A Honest Insight of Siteground reviews Reddit

Selecting a web hosting service means considering many variables. Several features appeal to the general customer base, including storage, pricing, and a few more features such as server location and eCommerce, for businesses. 

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As per SiteGround reviews Reddit, SiteGround is one such web host that offers you to choose the data center from Chicago (United States), Singapore (Asia-Pacific), Milan, Amsterdam, Germany ( Europe), Sydney ( Australia), and London ( United Kingdom), to host your website. Now that the options to choose your data centers are available, with shared web hosting, you can go for:

  • If your users are Asiabased, choose the Asia-pacific data center.
  • If your concern relates to retention or data privacy laws, choose a European data center.
  • By default, choose a US server.

SiteGround does well and offers excellent customer service, performance-enhancing tools, has decent hosting types, and is a quality web hosting service for small businesses and individuals.

Each hosting plan of SiteGround includes a high monthly price, but driving the cost down is the advantage. You can use annual sign-ups and introductory deals. SiteGround sets a new standard in the industry for high-performance WordPress hosting and shared hosting. They have tough competition from competitors, yet SiteGround is relatively better with its performance, speed, core hosting features, and security. If security and speed really matter to you, even if you have to pay a little more, keep going with SiteGround. 

Web Hosting Plans

The StartUp plan is per month at $14.99 for a website, storage of 10 GB, 10,000 visitors monthly, daily data backups, SSL certificate, unlimited email, Cloudflare support, and managed WordPress. 

The GrowBig plan is per month and begins at $24.99 as per the base plan. It includes everything in that tier, such as storage of 20GB, unlimited website support, network traffic a month up to 25,000 visits, site staging, and unlimited databases. 

The GoGeek plan is per month and begins at $39.99. It is appropriate for large sites. It takes to the next level the GrowBig, such that it includes storage of 40GB, 100,000 visits, white-label support, priority support, and Git repository.

Note: SiteGround discounts for StartUp are $6.99 per month, GrowBig is $9.99 per month, and GoGeek is $14.99 per month, respectively, for signing up new annual plans. 

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SiteGround hosting plans are solid, according to SiteGround reviews Reddit. Additionally, there is the option to choose a Windows-based server offering Linux-based servers, as well.

Siteground’s hosting plans

  • SiteGround does not have VPS hosting. It has only cloud hosting. The Linux-based platform draws resources from various servers. It is designed to auto-scale that your site does not go down.
  • SiteGround’s Cloud hosting plans are from $80/month for storage of 40GB, RAM 4GB, and monthly data transfers of 5TB. The highest limit plan is $240/month for storage 120GB, RAM 10GB, and monthly data transfers of 5TB.
  • Customizing your plan is possible. Adequate room for growth includes an SSL certificate for a year for free. There is a shared GoGeek and GrowBog package, featuring a cool collaborator that allows users to upload and develop content.

SiteGround does not have dedicated hosting.  SiteGround offers WordPress hosting.  It provides optimized WordPress hosting that ensures enhanced website security, staging, page caching, daily automated backups, and CMS automatic updates. There is free account transfer and one-click installation.

SiteGrounds startup with WordPress tier is $9.95/month for storage of 10GB, hosting one site only and 10,000 visitors monthly. GrowBig offers 20GB of storage, 25,000 monthly visitors, and unlimited WordPress site hosting for $14.95/month. All the plans feature monthly data transfers and unlimited visits. In addition, SiteGround offers useful tools in-house and numerous free themes. 

SiteGround offers WordPress plugins to promote the experience of site creation. There is:

  • WP Starter offering curated themes and regular features. You can choose what you need and launch your website instantly.
  • WP Migrator helps to transfer data as the migration tool to your new site from the old.
  • SG Optimizer enhances the site performance by optimizing images, CSS, JavaScript, and web hosting tech.

SiteGround does not provide individual reseller hosting packages. However, the Cloud hosting and GoGeek subscribers give access to management tools with the white-label client option. Cloud also allows the users to create hosting packages as per their resources.

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Excellent Features

Setting a Website

Weebly is the website builder for SiteGround. Weebly allows making web pages without sacrificing time. With Weebly, it is simple to add images, text, and video.

SiteGround offers WordPress Starter, the CMS that features free plug-ins and themes. So you can get your website designed quickly for business or personal.

E-Commerce and SSL

SiteGround is an ideal option for people selling online products. First, however, there is a need for an SSL certificate. Fortunately, SiteGround offers a premium SSL certificate, Wildcard, to secure unlimited subdomains and top-level domains. The Wildcard is free, and as you sign for GoGeek or GrowBig packages, you receive it as a bonus feature for one year.

SiteGround offers plenty of security options.  There is the SG Site scanner to alert you if your site is under attack. There are antispam tools, IP address blocklists, and hotlink protection. It scans on your homepage all the links to ensure it is secure and clean.

SiteGround provides Leech Protect, a feature allowing the administrators to prevent users from posting passwords publicly. SiteCheck is also a helpful tool. It is scanning tool software working automatically on your website, checking for malware on the site.  It is good when it runs periodically, and SiteGround offers daily free backups to protect your data.  

Real-time Monitoring

Many web hosts keep monitoring once in 15 minutes. On the other hand, real-time monitoring is the advantage of SiteGround. It is the reason that the issues are resolved immediately without any delay.  The biggest plus point is that this real-time monitoring is with the server’s innovative technology that minimal downtime is assured.

