPress websites for free migration as eligible and takes care of it. There are exceptions, such as using some WordPress of the older version or your database is large, and it will not qualify or become eligible for free migration. However, BlueHost offers at $149.99 a paid migration. 

Migrating domains to BlueHost using the extension such as com, org, net, co, us, biz, and info is possible. If you have these domains and wish to move, you can easily start the transfer from the dashboard of BlueHost. 

A2 Hosting vs. Bluehost: Customer Support and Reliability

Customer support and reliability are very important for any beginner or even for advanced web admins. There is a possibility of running into a problem at any time or looking for clarification to meet complex hosting needs. Therefore, there is always the need for customer support and reliability to be helpful and quickly accessible. 

A2Hosting provides better customer support with live chat, phone, and ticketing. It also gives Skype customer support. It offers a knowledge base like BlueHost for people who do not wish to speak. There is ‘Gurus Crew’ offering customer service, and you need not be on hold for a long time.

Your queries are solved quickly. It offers reliable customer service than BlueHost and is appreciated. It is an easy experience overall and allows connecting to a rep to solve problems. A2Hosting has the crew, and it is capable of leading everything and solving issues.

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BlueHost offers tech support on contact and through channels such as live chat, ticketing channels, and phone 24/7 and on all plans. Most hosts find BlueHost to be full of lots of databases. However, they have articles in support, explaining everything, and are an excellent guide for users to wade through technical processes. Unfortunately, the live channel or the phone support requires a waiting time.

You can get your queries solved from in-depth knowledge holders but have to wait to avail of the service. Speaking about reliability, BlueHost customer service cannot be given full marks. However, reaching them for uncomplicated problems is solvable, and they look for expert advice on bigger issues.

A2 Hosting vs. BlueHost- Major Differences

  • A2Hosting is faster than BlueHost.
  • As a recap, there is a need to confirm the differences of the web hosts.
  • A2Hosting provides migration of site cost-free, while BlueHost does not.
  • A2Hosting has all over the world data centers.
  • BlueHost has a guarantee of thirty days, and A2Hosting offers an anytime guarantee.

A2 Hosting vs. BlueHost – Final thoughts

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Going through this ride is complete. A2Hosting is faster, offering plenty of customer support and the best features, while BlueHost has a reliable reputation. A2 Hosting provides a guarantee of money-back anytime, and BlueHost gives a money-back guarantee only within the initial 30 days after signing. BlueHost is easy to use but is not very good with customer support.

A2Hosting and BlueHost give the best security, a better price deal, and have exciting features. It is not easy to arrive at a final decision on comparing A2 Hosting vs. BlueHost. However, the users need to make the right choice to fulfill their requirements from the web host.

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