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Customer Service

SiteGround focuses on customer service and offers customer support through live chat, a ticket-based system, and 24/7 telephone support. SiteGround reviews Reddit says this hosting provider allows canceling within 30 days.  SiteGround is remarkably good for giving useful, quick, and knowledgeable service to clients.

The live chat and telephone response of SiteGround is immediate, while the email response or reply takes 10 minutes. Users wishing to resolve on their own can do so as SiteGround provides knowledge-based articles in a great assortment with guides, tutorials, videos, and screenshots.

For Beginners, Beginner Businesses and Businesses

SiteGround is a hosting provider for beginners and small business newbies. Their features offer amazing support designed for sole proprietors, mid-level stores, and independent businesses that lack advanced web skills or a lot of design time. 

SiteGround’s security features are suitable for any small business that is prone to website attacks. Moreover, there are no chances for such small businesses to invest in site scanners. Therefore, SiteGround is solid support for all the newbies and small businesses. 

Site security

It is difficult even for a day to go without security as the breaches online are always in the news. Corporations, individuals, and government entities become victims. Thus, security is a concern for website owners. 

SiteGround offers reliable security, yet keeping your site safe is in your hands, but a few of the security features helps in making them distinct.

  • Proactive patches help all the clients if threats are emerging.
  • Site isolation confirms your site has no negative impact, even when there is a security breach on your service on one of the sites. It works as a hosting firewall safeguarding your site from hackers.
  • Clients benefit from a web application firewall, and it updates regularly, thereby protecting against security breaches.
  • SiteGround runs malware and virus scans regularly on the sites, and it also sends reports about the results as a notification. Thus, you are never in dark about the things happening or taking place on your website. It is the most preferred web hosting service by users.
  • All the servers support the HTTP/2 technology that is highly secure. SiteGround is at the forefront in security adapting to the latest technology.

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SiteGround in 2019 responded to threats more than 3 times and ensured their client’s sites are safe. Statistically, they:

  • Added livepatch 125 kernel modules
  • Run each day their AI anti-bot solution
  • Wrote 250 firewall new customized rules
  • Stopped brute force attacks
  • Mitigated 186 attacks on DDOS
  • Stopped bad bot 160M request for client’s sites.

Response time and Performance

People commonly consider the uptime and response time to be the same. Actually, uptime refers to the time that you find the host available. The response time refers to the time taken to send a web page out by a server. SiteGround offers superb response times, the same as its bandwidth.

SiteGround reviews Reddit confirms SiteGround uses the latest technology for its server hardware. There is a transfer of the user accounts to new hardware that is updated from the old one. The new ones are the faster servers assuring speedy and flawless performance at all times.

SiteGround Web Hosting Advantages

  • Nearest location ensuring better loading speed for site visitors featuring 194 CDN Network and 5 Worldwide Data servers. It is apparent as there are data servers in Singapore, Amsterdam, London, Chicago, and Iowa.
  • Easy setup and free CDN Cloudfare, besides free SSL certificate.
  • WordPress installation in just one-click
  • Data server features fast connectivity, high redundancy, multi-layered security, and low latency.
  • Using No 1- SG Optimizer Plugin, enjoy WordPress is the fastest.
  • Website migration is smooth and for free.
  • Health checks of the server are in real-time.
  • 99.99% best uptime and fastest speed of the server.
  • SSD storage featuring high redundancy and optimal seed.
  • 24/7 customer support through live chat, ticket, and phone.
  • The data center is available globally. You never worry about server speed.
  • Smooth and free website migration.
  • All types of web hosting to suit beginners and hosting enterprises.
  • Ai anti-bot to keep away malicious traffic.
  • Smart WAF safeguards your website from exploitation.
  • SiteGround offers its clients free tutorials and ebooks about WordPress optimization, WordPress Security, WooCommerse ebook, WordPress tutorial, etc.

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Backups of SiteGround

The critical features are the copies or backups for any hosting provider. Acquiring a 3rd party service is possible, but always having it with your server integrated is easier and more efficient.  The best part is the SiteGrounds backup system:

  • SiteGround backups are available within a few clicks.
  • As the backup comes integrated there are no conflicts created by the overseas system.
  • You enjoy the advantage of placing demand for backup is a dream comes true for people working on coding, pushing system, and plugin updates. Thus, they can assure the backup before beginning with such works.
  • Individual handling of each site. It is enough for you to create a backup for any of the sites.
  • The GoGeek and GrowBig plans offer to restore the backup and on-demand backup options. It comes at zero cost.

Excellent Uptime

SiteGround website uptime for a hosting service is one of the crucial aspects. In case your site is down, customers or clients cannot find you. SiteGround reviews Reddit reveals that SiteGround is stable and does not go down. It offers a 99.99% uptime warranty, and this works as the added kick. There is never a compensation request as they always are with the goal uptime.


  • Good uptime as per two-weeks testing
  • Useful free services as inclusion
  • Annual and monthly hosting plans
  • Excellent customer service 
  • Good customer support by giving tutorials and ebook
  • The system is easy to use and requires no extra skills
  • Perfect incorporation of attributes
  • Choose server place from Asia, USA, UK, and Australia
  • With SiteGround, creating additional users is possible.
  • Managing accessibility of various websites 
  • Free SSL certificate and infinite traffic

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  • Lacks VPS and dedicated hosting
  • Renewal prices are steep

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